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A Forever Recovery, is a state-of-the-art addiction treatment facility located in Battle Creek, Michigan. Our treatment facility offers a supportive, welcoming, and healing environment for our patients so that they can feel secure in knowing that they made the right decision in seeking treatment here. At A Forever Recovery, we take the time to evaluate our patients through an initial intake assessment to determine the best course of action when designing their treatment plans. The treatment plans that we provide to our patients are custom-tailored to suit the patients’ needs and desires. We believe in treating all addictions, as well as underlying psychological disorders that may have aided in the initial substance abuse problem. By incorporating innovative and cutting-edge research based knowledge into our treatment methods, we are providing out patients with the upmost level of care . We make it a goal to provide our patients with the tools necessary to cope with their newfound life of sobriety. These coping skills will be utilized in every aspect of the patient’s life, not just in treatment. No matter how severe the addiction is, a successful recovery is possible at A Forever Recovery.

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Google Reviews

My son went to A Forever Recovery and it was such a great facility for him. After a car accident, my son was prescribed pain medication and became addicted to the pills. When he didn’t need the pain medication anymore he had a really hard time getting off them by himself. Prior to that car accident he had never had any kind of substance abuse problems. We didn’t really know what to do about it all but we figured that since he hadn’t had a drug problem before this that he could just go to a detox to help him get off the pills and that he’d be fine after that. So, he went to a detox but ended up relapsing soon after. After he relapsed we talked and he decided to go to rehab. He wanted to go to rehab instead of another detox because he wanted to get his addiction completely handled. I researched drug treatment centers and when I found A Forever Recovery it was perfect. Because we’d never had any experience with addiction I had no idea what kind of program to send him to. Having him be able to decide what kind of program would work for him once he was there and detoxed off the pills just sounded smart to me. He ended up really enjoying himself at AFR. He had a lot of fun there, got along great with the other patients and the staff there were great with him. Because he started using pain medication because he was in pain and not because he wanted to get high he had some trouble at the detox he went to with the staff understanding him. The staff at AFR though completely understood what exactly my son was going through. They were able to help him deal with his addiction without making him feel like bad about it. Just that understanding made everything better for my son and I’m amazed at how much good the program did for him. It not only helped him with getting off the pain pills and staying off them but also helped him with other aspects of his life. He’s been with the same girl for 3 years now and when he was on the pain pills they were having some problems because his addiction. Even past just getting my son clean the program actually helped him with his relationship and they are doing great again. Going to AFR helped my son much more than I thought they would. I would’ve been happy just having him off drugs. Instead, he’s happy, healthy and back in charge of his own life.

Elora Barber, 1 month ago

A Forever Recovery is such a nice peaceful place and it is for someone looking to recover from addiction. This is the type of surrounding you would want from an in patient program. Somewhere where you can go and concentrate just on yourself and what you need to address in order to be successful in your recovery. With no outside distractions from those people and places that contributed to the addiction in the first place. They realize that everyone is different and no one program will help everybody so they sit with the person and find out everything about them and their addiction and what it is they are looking to achieve from their program. They then work out a program just for you so that you can address whatever it is you need to address in your to get through your program and get back to doing well in life again. Their staff will work with you and will be there to help you with whatever comes up over the course of your program. Call and get started with them today, I know you won't regret it! AFR is definitely the place to choose for recovery.

Nancy Reed, 1 month ago

If you are looking to end your addiction you can trust these guys will do all they can to make it happen for you. A Forever Recovery is a great rehab program for people looking for a rehab program and has a great caring staff. There are so many different parts to this program to make it work for you because they treat your program as one that will work for you not everyone will do the same thing because they work it to make it work for you as your own person.. That is what is so great is how they will make it work for you as an individual. One of the most important steps to take when you're ready to stop dealing with that life of chasing those demons you can finally find hope at AFR. We are all different and that has made a difference for me. You will get the treatment services that help you overcome the hold that drugs had over you. Drug abuse can and does have a profoundly adverse impact on your mind and body. They are a great program for anyone looking for help and there is so much that they will be able to do for you. The will address so many things that and let you get some reality on what is going on in your life and make you have a new life like you have not had in such a long time..

