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Drug Addiction Treatment Treatment Centers in Louisville, Kentucky

It's so hard to watch a family member or friend struggle with addiction. Piece by piece, it seems that relationships and responsibilities begin to fall by the wayside in pursuit of drugs or alcohol. When addiction is becoming a priority, it's time to consider rehab facilities in Louisville, KY, before an overdose takes your life. In a professional treatment program, you can do more than just get sober; you can also learn tips and skills to help you remain sober for a lifetime.

How can you know which of the Louisville rehab centers is best for you? BetterAddictionCare works with a large recovery network, including some of the top facilities in and around Louisville, and we can help you figure out which location would be able to provide you with all of the services and treatments to help you be successful in addiction recovery. Fill out our contact form to learn more about rehab. Louisville, KY, may hold the key to getting your life back.

Are you wondering what services you will need while in drug rehab? Louisville, KY, is home to several different types of facilities, making it possible for you to choose an ideal location for you. For most people, addiction counseling is an important part of the process. It allows you to explore things like what led you to addiction and what types of things to do instead when a craving hits. These skills can be invaluable as you head home to resume your routine. You'll also have help from a local support system, as we'll set up a recovery team for you back home after rehab. Louisville, KY, may be the beginning of your journey, but you'll also want help near you to keep you on track.

The expense of treatment is often a concern for patients. We understand that and will coordinate with your private insurance to find out if treatment is covered, helping to ensure that you have a cost-effective option for recovery. Because we work with centers nationwide, we have a clear understanding of how this process works and have experience working with insurance companies in the best interest of our clients.

It's time to start thinking about leaving substance abuse behind and consider drug rehab in Louisville, KY. While Louisville is known for a lot of interesting things, including being the home of the high five, it's also a great place to participate in drug rehabilitation in a safe and comfortable environment. Here, customized care is the key to helping patients overcome addiction and take their lives in a new direction. Call today to speak with a counselor about drug rehab. Louisville, KY, has inpatient facilities accepting new patients right away.

Norton Hospital

200 E Chestnut St LouisvilleKentucky  40201
Google Rating: 3.2

Dr. Brent Furnish Dc

13121 Eastpoint Park Boulevard LouisvilleKentucky  40223
Google Rating: 4.7

The Forum At Brookside

200 Brookside Drive LouisvilleKentucky  40243
Google Rating: 4.7

Healing Place Men's Detox

1020 West Market Street LouisvilleKentucky  40202
Google Rating: 4.5

Centerstone Kentucky Child And Family Services

914 East Brodway Suite 279 LouisvilleKentucky  40204
Google Rating: 4.3

Substance Abuse Services

800 Zorn Avenue Unit 116 A LouisvilleKentucky  40206

Wellspring Administrative Center

Journey House 117 West Saint Catherine Street LouisvilleKentucky  40203

Iroquois Manor Shopping Center

5330 South 3rd Street, Suite 234 LouisvilleKentucky  40214
Google Rating: 3.7

Dave Harmon & Associates

Dupont Professional Towers, 4010 Dupont Circle Suite 226 LouisvilleKentucky  40207
Google Rating: 2.9

All About Change

5103 Preston Highway, Suite 2 LouisvilleKentucky  40213

A A & Associates Alcohol & Drug

3038 Breckenridge Lane, Suite 204 LouisvilleKentucky  40220
Google Rating: 5

Samsung Electronics America

10503 Timberwood Circle, Suite 205 LouisvilleKentucky  40223

Center For Behavioral Health

1402 Browns Lane, Suite A LouisvilleKentucky  40207
Google Rating: 3.6

Corner Of Hope Recovery Center

1811 Standard Avenue LouisvilleKentucky  40210
Google Rating: 4

Shelby Men's Recovery Center

1436 South Shelby Street LouisvilleKentucky  40217
Google Rating: 4.3

Dave Harmon & Associates

3934 Dixie Highway LouisvilleKentucky  40216
Google Rating: 2.9

More Center

1448 South 15th Street LouisvilleKentucky  40210
Google Rating: 3.1

Revelation Counseling Center

1040 South Preston Street LouisvilleKentucky  40203
Google Rating: 4.8

Greater Louisville Counseling

332 WEST BROADWAY, SUITE 905 LouisvilleKentucky  40202

Aa & Associates Approved Alcohol/drug Program, Crs

4006 DUTCHMAN'S LANE, SUITE 200 LouisvilleKentucky  40207

Local NA/AA Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky

Baptist Church

Out of Control Group Discussion/Participation, Topic
08:00 PM

Bardstown Presbyterian Church

Caring Through Sharing Group
12:30 PM

Bardstown Presbyterian Church

Caring Through Sharing Group
12:30 PM

Bardstown Presbyterian Church

Caring Through Sharing Group Non-Smoking
12:30 PM

Bardstown Road Group

Advent Epis Church (Basement)
06:30 PM

Bethesda Baptist Church

Change We Must Group
06:00 PM

Bethleham Baptist Church

Cool Changes Group Discussion/Participation
07:00 PM

Broad Highway

Third Lutheran Church
08:00 PM

Brycc House

Youth in Recovery Group Non-Smoking, Discussion/Participation
07:00 PM
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