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A Forever Recovery

A Forever Recovery is located in Battle Creek, Michigan.
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Google Reviews

I was very happy with the way A Forever Recovery handled my son. My son was addicted to crack and heroin and had been for many years. Our family has tried for years to get him the help he needed but he’s either refused to go to rehab or if he did go he didn’t do anything to help himself while there. What finally convinced him to get help was his best friend overdosing in front of him. It scared him as it should have and he finally agreed to go to rehab and try. I found A Forever Recovery and right away I felt like it would be a good place for him. I liked that they wouldn’t give him more drugs there. That when he got home it wouldn’t be that he was off heroin and crack but on some psychiatric medication. He’d be completely clean and he would just have to work to stay that way. The staff there are wonderful. A lot of them have worked through their own addictions and that gave them insight into what my son would need during each part of his program. They were great at their job. Professional yet very kind and understanding. They also helped me a lot in understanding and working with my son. It’s hard when you see your kid messing up his life and aren’t able to do anything about it. It has led to some very bad arguments between us because I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t get help. The staff at AFR were wonderful in helping my son and I bridge a gap that had been around for years. They helped me understand what he was going through and kept me updated on his progress throughout his program. With his permission of course. The amount of time the program takes was also something I was interested in. There’s not time limit for each person’s program. It’s all evidence based. So if the staff don’t feel you’re ready to move on to the next step of your program, you don’t. I took a lot of comfort in that, especially with the staff who had dealt with addictions themselves. Because I knew they would make sure that my son understood and really got each step of the program he did. The program he did is another thing. They have multiple programs at AFR. Whenever I’d send him to rehab in the past it was always a 12-step program, because I didn’t know any different. At AFR they have different programs and each program is tailored to the client’s needs. So, for the first time my son got exactly the right help he needed with people who really cared about him and were there because they wanted to help. My son’s back home now and doing really well. He’s a much happier, brighter person. He’s working with the aftercare specialist and is doing great. I’m so glad that my son went through the program at AFR. It’s amazing, seeing the person he’s become. Which is a happy, smart and sweet guy. Going to AFR saved his life and I would recommend the facility to anyone looking to get help for themselves or a loved one.

Jaclyn Meanders, 2 years ago

A Forever Recovery is a great rehab. Going there saved my life. Everything about AFR is designed to help their patients get better in an environment that is comfortable. The building is a little old but still beautiful and the property it’s on is great. Really pretty and scenic. The whole process of going through rehab there isn’t what you’d expect if you’ve gone to rehab before. When you first get there and are checking in you’re treated well, no one there makes you feel like you’re less of a person for getting addicted to whatever it is you’re addicted to. No one makes you feel bad or judged for the things you’ve done to keep your addiction going. There’s different programs there so if you have been to rehab before and tried a 12-step program or something else, you have other programs to choices from. Personally, I’ve been to quite a few rehabs and have tried the same 12-step program multiple times. I’m not alone in this and I can’t tell you how nice it is just to do something different. At AFR I actually got the help I needed so I could change my life for the better. I’m not a depressed person in the clinical sense but, being an addict, trying and failing to stop using, that in itself is pretty depressing. With all that, I was impressed at how happy I was there. I actually looked forward to each day there and what I’d learn or do that day. At AFR they understand that no one person addiction is the same as another. They get that each person needs something different and the staff there work to make sure that each person has what they need and are doing the right program for them so that they can live a happy, full life without drugs. I learned what my triggers were and how to avoid those triggers in the future. I learned a lot of different coping skills so that I don’t relapse and fall into old patterns. During your program, no matter which program you choose the counselors really push you to figure things out for yourself while still being supportive and helping you through the progress. I noticed how different AFR was the first day I was there. Every staff member cares about the patients and what they’re going through. The other patients there are the same way. When I first arrived and wasn’t sure of anything I was supposed to be doing or where exactly I was supposed to be there was always someone around to make sure that I found my way and was doing okay. When I first got to AFR and was settling in, for the first time in forever I knew that I had the chance to deal with my addiction and have a better life. Now that I’ve finished my program I know what I need to do and how to keep myself sober. I wasted so much of my life using drugs and now I have the ability to be a part of my family again, to live the life I want and it’s been an amazing experience.