Kindrick Carne, 1 month ago

I love that A Forever Recovery’s rehab facility has so many useful tools and treatment methods to help one overcome an addiction and become sober. I found their holistic approaches, such as Yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, which all help to heal the body, mind, and spirit very interesting. However, one of the most notable treatment methods they employ is detoxification which is amazing as it facilitates the removal of the drugs and alcohol from the body in order to heal it from the inside out. AFR is unlike any rehab facility. They truly go the distance when it comes to helping addicts. From their support groups to the life skills and tools needed to get back on track, clean and sober. The fact that AFR is also a faith-based rehab center helps addicts to find their spirituality, a sense of purpose, or even reinforce their beliefs. And one of the wonderful things I discovered about A Forever Recovery is their acceptance of insurance! Rehab can be expensive, but I love that they accept insurance as it helps addicts become clean and get back to living a healthy life. Way to go AFR!

Ellie Tucker, 1 month ago

My whole life has changed since coming to this center for treatment. Addiction is a real thing and it is something that I was involved in I hate to say for the past four years. I became a severe alcoholic after the passing of my mother. We were best friends and I was completely devastated once she passed and it was not something that I knew how to deal with. I began loosing myself the day she passed, I began to not care about my appearance, and I woke up every morning knowing that I did not have her to talk to. Waking up every morning to that realization made me not care about anything. I went to the local party store one day and grabbed a drink and it was downhill from there, I got so bad that there came a point where I went into the party store for the fifth time in one day and they refused to sell to me because I was so intoxicated and had purchased so much and drank everything within hours of buying from them that I was not welcome in the store anymore. I was on a downward spiral and I was getting worse by the day. One of my friends took it upon himself and started calling around to see if he could find me help. He came across this center and right away he was intrigued by it. Although he knew time was of the essence he was also doing his best to find me a center that was going to help me and not just find one with an opening to throw me into. Before I knew it I was on my way to the center. I pulled up and was not really in great spirits but I knew that if my mother were here this is what she would want for me so if nothing else I knew that I had to give it everything I had for her. I was greeted by staff and taking inside and was given an examination by ma doctor and they asked me a lot of questions so they knew how to approach my situation and figure out what treatment plan they should set up for me and then I was taken to my room. My room was comfortable, I did not feel like I was right on top of anyone else and I felt I had a good deal of privacy to my belongings as well. The detox was as comfortable as it could be and from there I began my course of action with group therapy and individualized counseling. I really enjoyed being able to set up different classes that I was interested in and that I had a say so that I was enjoying and able to engage in my course of action. The staff here seemed to be understanding and completely invested in my outcome here as well as everyone else here too. All of the people that I engaged with on a daily basis seemed to be getting better by the day. I know I will never truly get over the death of my mother and her passing, but I can at least move on in life not drinking my life away about it anymore and learn to stay sober and cherish the memories that I had with her. I know that she would not want me to waste my life away. This center is kind, caring and compassionate. They give you everything that they have in order to see you succeed and they want to see us change our lives around.

JOE CONRAD, 2 months ago

This place really helped me beat an addiction I have struggled with for years. I am very happy to have found A Forever Recovery and stuck it out through my rehabilitation.

Evan Walker, 2 months ago

A Forever Recovery is a complete life changer. The success I have heard from loved ones and close friends who have gone here always bring a tear to my eye. There is nothing more incredible than seeing someone so deep in darkness with no way out find the light again. The program that A Forever Recovery uses is so special and different from other rehabs that I have no doubts on the success rate of it. The staff are wonderful and very well trained on every aspect of the rehab programs they offer. Their care and attention to their clients is the most lovely attribute to this rehab center. Their encouragement, help and guidance to sobriety for anyone in the A Forever Recovery program is remarkable. This is why people leave the center clean and sober and ready for a beautiful new life. Plus, I haven't even mentioned the facility! What a fantastic building and plot of land. It's peaceful and quiet and visually calming, which is exactly what a recovery needs in order to come out the other side. The amenities are great and really showcase the dynamic teamwork that is involved with the staff and clients. They give them their lives back! And the nutrition team and diet they implement as part of the program is something I have never seen before. It's an element of a rehabilitation that makes total sense but I hadn't seen used anywhere else! Putting nutrition and health back into the addict to heal them from the inside out - brilliant! It is something so valuable that I must praise it again because it works! If you have someone who needs to reach sobriety and clean up their life, please look into A Forever Recovery! It will bring back hope and happiness for everyone that has been affected by addiction.

