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Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centers in Boynton Beach, Florida

Living by the sea in Boynton Beach, Florida may seem idyllic to many visitors. The warm climate, plenty of water sports and recreational activities, plenty of shopping and dining options, and a strong arts culture make it a lovely place to live.

However, there is a serious drug and alcohol abuse problem across the city. Statistics show a strong opiate epidemic across the city involving heroin and abuse of prescription opiate painkiller medications. Cocaine abuse is also a major concern in the area, but alcohol is still listed by the largest percentage of people entering into addiction rehab treatment centers.

Yet, while there are many professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities across Boynton Beach, Florida, far too many people avoid seeking help for their problem. Many of those people deny they have a problem at all, fooling themselves into thinking they can still quit whenever they want. Others are fearful of the financial cost associated with rehab treatments. Still others worry that rehab therapies will try to change them into different people as part of the recovery process.

In reality, the therapies and treatments used in any good rehab treatment program only work to help recovering people learn healthy, productive ways to live a sober lifestyle. Recovering people also learn to develop strong ways to avoid returning to self-destructive habits associated with drug or alcohol abuse.

Finding the Right Addiction Treatment Center

Making the decision to reach out and seek help for a drug or alcohol addiction is the first step on the journey to recovery. However, once you've decided to enter rehab it can be difficult to know which treatment facility to choose.

Not all addiction treatment centers are the same. Some are designed as outpatient programs, while others may require you to reside at the residential rehab facility for the duration of treatment.

Some types of rehab centers provide medical supervision during a medically-assisted detox process, while others focus strongly on holistic therapies. There are also specialized addiction treatment centers that provide integrated treatments and psychotherapies for people with dual diagnosis.

In order to improve your chances of making a successful recovery, it's important to choose the right drug or alcohol addiction rehab center is right for your needs.

Start the Journey to Recovery Today

If you're ready to regain control over your life and learn healthy new ways to live a sober lifestyle, pick up the phone and call BAC. Our goal at BAC is to ensure you enter into the correct rehab program to suit your personal situation, your budget, and your goals.

We'll discuss your needs and then get to work locating the right addiction rehab treatment program in Boynton Beach, Florida to suit your personal situation. Let us take care of the hard work while you focus on beginning your journey to recovery.
Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centers In Boynton Beach, Florida
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Bright Futures Treatment Center

2320 South Seacrest Blvd, Suite 300 Boynton BeachFlorida  33435
Google Rating: 4.6

Hope Center for Rehabilitation

2828 S Seacrest Ave, Suite 211 Boynton BeachFlorida  33435

Insight to Recovery

3652 S Seacrest Blvd Boynton BeachFlorida  33435
Google Rating: 5

Lighthouse Recovery Institute

1609 South Congress Ave Boynton BeachFlorida  33426
Google Rating: 4.7

Peak Recovery

4895 Windward Passage Drive, Suite 6 Boynton BeachFlorida  33436

Watershed of the Palm Beaches

4905 Park Ridge Boulevard Boynton BeachFlorida  33426

Right Side of the Tracks

1360 SW 27th Place Boynton BeachFlorida  33426

Faith Farm Ministries

9538 US Hwy 441 Boynton BeachFlorida  33472
Google Rating: 4

Swinton Place

9075 Carma Drive Boynton BeachFlorida  33472
Google Rating: 2.3

Atlantic Counseling Services

200 Knuth Road, Suite 238 Boynton BeachFlorida  33436

Into Action Treatment LLC

2310 SE 2nd Street, Suite 7 Boynton BeachFlorida  33435
Google Rating: 3

New Dawn Recovery Programs

2500 Quantum Lakes Drive Ste 201 Boynton BeachFlorida  33426

Palm Tree Recovery

1301 North Congress Avenue Boynton BeachFlorida  33426

Recovery Restart LLC

2431 Quantum Boulevard Boynton BeachFlorida  33426
Google Rating: 3.5

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