The environment certainly plays a factor in the development of addiction, as a child who experiences abuse or is raised in a home where substance abuse is normalized is much more likely to suffer from addiction. While the findings are not conclusive, many studies have indicated that a genetic predisposition might be in play as well. Growth and development are also a factor: Teens are susceptible to substance abuse because their brains are not fully developed, which leads them to be more likely to engage in risky behavior. If any of these risk factors are in play and you notice a change in the mood or behavior of your loved one, then it’s time to explore the possibility of addiction and seek help from a rehab in Riverside, CA, as soon as possible.

What Happens at a Riverside Drug Rehab?

Recovery options are varied because there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to rehab. There are outpatient rehab services and inpatient, residential rehab programs, single-gender and co-ed, 30-day programs and longer ones, faith-based and secular options. All programs offer varying types of therapy and levels of structure and support for the patient. When choosing a rehab, the factors considered usually include location, types of treatment, and insurance options, and we can help you sort through all of this information to find the right program for you.

When attending a Riverside drug rehab, the client will engage in individual therapy sessions that use techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, group therapy sessions may include outings around Riverside. Treatment centers that employ alternative therapy techniques like art therapy could include visits to locations like UCR ARTSblock in their rehab programs, for example.

Find a Rehab in Riverside, CA

Turn to BetterAddictionCare for help and guidance choosing which of the rehab centers in Riverside, CA, is right for you. No one should have to struggle with addiction without knowledgeable and caring support, and our compassionate addiction care specialists can find you a treatment option that’s accepting new patients now. Call today or fill out our contact form to start healing.

Need help finding treatment?

Call our 24/7 helpline to speak with an admissions specialist. All calls are completely confidential.

Rehab and Treatment Centers in Riverside, California

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10 Acre Ranch
5953 Grand Avenue, Riverside, California, 92504
A Peace of Mind
3976 4th St, Riverside, California, 92501
A Womans Place MFI Residential Treatment
4295 Brockton Ave, Riverside, California, 92501
Bluestone Recovery
1660 Chciago Avenue, Riverside, California, 92507
Chances Sober Living Homes
3339 Mulberry Street, Riverside, California, 92501
16891 ALITA DRIVE, Riverside, California, 92504
High Road Program
3579 Arlington Avenue, Riverside, California, 92506
Home | Horizon Services | Palm Avenue
4750 PALM AVENUE, Riverside, California, 92501
Jubilee House Sober Living
3342 Lime Street, Riverside, California, 92501
MFI Recovery Center
5870 Arlington Ave, Riverside, California, 92504
MFI Recovery Center
17270 Roosevelt Street, Riverside, California, 92508
MFI Recovery Center
4295 Brockton Avenue, Riverside, California, 92501
MFI Woodcrest Residential Facility
17270 Roosevelt St, Riverside, California, 92508
Mt. Rubidoux Treatment Center For Men
4440 University Ave, Riverside, California, 92501
My Family
4440 University Avenue, Riverside, California, 92501
Pacific Grove Hospital
5900 Brockton Ave, Riverside, California, 92506
Raincross Treatment Center For Women
8804 Haskell St, Riverside, California, 92503
Riverside Comprehensive Treatment Center
1021 W La Cadena, Riverside, California, 92501
Riverside County Substance Abuse
1827 Atlanta Avenue Suite D-1, Riverside, California, 92507
Riverside Manor Sober Living
3873 Locust Street, Riverside, California, 92501

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