Diane Robertson, 2 months ago

I love A Forever Recovery. It’s such an amazing rehab. The facility is beautiful and it’s a warm and inviting environment to be in. While I was at AFR I felt comfortable and well taken care of. When you first get to AFR you go through detox and while detox itself is never easy or fun the staff at AFR make it much bearable. The medical personnel, nurses and detox staff check on you constantly to make sure you’re doing well and are always helping to make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible. Once you get out of detox and move to start doing your program, you sit down with a counselor and talk about and go over the different programs they have available. There isn’t one perfect way to handle drug and alcohol addiction and at A Forever Recovery they have many different treatment options available. Once you’ve decided on a treatment plan you get started on it. There’s enough groups and classes throughout the day to keep you occupied and busy but not so many that you are overwhelmed with it all. Plus, the other classes they have that break up the day really help. The music and art therapy classes were by far my favorites. Music and art are great ways to work through whatever emotions or issues you’re dealing with. Most people when they get to rehab, myself included are ridiculously unhealthy. Either overweight or underweight. On top of that most rehabs, or at least all the rehabs I’ve been to serve food that isn’t very healthy. So, you’re not healthy before you go and it’s hard to get yourself healthy while you’re there. AFR isn’t like that. They understand that the recovery process needs to include more than just getting someone off drugs. Getting healthy and staying healthy goes a long way into making sure that you don’t relapse. It’s so much easier to stay clean when you feel good about yourself. So, the food at AFR while healthy also tastes good. They have a gym and trainer who comes in to help. They have yoga classes which I loved going to. It was such a great way to start the day there and I’ve continued starting my day with yoga since graduating. More than anything though, it’s the staff at AFR that truly make it special. You can tell that absolutely each and every staff member there completely and honestly care about the clients and their wellbeing. From the instant you get there till you graduate and go home the counselors and staff do everything in their power to make sure that you have a positive experience. That when you go home you are truly ready to go home and are confident in yourself and can use the things that you learned at AFR to stay clean and sober. When you do graduate and go home the aftercare personnel stay in contact with you to make sure that you are doing your aftercare program and if you’re having a bad day or just need to talk to someone there is always someone there willing able to talk to you. Going to AFR completely changed my life.

Julia Matheson, 2 months ago

I went to AFR. Ms. Pam and the staff are great and the facility is great. It has been months since I went there and got the help I finally needed. I am living a life like I have not lived in years!! It really has served its purpose and made me drug free a feeling I have not had in a long time and a life I have not lived in a long time. Treatment options are good. Staff will work with you and guide you through the process. But you have to be able to pull yourself up from where you have been. It has been months and I am able to get back to living. I can not even begin to tell you the emotional and physical H*LL I have been through. It is scary wondering what it will be like and to be taking that step to get things done and started. That was the hardest. Then staying when I could pick up the phone and call my family because I wanted to give up in the beginning but I did not. I did not give up at all. I kept on going. I have seen so many people give up and you want to stop them but you can't you have to focus on yourself. I received so much support from my peers and the staff to get where I am today and I want to say thank you! Thank you so much for getting me to this place I am at in my life right now. You are all awesome. I live so far away but I wish I could come and see you guys and let you see the difference in my life. I feel that I need to give you this public shout out and let everyone know it does work and it will help. YOU just have to be willing. Please, all of you have a great life and I hope that I will never have to see you again. Because if I do then I have hit hard times again. For anyone needing help and wondering what to do. Just do it. Just start and get your life on track. There is no time like now. Good luck and I always will have those who are suffering in my thoughts.

