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AIM House, is a state-of-the-art addiction treatment facility located in Boulder, Colorado. Our treatment facility offers a supportive, welcoming, and healing environment for our patients so that they can feel secure in knowing that they made the right decision in seeking treatment here. At AIM House, we take the time to evaluate our patients through an initial intake assessment to determine the best course of action when designing their treatment plans. The treatment plans that we provide to our patients are custom-tailored to suit the patients’ needs and desires. We believe in treating all addictions, as well as underlying psychological disorders that may have aided in the initial substance abuse problem. By incorporating innovative and cutting-edge research based knowledge into our treatment methods, we are providing out patients with the upmost level of care . We make it a goal to provide our patients with the tools necessary to cope with their newfound life of sobriety. These coping skills will be utilized in every aspect of the patient’s life, not just in treatment. No matter how severe the addiction is, a successful recovery is possible at AIM House.

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Google Reviews

I found Aim House to be a form of a therapeutic boarding school. I made great friends and worked with my mentor who I love and trust. Individual therapy and groups were helpful, and I learned how to get started on my own life with support. I didn’t feel like a patient or like I was in prison. The only annoying thing was curfews but that is to be expected. I made good friends, I stayed in the area, I still talk with my mentor and friends from my group, and I still have support from them.

ER Celebra, 1 month ago

AIM House has been around for a very long time. There is reason for that...its a great program. I was a client at AIM House and I also was given the opportunity to work there as a Mentor Staff. I am so incredibly grateful to the founder of this program for so many reasons. He is my close friend and soul brother to this day. AIM House has employees who have been there since the beginning and that clearly says something. I am so grateful for what AIM House has provided me and the people who are there today are family to me.

Alex Zemeckis, 1 month ago

My son was a participant at AIM House and my experience (as a parent) was a bit different than those described below. AIM provided the environment, mentoring, opportunities and tools necessary for him to find his path forward. It also provided him with a safe place to fail and to reflect. There were long periods where my son simply chose not take advantage of the opportunities he was presented with, or maybe he wasn't ready to take advantage of them. He struggled and blamed others for his struggles. But then, he would take responsibility for himself and his successes and failures, and grow. Rinse and repeat. Sound familiar?When this happened at home, the struggle-and-blame spiral was downward. After wilderness and then enrolling at AIM, the trajectory was very definitely upward (though not linear). It takes work, and if one enrolls at AIM House expecting that their mentor or the program director is going to do the work for them, they will be sadly mistaken. If instead, one enters AIM House expecting guidance and a framework in which to do the necessary hard work, the rewards will manifest themselves. Also, I have met many of the staff, and (surprise!) they are regular human beings doing the very best they can. I never once doubted that that they placed my son's best interests anything other than first. I trusted my son to Danny and the staff at AIM House and they did not let him (or me) down. His recovery after AIM is his work, his journey, his responsibility and ultimately, his success - if HE chooses it.

Charlie Stossen, 1 month ago

The most wonderful people work at aim house and have dedicate their lives everyday to helping people. I couldn't imagine a better place to heal than in Boulder, Colorado. They have an amazing program set in place and I have seen it first hand change many people's lives.

Mayree Nolan, 1 month ago

I had a completely different experience at AIM House then I just read. I am a parent and sent my son to Aim house for transitional living after he completed a wilderness program. Prior to wilderness my son K. (I will respect his privacy) was not engaging in his life, he wouldn't engage in therapy, in school even with his family. He thought about suicide and would isolate in his room most of the day watching movies, playing games or sleeping. After wilderness he was willing to attend a transitional program and chose one that two of his group mates went to. He spoke to both of them before agreeing on the program which was AIM House. We were nervous hearing about Boulder we had never been ourselves but after talking with staff and his therapist in wilderness we all decided AIM was a great option for him. With in two months my son completed all credits and earned his HS diploma. He was talking with people everyday, he started working with the creative program and playing music and writing music again. There were times he really struggled and wanted to come home. The therapist and mentor at AIM helped him and us talk it through on why it was important for him to stay and complete something. Overtime he started falling back into any old pattern they worked with him he went on a hike tried something new. He woke up. He grew up. He isn't perfect and he struggles with everyday things like any of us do but he has tools now and was reminded everyday how to use them and rely on them and how to care for himself. I am forever grateful to AIM House. He learned wonderful things in wilderness but he practiced them with you and we were given support in holding a boundary and talked with other parents at family workshop about how hard that was but with the support we knew we were doing the right things and our son knows it was the right thing. He has decided to stay in Boulder he is attending college and working. We couldn't ask for more than that.

Deb D., 1 month ago

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