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Drug Treatment Facilities in Malibu, California

Malibu, California, is known for great waves, beautiful beaches, and lots of sunshine. But the rehab centers in Malibu have also earned the city a reputation for being a great place to seek addiction recovery. Set against a gorgeous beach backdrop, this is the ideal location for many people to get away from it all and focus on addition recovery.

Several facilities specializing in rehab in Malibu are part of BetterAddictionCare's recovery network. If you're interested in seeking treatment here, we can help you transition into a customized program by working with your private insurance to establish a cost-effective option for treatment. We can also help arrange transportation if needed. Our client care specialists are focused on finding the right facility that offers the services best for you. If you are ready to enter rehab, Malibu, CA, is waiting for you. Call today, speak with a counselor, and get help now.

For some, it can be tough to know when it is time to go to rehab. In the eyes of some people, the line is blurred when it comes to substance abuse. But if you are choosing drugs and alcohol over some of the more important things in your life, it's time to get help and start healing. You need to find individualized programs for drug rehab in Malibu that can get your life turned around. The physical and mental effects of substance abuse can make you a shell of the person you once were. We want to provide you with every opportunity to leave those things behind and get a fresh start.

There are lots of different types of rehab. Malibu, CA, is home to traditional recovery centers as well as facilities that offer alternative rehab programs that focus on your overall well-being. Some incorporate things like yoga, massage, tai chi, or visits to scenic locations into addiction counseling programs to bring you one step closer to change. Highly trained staff members understand the struggle you are experiencing and work hard to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process. You'll also be able to get a medically-assisted detox to help ease some of the withdrawal symptoms commonly associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

With a variety of rehabs in Malibu to choose from, you're sure to be able to find a program you're comfortable with so you can take the first step on a new journey. If you live in the area and want to find a rehab in Malibu near you, let BetterAddictionCare help you start healing now.

Drug Treatment Facilities In Malibu, California
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Alo House Recovery Centers

28955 Pacific Coast Hwy, #200 MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 4.2

Avalon Malibu

32420 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 376 MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 3.9

Centered Health

31275 Bailard Road MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 4.6

Cliffside Malibu

30060 Andromeda Lane MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 4.2

Infinity Malibu

27475 Winding Way MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 3.7

Journey Malibu

22516 Carbon Mesa MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 3

Malibu Hills Treatment Center

415 Westlake Blvd. MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 4.6

Malibu Integrative Outpatient

29350 Pacific Coast Highway, Suites 9 & 11 MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 2

20786 Cool Oak Way

20786 Cool Oak Way MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 1

Milestones Ranch Malibu

327 Latigo Canyon Road MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 4

Promises Malibu

MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 5

Riviera Recovery

6531 Zumirez Drive MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 5

Seasons In Malibu Rehab Center

32223 Pacific Coast Highway MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 4.2

Serenity Malibu

6021 Galahad Dr MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 4.3

Soba Recovery Center

22669 Pacific Coast Highway MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 3.2

Summit Malibu Hills Treatment Center : Luxury Alcohol & Drug Rehab Malibu

28011 Paquett MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 4

The Canyon Treatment Center

2900 S Kanan Dume Rd MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 5

Sober Living For Women

31541 Pacific Coast Highway MalibuCalifornia  90265

Malibu Angel House

6454 Cavalleri Road MalibuCalifornia  90265

Malibu Beach Recovery Center- Brentwood House

23823 Malibu Road, #50-386 MalibuCalifornia  90265
Google Rating: 2.5

Local NA/AA Meetings in Malibu, California

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Lifeguard Station #6

Steps to the Sea Group Discussion/Participation
12:30 PM

Our Lady Of Malibu Church

Better Than Before Group Topic, Discussion/Participation, Candlelight
07:30 PM
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