Meghan Crawford, 2 years ago

Either you want rehab or not. They will give you amazing tools to be a human being. There are so many good people who I met worked there. I had a lady fight for me to stay there after a broke a phone. These one star reviews are jokes. There is no price you can put on your life or the lessons you learn and the people you meet. I despise the people talking bad about this place because addiction is real. They changed my life and I witnessed that all around me. #Cali2Battlecreek

Nicholas Scott, 2 years ago

I was offered alcohol at a very young age, and I immediately felt relief. I loved the effect. I wanted more. By 11 years old I drank to black out. I wanted to forget everything, Drugs followed and with intensity, but alcohol was my favorite drug and the one that almost killed me. I could not imagine life without alcohol. I drank for nearly 15 years of my life i probably should not be alive today honestly. i remember my last drink was the day my grand daughter got hurt because she got out of the house while i was watching her and i was drunk and passed out. she could have been killed because of me. my daughter said if i ever wanted to see my grand kids again i had to get help. i decided that day and i left the day next day. i recovered and am now sober because of coming here for help i reached out and they pretty much did every thing else. they really took care of me and they encouraged me even when i wanted to give up. they offered a yoga class here and that was a big help to me and my recovery. it helped me feel free i am so thankful fir this opportunity i hope i can in turn help others get away from that life.I want so badly to help address the stigma attached to alcohol and drug addiction. I believe this is a great solution for helping others. I know the pain of addiction. I understand the power of the obsession to use. I get it. But, I also know there is hope for us. Many find recovery, and we are always willing to help others seeking sobriety.

rylin green, 2 years ago

Since going to A Forever Recovery my daughter’s life has been so much better. She started using heroin when she was 21. She’s 25 now and the 4 years she spent using did a lot of damage to her both mentally and physically. She started smoking weed when she was 16 and I didn’t think much of it other than how it affected her school work. I didn’t send her to rehab or to any NA meetings because I thought it was just a phase she’d grow out of. Both her father and I smoked pot when we were younger and nothing came out of it so I thought it’d be the same with her. That wasn’t the case for my daughter and she started using harder drugs until she found heroin and that was it. When we found out what was going on my husband and I of course tried to get her into rehab right away. She refused to go, pack some of her things and left the house. We didn’t see her again for 9 months which was when she finally agreed to go to rehab. We sent her to a traditional 12-step program and there she did a 28-day program. When she came home she stayed with us and for a couple months I thought she’d be okay. That she would stay clean but, after being home for 3 months, she relapsed. After seeing her sober for so long it was obvious to us that she’d been using. She tried to lie about it and when we didn’t believe her lies she finally said that she’d only used once and that she’d get a handle on it. We let her stay at the house, hoping that being around her family would help her stay clean. It didn’t and when we realized that she wasn’t quitting we had to kick her out. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done but, she has a sister and I didn’t want her around that. We told her that when she was ready to get help to come back and we’d be there for her. We didn’t see her again for the next 4 months and I spent most of that time looking into different rehabs. After all the research I did, my husband and I decided that when she was ready to get help we’d send her to A Forever Recovery. The programs at AFR looked great and I knew she’d do a program that was tailored to her needs. The intake counselor was amazing with us. He gave us great advice on helping our daughter realize that she needed help and even knowing that she wouldn’t be going there right away he spent a long time on the phone with us and was always available to take our calls if we needed help with something. I also liked that AFR was a couple states away from us. That helped because if our daughter were to decide she wanted to leave I knew none of her friends would be willing to pick her up. Without someone buying her a plane ticket she’d have to be dead set on leaving. 3 weeks into her program she did want to leave and having her so far away with no immediate way to leave, it gave the staff there the time they needed to convince her to stay and finish her program. She spent 6 months at AFR, completed her program and has been home for 6 months now. She’s doing great. She’s still clean and sober. She started taking classes at a community college. Just taking basic courses right now but she’s thinking about her future and making plans for it. She’s working, has had the same job since she came home and hasn’t missed a day since she started working there. She’s made so much progress since going to AFR and just continues to improve. Going to A Forever Recovery was the best thing for her.

