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Substance Abuse Services in San Diego, California

Getting treatment at a rehab center can be an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding experience. The right program can help free an individual from addiction, encourage self-reflection, and teach better decision-making skills. However, not all programs are the same. When selecting a drug or alcohol rehab, San Diego is a city with programs well worth consideration. Rehabs in San Diego offer addiction recovery surrounded by beautiful weather, harbor breezes, and architecture of both the past and present. BetterAddictionCare can help find the San Diego rehab in our nationwide recovery network that best suits your unique history and personal goals.

A San Diego Rehab Experience

One of the biggest reasons to consider a San Diego rehab facility is the proximity to 70 miles of gorgeous, sparkling beaches. When visitors or residents are ready for a change from the sand, Mission Bay Park and Mission Beach Boardwalk offer plenty of opportunities to jog, bike, or simply spread out a blanket and relax. Just offshore, the clear waters of La Jolla Cove are popular among divers and snorkelers. For a day trip out from drug or alcohol rehab, San Diego's Sunset Cliffs offer spectacular scenery and the chance to spot a pod of whales along the coast. The San Diego Zoo is a family-friendly attraction and home to thousands of animals from around the world. For home cooks, the Tuna Harbor Dockside Market is always stocked with a fresh catch from the Pacific. Rehabs in San Diego are not only well-prepared to take care of their clients but also offer an environment for family and friends to enjoy.

How to Find an Alcohol or Drug Rehab in San Diego

At BetterAddictionCare, we're dedicated to helping our clients find the right alcohol or drug rehab. San Diego is a city with many options, so we offer a customized pre-screening assessment to help determine the best match for you from within our recovery network of alternative rehab programs. Admissions to the facilities in our network are immediate, and the programs are always accepting new patients so you can begin healing as soon as possible. Our team of client care specialists will help coordinate transportation and public or private insurance requirements to allow you to fully focus on rehab. San Diego does offer plenty of healthy diversions, such as yoga, but it can be hard to take advantage of these at first, as the withdrawal process can be difficult to ignore or work past. For this reason, the facilities in our network offer a professional, medically-assisted detox designed to minimize the negative effects of withdrawal and keep you comfortable and safe.

After you finish drug rehab, San Diego may also prove useful as a place to acclimatize to a life without addiction. But regardless of where our clients decide to stay after rehab, San Diego patients can still take advantage of our after-treatment support services, which include matching you with a committed recovery team near you. Deciding to get sober is one of the most important choices a person can make. Call today or fill out our contact form to start healing and take your first step toward a successful recovery in San Diego.

Confidential Recovery

7071 Consolidated Way San DiegoCalifornia  92121
Google Rating: 4.9

Foundations San Diego

3930 Fourth Ave, Suite 301 San DiegoCalifornia  92103
Google Rating: 5

La Jolla Recovery

1804 Garnet Ave. , #233 San DiegoCalifornia  92109
Google Rating: 4

Lasting Recovery

6046 Cornerstone Court W, Suite #113 San DiegoCalifornia  92121
Google Rating: 3.3

Pacific Bay Recovery

1501 5th Ave, Ste 202 San DiegoCalifornia  92101
Google Rating: 4.7


San DiegoCalifornia  92131

San Diego Treatment And Recovery Center

6244 El Cajon Blvd # 26 San DiegoCalifornia  92115

Soledad House

810 Emerald St San DiegoCalifornia  92109
Google Rating: 5

True Life Center For Wellbeing

4520 Executive Drive, Suite 225 San DiegoCalifornia  92121
Google Rating: 4.3

Uc San Diego Health

140 Arbor Drive San DiegoCalifornia  92103
Google Rating: 2.8

Home Stretch Residential

4989 El Cajon Boulevard San DiegoCalifornia  92115


722 33rd Street San DiegoCalifornia  92102
Google Rating: 1

Christ Community Church

9535 Kearny Villa Road , Suite 104 San DiegoCalifornia  92126
Google Rating: 5

Nicotine Recovery Institute

106 Thorn Street San DiegoCalifornia  92103

North Shores Alano Club - Pacific Beach, San Diego

4861 Cass Street San DiegoCalifornia  92109
Google Rating: 5

Progressive Medical Specialist

4974 El Cajon Boulevard San DiegoCalifornia  92115
Google Rating: 4.3

Mission Treatment Services

6691 Convoy Court San DiegoCalifornia  92111
Google Rating: 4.3

Crash Long Term

726 F Street, 2nd Floor San DiegoCalifornia  92101
Google Rating: 5

Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital

7850 Vista Hill Avenue San DiegoCalifornia  92123
Google Rating: 4

Advanced Health Care

7851 Mission Center Court, Suite 300 San DiegoCalifornia  92108
Google Rating: 5

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Old Liars, Cheaters, & Thieves Group Topic
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Addicts With Candles Group

Addicts With Candles Group Discussion/Participation
08:00 PM

Afternoon Solutions Group

Afternoon Solutions Group Beginner/Newcomer, Discussion/Participation
02:00 PM

Alano Club of Coronado

We Can Do It Group Discussion/Participation
04:00 PM

Alano Club of Coronado

It Works Book Study Group It Works Study
08:00 PM

Alano Club of Coronado

Cold Turkey Group Discussion/Participation
08:15 PM
07:00 PM

Balboa Park

Nirvana Group, Non-Smoking
12:30 PM

Bethesda Recovery Center

Tuesday Nite Thirst Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking
07:00 PM
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