Jenna L, 2 months ago

I could not be more happy with the experience we all had at A Forever Recovery. This treatment center treated us all really well. The program was simple yet incredibly effective and helped my brother a lot. Basically, there has been a lot of problems with drug and alcohol addiction within our family and extended family over the decades, so we all know a thing or two about drug and alcohol addiction. That more than perhaps anything else is why we can comfortably say that A Forever Recovery is a truly great drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. This program is very helping and caring and effective. They are able to offer the necessary and needed services to actually effect permanent and lasting change in those who seek them out. The treatment center offers a very positive approach to assisting people in their overall quest to freedom and abstinence from the cruel habit that is drug and alcohol addiction itself. When my brother went to A Forever Recovery, he had already been to three other addiction treatment centers over the course of the fifteen years that he was an alcohol. True enough, none of those other three centers were able to give him any lasting stability or recovery that was worth anything. Those other treatment centers simply did not have the necessary tools and treatment approaches that he needed to help him find a path off of drugs and alcohol that was permanent and lasting. My brother needed a rehab center that would offer him a multi-modality approach to addiction treatment and that is exactly what A Forever Recovery had to offer him. A Forever Recovery is a very effective and a helpful treatment center of the very best kind. This recovery program without a doubt saved my brother’s life. He was getting so bad with his alcohol addiction that I don’t know how much longer he would have lasted for if he hadn’t gotten the help that he did get when he got it. Furthermore, I don’t know if any other treatment center possessed the necessary skill to really help him in the way that A Forever Recovery did. Not only did this treatment center give my brother a multi-modality approach to beating addiction that was very helpful for him, they also gave him an approach that was very helpful in that it let him stay on at the treatment center as long as he needed to to get fully cleaned up and freed from the dismal habit. With the help that my brother was able to get from A Forever Recovery, my brother is now a completely different person and we are all thrilled at his progress and his tenacity so far. My hat is off to A Forever Recovery. This treatment center definitely got something right and make no mistake. I would strongly recommend this treatment center, and not just because of the quality of the program and the length of time of the program itself. I would also recommend this program too because of the facility and the location. Talk about a very clean, pleasant, well taken care of, helpful, engaging, and supportive addiction treatment center. That is exactly what A Forever Recovery is. The program takes exceptional care of their clients by housing them in a beautiful and expansive and very well taken care of treatment approach. On top of that, the location is truly great too. The A Forever Recovery treatment location is housed in the countryside, on a private lake. It is the absolute perfect place for an addiction treatment center. This program also has some of the best staff working there of any staff I have experienced or worked with at a treatment center, which is saying a lot too because I have worked with a and dealt with my own, fair share of different recovery personnel. The A Forever Recovery staff members are highly motivated and helpful and caring in general. The staff are often ex addicts themselves or they have had some experience in the field or area, because they are all very helpful and kind. At the end of the day, I would strongly recommend this center!

S. J., 2 months ago

I've just taken some time to look through the website and various youtube videos for A Forever Recovery treatment facility. There are so many different places to go for help, but what first appeals to me here, is the name 'Forever". For sure one would want a recovery to be permanent! That's what recovery is and that's what my goal would be. This program and facility seems very professional and can accomodate all types of substance dependancies. The fact the staff of A Forever Recovery are not in it for the money, and consider those in need of help as 'family' -in my mind - makes them worthy of trust.