Lucy Hammond, 2 years ago

My brother went to A Forever Recovery last year and he’s been doing amazing since then. My brother’s addiction to heroin started 10 years ago and it’s been really hard on the rest of the family. He’s always been able to manipulate our mother into giving him whatever he wants or for forgiving him after he’s done something. Even as kids he never got in trouble much, not because he didn’t do anything wrong but because he was great at manipulating our parents even then. For the last 3 years the only one in our family who would talk to my brother was our mom. 3 years ago, he stole some of our mom’s jewelry and pawned in. No one noticed it was missing and by the time they did the jewelry had already been resold. Our dad was super mad and stopped talking to him. Our mom though never could completely cut him off and my brother seemed to be able to sense when she was close to him limit and that’s when he’d ask her for help and she’d send him to rehab. He wasn’t really looking for help to get clean, he was just making sure, in whatever way he could, that he could continue to manipulate our mom into doing whatever he wanted her to. The last time my brother asked our mom for help our dad stepped in. See, my brother always chose the rehab he was going to, he’d find one and that’s the one our mom would send him to. Our dad had found A Forever Recovery and decided that instead of my brother going wherever he wanted that if he said he wanted help, he would go to a place that would actually help him. My dad picked AFR because they have multiple programs available, there’s no time limit to how long someone is there for and because while talking to the intake counselor about my brother the intake counselor was confident that my brother wouldn’t be able to con his way through the program. They have staff at AFR who have been addicts themselves and my brother wouldn’t be able to manipulate them into letting him go forward in his program until he was actually ready to. At first, my brother hated it there because of that. He was used to being able to talk his way out of anything and he just couldn’t do that there. He was there for 4 months and he started changing about a month into his program. When he realized that he’d actually have to do his program for real or wouldn’t be going home he started really doing it. Begrudgingly at first but the more he did on his program, the more he liked it there and finally he decided that he did want to be clean and sober. The last 3 months he was at AFR, he changed a lot. Really, he just got better and better the more he did on his program. The staff at AFR are really amazing. They took my brother who didn’t want to get clean and was only going to rehab because he wanted to be able to tell our mom that he tried, into someone who did in fact want to stay sober and helped him learn the tools he needed to stay that way. When my brother came home after completing his program no one in our family really knew what to expect. What he says when he’s in rehab and what he does when he gets out has always been drastically different. This time though, he didn’t immediately go back to doing whatever he wanted. He stayed in contact with his aftercare specialist from AFR, went to meetings every day and started working again. Since completely AFR my brother has stayed sober. He’s doing much better in life now and it's pretty great being able to have my brother back in my life.

Claire Hudson, 2 years ago

This place was amazing from start to finish. They helped me son to overcome his addiction to heroin and I could not be more satisfied with the outcome and astounding help he received while here. The staff was very attentive to his needs and understood the steps needed to be taken in order to correct his thinking patterns and they were understanding in regards to how he got to where he is now. They took the time needed to sit with him and listen as well as to council him so that he was able to understand the steps that he needed to take in order to regain control of his life. He was able to participate in so many types of treatment here that he found himself gaining so much knowledge. More than he thought . He benefited positively as he was able to gain moral recognition skills, work and job seeking skills and relapse prevention as well. He is constantly working every day to continue to make positive changes in his life and remain on the right path and he has been doing great ever since graduating the center.

