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Substance Abuse Programs in Santa Barbara, California

When substance abuse starts having a negative impact on an individual's life, it's time to seek treatment at a rehab. In the U.S., about 22.7 million people are in need of treatment, but less than 1% receive that needed help. By understanding the signs that indicate that professional help is needed, you may be able to intervene and help a loved one get the help they need before the consequences become severe. After examining these signs, if you feel that you need to seek out a drug or alcohol rehab, Santa Barbara residents can turn to BetterAddictionCare for help with locating an affordable treatment center that will best meet their needs.

If substance abuse is having a tangible effect on your physical health, it's time to get help. Both your body and a doctor can warn you that drug use is having a serious impact on your health. Other warning signs of addiction are behavioral. Substance use increases the likelihood of risk-taking behaviors. For example, if you or someone you know has operated a vehicle while under the influence, this is a sign that drug abuse is becoming unmanageable. If a person has lied to cover up their drug use, lost a job or failed a class, or engaged in self-harm related to substance abuse, this is another indicator that they need help as soon as possible. If an individual has tried to quit substance use several times or wants to quit and doesn't know how, this is a sure sign that they need professional assistance. Admitting a problem is the first step toward recovery, and our addiction specialists can offer hope, support, and resources.

Once at rehab, patients undergo a medically assisted detox followed by therapies to help them cope with the psychological symptoms of addiction and prepare them to live life free from substance use. Alternative therapies can also be useful at a drug or alcohol rehab. Santa Barbara treatment centers might take advantage of the city's many beaches, for instance, as research has suggested that time spent in or near the ocean can have therapeutic properties. Other alternative rehab programs can include equine therapy, yoga, or art and music therapy. Some Santa Barbara rehab programs might take patients out for day trips: For example, a patient could visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Art as part of an art therapy program.

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At BetterAddictionCare, we understand the importance of matching each client to the rehab center that is right for them. Contact our addiction care specialists to speak with them confidentially about your personal and financial needs. We will welcome you into our family and support you throughout the healing process, from your pre-screening to setting up an after-treatment support plan. Call today or fill out our contact form and start healing with guidance and support from BetterAddictionCare. You don't have to navigate the path to recovery alone.

Substance Abuse Programs In Santa Barbara, California
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Changes Outpatient Wellness Center

403 E Montecito St, Suite A Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101
Google Rating: 5

Crescend Health

107 E Micheltorena Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101

Full Spectrum Recovery

601 E Arrellaga St , # 102 Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93103
Google Rating: 3

Pacific Pride Foundation

126 East Haley Street , Suite A-11 Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101
Google Rating: 3

Sanctuary Psychiatric Centers of Santa Barbara/Outpatient

222 West Valerio Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101
Google Rating: 3.8

Santa Barbara New House 3

2434 Bath Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93105
Google Rating: 5

Santa Barbara Rescue Mission Bethel House

535 East Yanonali Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93103
Google Rating: 4.3

SOS Sober Living for Women

504 E. Valerio St. Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93103

American Indian Health Services

4141 State Street Suite A-1 Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93110
Google Rating: 4.4

The Santa Barbara House

274 Rosario Park Road Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93105

Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

1020 Placido Street, Front Building Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101
Google Rating: 5

Casa Serena

147 Oliver Road Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93105
Google Rating: 4.2

Zona Seca Inc

26 West Figueroa Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101
Google Rating: 2

All Star Recovery Sober Living for Men

5018 Calle Real Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93110

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

316 West Montecito Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101
Google Rating: 4

Daniel Bryant Youth and Family Center

1111 Garden Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101

Aegis Treatment Centers LLC

4129 State Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93110
Google Rating: 4

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital

Pueblo at Bath Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93102

Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

232 East Canon Perdido Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101

New Beginnings Counseling Center

324 East Carrillo Street Santa BarbaraCalifornia  93101

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07:20 PM


Space Cowboys Group Men, Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM

First Presbyterian Church

Mother Group Speaker, Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM

First United Methodist Church

Friday Candlelight Group Non-Smoking, Discussion/Participation, Candlelight
07:30 PM

Marine Center Classroom

We Do Recover Group Speaker
07:00 PM

Marine Center Classroom

Unity Group Speaker, Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM

Samta Barbara County Jail Treatment Program

Jailed Addicts Working Thes Group Discussion/Participation
05:00 PM

Start Your Day Right

Veterans Memorial Bldg
09:00 AM

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Going to Any Lengths Group Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Our Group Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Women Do Recover Group Women, Discussion/Participation
06:30 PM
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