Amber Girl, 3 months ago

My daughter Julie went to A Forever Recovery 6 months ago. My daughter started using pain medication 5 years ago and it’s been really hard trying to find and get her into a program that could actually help her. She started using when she was 26 but before then she had a good job that she loved. She had steadily moved up in the company she was working at and for her going to rehab seemed to be especially hard. When she lost her job was when she went to her first rehab and it was bad. She had a horrible attitude about the whole thing. It was like she decided she was better than everyone before she even got there and so didn’t do anything she was supposed to while there and after the 28 days she spent there she just acted like nothing was different and didn’t change at all. She was using again within the week and that’s when her addiction got so much worse. The problem was that she treated each of the subsequent rehabs the same as the first. It was like she just couldn’t understand why they weren’t helping but she didn’t try to do anything different at the treatment centers she was at. It’s entirely possible that the other rehabs could have helped her if she had just put effort into her own recovery. None of the other centers were able to get her to put that effort into her recovery though and so they all failed to help her. That’s why A Forever Recovery was such a blessing. The first time I spoke with my daughter on the phone after detox I could tell that she was going to do the same thing and I started preparing myself for her coming home and relapsing right away again. The way the program works at AFR is different than other rehabs though and the staff wouldn’t let her get away with not doing the program. She was made to fully confront her problems and work on them. She wasn’t allowed to fake her way through a step on her program and she actually had to take responsibility for her addiction and her recovery. The staff at AFR are what made that possible though. If anyone else had tried to get my daughter to confront her problems and take responsibility for her addiction and the actions that led up to it she would have just left in the middle of that program and relapsed. The staff at AFR were amazing at knowing how to handle my daughter. Having multiple treatment options in one facility helped a lot with my daughter’s recovery. She wasn’t just doing the same program as everyone else and with her counselors help she did the program that made the most sense for her. It’s amazing how much good that one thing did. Just having different options and having those options tailored to her and her specific needs. When my daughter completed her program, she continued with her aftercare and was able to stay sober. It’s been 4 months since she’s been home and she’s still sober. She never stayed sober more than a week after any of the other programs and so 4 months is amazing. She’s back at work and moving on with her life though she still speaks with her counselor from AFR and is much more open and honest about her addiction and the problems she’s faced since being home. She doesn’t just assume she’ll be okay anymore. She knows what she needs to do to stay sober and takes the actions that she needs to. It’s amazing having her back.

Suzanne Wroms, 4 months ago

I really can’t enough good things about A Forever Recovery. The A Forever Recovery drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program offers a skilled and workable addiction treatment program that is helpful and engaging for all who take part in it. The A Forever Recovery drug and alcohol addiction program is able to free people from the problems that they face when it comes to facing drug and alcohol addiction. A Forever Recovery offers the tools and the treatment methods that are needed in beating drug and alcohol addiction once and for all and for good. The key points about the program that I noticed were the most helpful were that the program does the following: A Forever Recovery offers an open ended approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. What this means is that they essentially offer a length of time in their treatment that is customizable and varied in the services and the care options that they apply to people. The program is extensive and workable in the care options that they apply to those who need the help. The A Forever Recovery works to create stability and a caring recovery approach for beating drug and alcohol addiction by offering a customizable length of time in the recovery options that they deliver to those who need it the most. When I went to A Forever Recovery, I needed more time than the average person does who is going to a rehab center. I always able to get this allotted extra time at A Forever Recovery, and they let me stay on at the treatment center until both the staff members at the center and I were convinced that I had made a fuller recovery and that I was not going to relapse. This was truly incredible and I felt like this more than anything else was what made A Forever Recovery a powerhouse recovery program. In addition to that too though, A Forever Recovery also offers what is called an open-ended, evidence-based, multi-modality approach to addressing drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This means that the program utilizes actually about a dozen different approaches to addressing drug and alcohol addiction treatment and rehabilitation. When I went to A Forever Recovery, I was able to a degree to pick and choose which treatment routes I would take part in and which treatment routes I would not take part in. This choice aspect made all of the difference for me. Rather than being forced to have to do one or two approaches that didn’t really work, I was given options and selections with about a dozen different treatment approaches that all had immense value for me. That was truly awesome and definitely made all the difference. More than anything, I would have to say that the staff at A Forever Recovery made all the difference at A Forever Recovery. I have been to multiple treatment centers before, but none of them were quite like the program and the recovery options that I got at A Forever Recovery. A Forever Recovery offered a truly workable and engaging treatment option, one of which I found to be immensely helpful an engaging to say the least. The staff there helped me every step of the way, and they truly did a phenomenal job with getting me the help and the care and the attention that I needed in getting clean off of drugs and alcohol once and for all and for good. The staff were kind, compassionate, caring, and they were very knowledgeable in the services and the options that they offer to people. At the end of the day, I would strongly recommend A Forever Recovery as a wonderful drug and alcohol addiction treatment program to go to. This rehab center certainly saved my life and made all of the difference in me gaining a freedom from drug and alcohol addiction that has been lasting and permanent. Drug and alcohol addiction is a harsh and a difficult crisis to say the least, but one of which can and should be addressed with the right recovery options. If you are seeking help for yourself or for a loved one who is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction then by all means reach out to A Forever Recovery! They will be able to help you.