liz small, 2 years ago

My daughter spent a little over 2 months at this center trying to get clean and sober from her substance abuse addiction. As a parent you have faith in the recovery process, but you also know that there is going to be a long road ahead of them. Knowing that she agreed to go to get the help in the first place was a big step for her. She had a very bad anger problem and she did not listen to what others had to say almost ever. She would lose control so quickly that she soon began to not know how to control it and because of her drug use it got much worse. While she was in the program she learned self-control and managed to get some valuable insight to her anger issues and how it was affecting other areas of her life. With the Groups she attend and the aftercare given she was able to graduate the center return home and continue with aftercare, while holding down a job and she just enrolled in schooling. We could not be more pleased as a family with the results and improvement she has shown.

bree taggart, 2 years ago

I’ve been to A Forever Recovery twice. The first time I went was 5 years ago. For 4 years after doing my first program I was clean and sober. 10 months ago, I relapsed and went right back to AFR. Before going to AFR 5 years ago, I had been to several different rehabs. I was never able to stay clean for very long after leaving them and it was demoralizing. Each time I went to rehab and then relapsed I would lose faith that I’d ever get clean. I’ve known quite a few drug addicts in my life. Both people from home I’d use with and the people I went through programs with. It was always harder on the people actually trying to get clean. If you don’t want to stay clean when you leave a rehab that it doesn’t matter to you if you relapse or not. If you’re only in treatment because your parents or spouse made you get help then going to rehab after rehab doesn’t bother you so much. For the people like me who tried, who worked extremely hard on their programs, just trying to get it right so that they could turn their lives around. When you do all that and still relapse, it downright heartbreaking. Not just for you but for your family and friends who try to help you. For me, after the first few rehabs it became harder and harder to go back to rehab and try all over again. You lose hope that you’re going to find that one rehab that works for you. Going to AFR was sort of a last-ditch effort for me. I was so sick of going to rehab after rehab and AFR seemed different from the others. I wasn’t particularly optimistic about going there but that had nothing to do with AFR itself. It was just me trying not to get my hopes up. Going to AFR though, it changed everything for me. The staff at AFR are amazing. They’re extremely knowledgeable, they’re kind, compassionate and understanding. They completely understood what I was going through and were able to help me more than any other rehab I’d be to previously. With them having different programs to choose from I wasn’t stuck trying to do a program that didn’t work for me, my personality or my needs. I did a program I wanted to do, that I felt would help me the most and by doing that I was able to get a handle on my addiction and was finally able to stop that horrible cycle of going to rehab after rehab just to relapse. I was able to completely turn my life around at AFR. My first time at AFR I was there for 4 months and when I left I was 100% ready to live my life clean and sober. I was so much happier than I ever thought possible and I stayed that way for 4 years. 10 months ago, I was dealing with some personal issues and I messed up. Because of the how much help I got at AFR the first time I went straight back there. Because of the stuff I was dealing with I knew that if I stayed home trying to deal with everything and stay clean after I’d relapsed I wouldn’t be able to. So, I checked myself back into AFR. Going back was the best decision I could have made for myself. I got a refresher on my program and was able to deal with my personal stuff in a place where I felt safe and comfortable. I was only at AFR for 30 days but I didn’t need to be there any longer. I got my life back on track before it spiraled out of control. I’m back home again and doing better than ever. I couldn’t be happier with the help I received or more grateful to the staff working at AFR. They are wonderful people doing some pretty amazing things.

