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Substance Abuse Rehab Centers in Pasadena, California

In Pasadena, rehab facilities are prevalent, but if you are interested in making a change and participating in addiction recovery, it can be hard to choose the right program. When you're spoiled for choice, from North Arroyo to Old Pasadena and beyond, the options can be overwhelming, but if it's time to get sober, you only need to make one call: Call BetterAddictionCare and we'll help handle the rest.

When you call us, we'll help you choose the Pasadena rehab center that's right for you and offers customized treatment plans that can help you succeed. Our recovery network includes some of the top facilities in the area, but we know that quality of care isn't the only concern people have. One of the biggest concerns often centers on private insurance. People often ask, "How much does insurance cover? Is there a way to find cost-effective rehab in Pasadena?" With BetterAddictionCare, the answer is yes. We'll coordinate with your insurance provider, and we can also help arrange for transportation to a rehab center so that you can start healing. Fill out our contact form and you can learn about all of the different services that we provide to make your transition to a Pasadena treatment center manageable.

Are you considering inpatient drug rehab? Pasadena is home to several facilities that offer a safe and comfortable environment for you to enjoy as you work toward recovery. Many are accepting new patients and offer one-on-one addiction counseling right away. The key to success is customized plans that focus on what is best for you. You aren't just another patient. Instead, the highly trained professionals within each facility work to find out exactly what you need to break away from addiction and start over, whether it's a medically supervised detox, group therapy, or alternative rehab programs including nature-based therapies.

When you are done with rehab in Pasadena, it can be challenging to leave this supportive environment and return home. BetterAddictionCare understands your concern and works to create after-treatment support services for each of our clients. When you arrive home, you will have resources available to help you stay sober and avoid going back to substance abuse. For many people, these services are part of the reason they have been able to achieve extended success.

It's easy to feel helpless when it comes to dealing with a loved one struggling with addiction. It can seem like nothing you say or do can help. But if your loved one mentions seeking help, you can direct them to BetterAddictionCare to begin the pre-screening process and find cost-effective treatment at a Pasadena rehabilitation center. Call today and speak with a counselor about how services are arranged and what can be done to lead a loved one in the right direction. Facilities near you and nationwide are ready, willing, and able to help you or those you care about. In Pasadena, rehab is a simple phone call away.

Oakwood Family Treatment Centers

100 S Wilson Ave PasadenaCalifornia  91106
Google Rating: 4.5

The Arroyos Treatment Centers

1 West California Boulevard, Suite 321 PasadenaCalifornia  91105

Reading Partners

2623 East Foothill Boulevard , Suite 104 PasadenaCalifornia  91107

Eaton Canyon Treatment Center

3323 East Fairpoint Street PasadenaCalifornia  91107
Google Rating: 5

Urdc Human Services Corporation

691 East Washington Boulevard PasadenaCalifornia  91104

The High Road Program

700 South Arroyo Parkway PasadenaCalifornia  91105
Google Rating: 3.7

Pasadena Council On Alcoholism And Drug Dependence

1245 East Walnut Street , Suite 117 PasadenaCalifornia  91106
Google Rating: 5

Las Encinas Hospital

2900 East Del Mar Boulevard PasadenaCalifornia  91107
Google Rating: 2.6

The Gooden Center

191 North El Molino Avenue PasadenaCalifornia  91101
Google Rating: 4.6

Total Family Support Clinic Pasadena

265 Plymouth Drive PasadenaCalifornia  91104

Walter Hoving Home

127 South El Molino Avenue PasadenaCalifornia  91101
Google Rating: 4.2

Elijah's House Treatment Center

1617 Asbury Drive PasadenaCalifornia  91104
Google Rating: 4.2

Grandview Foundation

1230 North Marengo Avenue PasadenaCalifornia  91103
Google Rating: 4.4

Pasadena Recovery Center

1811 North Raymond Avenue PasadenaCalifornia  91103
Google Rating: 4

California Drug Consultants

659 East Walnut Street PasadenaCalifornia  91101

Carlson & Associates

2810 E Del Mar Blvd , Suite 12 PasadenaCalifornia  91107

Aegis Treatment Centers

1450 North Lake Avenue, Suite 150 PasadenaCalifornia  91104
Google Rating: 4.3

Casa Treatment Center

160 North El Molino Avenue PasadenaCalifornia  91101
Google Rating: 5

Impact Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center

1680 North Fair Oaks Avenue PasadenaCalifornia  91103
Google Rating: 4.3

Help Addiction Recovery Center

2335 E Colorado BLVD. #115-194 PasadenaCalifornia  91107

Local NA/AA Meetings in Pasadena, California

202 Club

202 Club Thursday Group Discussion/Participation
06:00 PM

202 Club

No Frills Group Discussion/Participation
06:00 PM

202 Club

Dose of Recovery Group, Non-Smoking
02:00 PM

202 Club

Lost in Pasadena Group Discussion/Participation
06:00 PM

Before & After Recovery Group

Before & After Recovery Group Non-Smoking, Discussion/Participation, Speaker
07:00 PM

Casa de las Amigas

Hope of Recovery Group, Discussion/Participation
07:00 PM

Casa de las Amigas

Recovery on the Hill Group
08:00 PM

Casa Maria

Watch How We Grow Group Speaker, Discussion/Participation, Women
06:30 PM

Eaton Blanche Park

Recovery out of Nowhere Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking
10:30 AM

First Church Of Nazarene

Monday Night Blues Group Discussion/Participation
08:00 PM
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