Chris R., 4 months ago

Before my husband went to A Forever Recovery I was going to divorce him and move out of state with our children. I was done trying to get him to change and didn’t want him around his kids when he was high. They, for the most part were young enough that they didn’t really understand what was going on and I figured it was better for them to just not see him than seeing him high and growing old enough to realize what he was doing. About 2 years ago he started smoking crack. He had gone to one rehab before AFR and it helped for a little while but he didn’t stay clean for very long. When I told him that I wanted a divorce he asked for me to give him one more chance of going to rehab and we agreed that he would go to rehab again but that if he relapsed we’d get a divorce and I’d take the kids away. When we started researching drug treatment options I found A Forever Recovery and thought that it was by far his best chance at overcoming his addiction. The facility looked really nice and everyone I spoke with prior to my husband going there was nice, competent and well informed about addiction and our options for rehab facilities. I didn’t understand much about addiction and what it does to a person and the counselor I spoke with was extremely patient and understanding with me. He spoke to me for quite a while about addiction in general and helped me understand more about what my husband was going through. My husband Jeremy went to AFR the next day and a couple weeks into his program I started noticing major changes in his attitude and communication skills. He started talking to me more and we were able to work through the problems in our marriage that his addiction had created. We started getting along much better and while I still would have divorced him if he had relapsed I wasn’t constantly trying to plan my life around divorcing him. We went to visit him during his program about a month into it and it was almost miraculous to me the way he looked and acted. He had gained the weight back that he’d lost while smoking crack and looked healthy for the first time in forever. He was smiling and playing with his kids again, laughing and happy again. I hadn’t really seen him smile or laugh in the years he spent smoking crack and it was so great seeing that again. When he graduated from the program there I was so nervous about having him home. Having someone do well in a closed environment is one thing but having him back at work and home is something completely different. He’s proven to me every day that he intends on doing well and staying clean. Now, it’s great having back home again. He’s back to being the husband and father he was before he started smoking crack.

Cindy Darmon, 4 months ago

I can only say good things about a forever recovery. They have a clients is first attitude, and they will do anything for their clients. I really have nothing negative to say about this place. Maybe the only thing is that it is in a rather old building but it is well kept a d maintained so it is really not an issue. I liked the fact that there were quite a few staff who had a similar experience to mine, and I would have never though of. They were them example that you can do well and come off of drugs with their method. I quite enjoyed their holistic methods, it is a bit unusual, well not so much since there are other centers who too have these methods, so it was nice. I am all for spirituality and I felt like I went to the right place, and they actually could hook me up with a program that respected my views. I wasn't forced to do a program that I did not like, so that was good. I had great peers and we had each others back when needed. I fell like this program was very beneficial to me and I feel like that this time was the last time I went to rehab, I can handle it now.