Jessica Brandt, 2 years ago

I have been a drug addict for most my life pretty much starting at age 12. my parents both did drugs drank and they partied all the time. so naturally me and my siblings followed suit. i did not choose this life always use to say that it chose me and this is all i know but as i realized when i got older it was just an excuse really i mean i could have done any thing i wanted i did not have to end up like my parents. about a year i decided to take my life back and seek out help. i wanted for my brother and sister to join me but they refused they like their lifestyle and i guess i feel i am too old for it now and wanted a change i wanted to be healthy. i fear for their lives every day i am always waiting on that one phone call it is sad to say. our parents have both passed away from drug use and i am the oldest of us siblings i was really hoping they would follow in my foot steps and seek help or at least want to change their life but i was not that lucky. when i came to treatment here i was excited but also nervous i was scared because i knew i would be sick i knew it was going to be hard. the first month was the hardest getting into the swing of things and i felt like i was slowly rediscovering myself again and it really felt good but scared me at the same time. after about a month and a half i got the worst phone call ever my brother was found unresponsive in his apartment and when they rushed him to the hospital he died on the way there. i was absolutely crushed i blamed myself i felt i should have tried harder for him to get help i should have been there with him. being here and having the support of the staff and new friends really helped me through this i wanted to quit i wanted to use so bad because that was the easy way i could numb the pain so quick that way but i did not do it. i left for his funeral and i came right back and finished my program here. i got the ultimate test while i was here and i came out stronger than i ever was. the people here are truly amazing with what they do i learned so many new things and i have coping skills to deal with life now and any thing thrown at me. i am grateful for my time here and this opportunity at a second chance. i met new friends i still contact every day we all support each other in our recovery. when i left treatment i went into a sober living home and there they helped me find a job an got me back on my feet. today i am clean i am sober i have an awesome job and my own little apartment with my dog and i could not ask for a better life. i am now free of any thing holding me back and i am ready to take on the world. i think of that time in my life as a chapter closed and this new one is still being written. i hope to speak and inspire people into wanting a better life for themselves and i hope they achieve it like i did.we all deserve a second chance you just have to take the first step. you are worth it we all are.thank you to the doctors and nurses and staff here for changing my life i really owe my life to you and i will never forget what you did for me.

miranda rogal, 2 years ago

Alcoholism and addiction runs in my family, many are affected. I have a younger sister and I’m happy that she appears to be healthy and doesn’t have a problem.I remember the first time I drank. It was an instant love affair, the thing I was looking for; it gave me everything I needed. I lived with my mother in my younger years and was (at that time) very angry with her.she had no idea that I was drinking and using. I kept that secret very well for a long time. drinking was my way to express my anger toward my mother; I was harming myself because I wanted to hurt her i guess.Eventually, I became very physically ill with several illnesses, including hepatitis. That was the start of the end of my addiction journey. I went to a hospital, but didn’t stay because my addiction made me leave. When illness first took over, I had to reduce my substance use. At that time, I had fever for a long time, and stayed with a friend. Once I felt just a little bit better, I immediately went back to using.After experiencing a sexual assault as an adult, my sister told me that my siblings and I had experienced sexual assault/abuse as children.I realized that I had suppressed all memories about this abuse for many years. I found a very good therapist. She worked with me on the trauma and the addiction and encouraged me to go to treatment as well.The key to recovery is connection. If you connect with other people in recovery, you will get your real needs met. Healthy relationships are a great foundation to build a life of recovery. i learned that after coming here and realizing what i had been missing out on all these years.i needed to feel loved i wanted to feel wanted and liked. all these years i was depressed and felt abandon. after coming to this program i feel like i have a whole new outlook on life i have a new family a new job i got a lot going for me. i can only continue to go up from here. i realized coming to treatment that my life is precious i am still surviving for a reason. i am meat to do great things and getting the help i received here made me see that. today i work in communications and i am damn good at my job i make awesome money and best of all i do not rely on any substance to get me thought the day or any one to help me. i no longer speak with my mother and she wants nothing to do with me i made peace with that and i am happy living my life the way that it is going. i thank this treatment center and every one who runs it for helping me take my life back and showing me the way to the light. i wake up every day blessed to have been given a second chance.

