Substance Abuse Recovery & Rehabilitation in Miami Beach, Florida

The coastal resort city of Miami Beach in Florida has long cultivated a glamorous sort of image. Its year-long tropical climate is enough to draw tourists in by the droves, but the city is also driven by an ethnically diverse population, bursting with vibrant Latino, South African, and Pacific Islander culture that is similarly attractive to holidayers. Miami Beach is also known for being a playground for the super-rich and famous: plenty of celebrities and business elites maintain vacation homes in the area to retreat to when the temperature drops everywhere else. The hottest nightclubs and bars are located right on the beach and everyone parties from dusk ‘til dawn—or at least that’s what the singers and rappers would all have you believe.

Miami Beach’s glitzy façade conceals a dark and dangerous secret, though. The city, like many others in America, suffers from a rampant drug problem. Florida became a major drug trafficking hub in the ‘80s, and illicit substances such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine continue to be smuggled into the city by the ton to this day. Thousands of Floridians are also addicted to opioids, painkillers that can be legally purchased at clinics and pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription. Recent numbers show that 4 Floridians die due to unintentional opioid overdose every day in the state.

Drugs aren’t the only issue. Florida has a long history of contraband trade that dates all the way back to the Prohibition era. Back then, residents flouted the wildly unpopular ban on the production, trade, and sale of alcoholic beverages imposed by the Eighteenth Amendment. Floridians—Miami Beach residents in particular—are still known for drinking to excess, often to their own detriment. Drunk driving happens more often in Florida than any other state in America. Death from alcohol poisoning is also a dishearteningly common occurrence.

Finding Alcohol Treatment or Drug Rehab in Miami Beach, Florida

Fortunately, help for those who suffer from substance abuse disorders is widely available in Miami Beach. Better Addiction Care helps connect those who wish to pull themselves out of the destructive spiral of addiction and alcoholism to accredited rehab centers where they can sober up and get better. In addition to in-patient care, many of these rehabilitation facilities also offer after-treatment support services to help you stay on the straight and narrow. Call today to speak to one of Better Addiction Care’s addiction counselors, or browse our directory of drug or alcohol rehab centers.

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Rehab and Treatment Centers in Miami Beach, Florida

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Douglas Gardens CMH Center
1680 Meridian Avenue, Suite #501, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139
Miami Beach Holistic Addiction Treatment Center
309 23rd Street, Miami Beach, Florida, 33139

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