Ashley Billson, 4 months ago

A year ago my sister went to A Forever Recovery and this is the longest my sister has gone without using pain pills. 15 years ago my sister went to rehab for crystal meth. She hasn’t touched meth since then and everyone thought that her drug problem was handled. She did great for 5 years. Got married, had 2 kids and had a great job. Then she started using pain pills around 10 years ago. Since then her life has been one big mess. She started doctor shopping to get more pills and was using pretty heavily. Her husband found out and sent her to rehab. When she got out of that rehab she relapsed right away. He sent her to a detox which she managed to get kicked out of for using. She went to another rehab and while she was there her husband divorced her. When she got back from that rehab she still had joint custody of her kids but that was gone pretty quickly. For the last 5 years she’s been in and out of jail and rehabs and her kids have grown up without her. The first time she went to jail for stealing when she got out she was sent immediately to rehab. I think she spent 8 or 9 months in jail and the rehab she did was a 6-month program. When she got out of that rehab she was back getting high within 3 months and it was worse than before. She wasn’t doctor shopping anymore but instead just buying pills from her new dealer friends that she met in jail. She also went from just swallowing her pills, to snorting them, to shooting up. About a year ago she violated her probation when she gave a dirty U/A and was sent back to jail. She went to another rehab, relapsed and on and on until she went to A Forever Recovery. When she went to AFR it changed her. She went from being completely okay with being a drug addict to wanting to get her life in order. Instead of just sitting through groups and wasting time in rehab she actually took an active role in her own recovery. The staff at AFR don’t let the clients just gloss over the program. They make the clients work and work hard on their recovery. My sister learned how to stay clean. How to avoid the things that could make her relapse and since she completed her program she has been doing pretty damn good. She hasn’t relapsed at all and it’s been about a year since she graduated. She working again and talking to her kids more and spending time with them when she can. When she went to jail the first time her ex moved out of state with the kids so she can’t see them as much as she’d like but she’s talking to them again and is part of their lives. Seeing my sister doing this well after completing A Forever Recovery gives me hope that that faze of her life is over. If she relapsed and had to go back to rehab she would definitely go back to A Forever Recovery but after her doing so well for so long I have hope that it won’t be necessary. A Forever Recovery took my sister in at her lowest and has helped her over and over to get her life back on track and she’s a much better person for it.

Kate Johnson, 5 months ago

Anybody who is seeking treatment but scared to approach it, don't worry because AFR has wonderful staff which many of them had gone through the same process as you! So welcoming and there to make your process one which you'll forever hold dear to your heart! Hands down the most positive experience with recovery in my life!!

Tonya Ranger, 6 months ago

Where should I start. A forever recommend very dud so much for me, they deserve a good word from me. They have greatly helped me to get on the good road towards sobriety after 10 years of addiction and many many tries, and many different rehabs. The huge difference between afr and the other rehabs? Is that it works. I feel like they were the only once who fully understood my case, and actually healed me inside out. I had a fantastic case manager, who understood me completely and got to the bottom of my case. She was so nice to me when I wanted to give up everything, but she did not let me do this, and I am great full for that! I really enjoyed the program itself too, and I feel like the other activities were very beneficial too. I enjoyed our times out, our off days. We had good outings, it helped compensate. I really enjoyed working out, it felt good to get back to it again. All the members of the staff have been very helpful and in general they are all nice people. I really liked that everyone was very caring, and they always made sure I was doing well, and if this was not the case they did everything to make me feel well. When I felt very sick at the detox, they gave me the right medications, like natural remedies too and all that. I really appreciate it. I would recommend afr to anyone.

Sam Bernie, 6 months ago

If you are serious about recovery and find that the twelve step method is not for you this is definitely the place to go. They do have the traditional 12 steps too, but its facultative. You get to choose between the different options, such as SMART recovery that I choose. The staff are incredibly skilled, knowledgeable and professional and truly want to see their clients get better. You will be provided with all the tools and guidance necessary for a successful recovery within a relaxed social environment. Along with the counseling and guidance session there is plenty of time allowed for daily activity outings and free time to spend as you choose. The relaxed environment helps you focus on your healing, and deal with the things you need to deal with. I enjoyed their meals as well, you always get a good choice of meals, so you don't get bored of eating the same food over and over, even if you stay a considerable time. I really appreciated that I could stay for a longer period of time, because I did not feel like 30 days were enough, so I stayed almost 2 months, and boy it was good. I feel like afr has given me so many tools in order to live a drug free life. Tools that I did not have before, that I did not learn at my previous rehab. I feel like this time I can clearly stay off drugs and I wont relapse. Thank you to all the caring staff for helping me get to this point. Love you guys!

Sophie Nars, 6 months ago

That place is amazing , the facility is beautiful and the staff members are very competent in what they are doing. I love the food choices as well , its very important to eat a well balanced healthy diet when you are trying to recover. Your diet plays a big role in your mental well being. Its pretty cool that they have a lot of activities too to distract you and to help you relax between , If you are struggling with drug problems this place is the best to go for help! I think its quite amazing that we live in a world where people can get help when they needed.

Wyatt Lorean, 6 months ago

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