daniel kline, 2 years ago

Going to A Forever Recovery changed everything for me. When I first got to AFR I didn’t want to get or stay sober. I had absolutely no intention of doing anything but biding my time until I could leave and start using again. The only reason I went to AFR was because my parents threatened to cut me off unless I went to treatment. I’ve been to a few rehabs before going to AFR, I went to each of them for the exact same reason and after each program I started using again as soon as I could. See, I had convinced myself that my life was good. That I didn’t need to get sober and that I could continue using for the rest of my life as I’d be just fine. Looking back now, I know that it was pretty delusional of me to think that way. What changed everything for me was my counselor sat me down a few weeks into my program. She’d seen that I wasn’t really trying and understood that I wasn’t there because I wanted to get sober. She handled my attitude about my sobriety by making me take an honest look at my life. She made me look at how everything had changed since I started using. How my relationship with my family and friends was now, how many times I’d been fired or broken up with, everything. By doing that with me, she got me to see how much my life had worsen and got me to understand that I really did need to get sober and that doing my program the right way was the way to make sure I got and stayed sober. So, I made the decision to really do my program, get the help I needed and change my life. It wasn’t easy for me at all. Making the decision to get help didn’t change the fact that I had 5 years of bad habits to break. There were quite a few times when my counselor had to point out to me that I wasn’t really trying or that I was doing the absolute bare minimum to get by. There were also many, many times when I was just a horrible brat about everything to everyone. My counselor got me to see what I was doing and why and helped me get to the point where the effort I put into my program was real and true. In addition to all of that I had all my emotions from the past 5 years coming out. Before, my answer to every problem I had or anytime I wasn’t happy, was to get high. Not having that option anymore meant that I had to actually deal with things and it wasn’t easy for me. My counselor, she helped me deal with everything in a positive manner and I don’t know what I’d have done without her. I know how bad I was in the beginning of my program. I was a horrible person and I wouldn’t have wanted to even be around me. Yet, she helped me, through everything she was there, keeping me on track, making sure I did everything I needed to. That women just refused to give up on me. I was there for 3 months and in that time my entire life changed. I’ve been home for 6 months now, and I’ve been doing amazing. When I first got home, my parents were skeptical. Their past experience didn’t lend itself to anything but skepticism. Slowly but surely, they’ve started to trust that not only do I want to be sober but that I’ll do what I need to so I can stay sober. Having them trust me again, knowing that I’ve actually earned it, it’s an amazing feeling. Going to AFR, it saved my life.

Sydney Cooper, 2 years ago

A Forever Recovery is a great program for people looking to end their problem with addiciton. Treatment in an program like AFR can last for a period of time that can benefit you in so many ways. Those undergoing alcohol and drug treatment will have a supervised detox period if it is needed. This is usually the first step on the road to recovery for most people entering into the program and they really do take a lot of time in helping you to get past the initial phase of coming off of drugs. Supervised detox can help with withdrawal symptoms because this is the part so many of us are scared of before we even get started. Stopping drugs and alcohol quickly can be dangerous for so many people and they really guide you through this part of treatment. This makes supervised detox a must. A Forever Recovery really can can offer a sense of relief to the patient and make us feel like we are among the living again. Being taken away from stressful situations that may cause so many of us to use and allowing us to concentrate on sobriety is such a plus. They offer a wide range of services. These services include group therapy, individual counseling, relapse prevention and skills to help you to live sober. AFR offers a structured environment. Having a structured environment allows little time to think about the addiction. A Forever Recovery offer the best chance for success.I hope that those who are looking for help find that A Forever Recovery is beneficial for them and take a chance with them for their recovery.

Kristy Smith, 2 years ago

I am a recovering addict going on a year of sobriety now. i have been drinking and doing meth for over four years and my life spiraled out of control and i lost a lot of time falling victim to this disease. i lost every thing i owned i lost my family my kids my wife. at that time when your as bad as i was you really do not see the effect the hurt or impact you have on other peoples lives until it is too late.i felt helpless and useless you would not believe how people look at you and treat you when your on drugs. then my drinking i felt like if i did not drink i could not sleep at night at all. my life was a mess.i think i hit my rock bottom when i overdosed and nearly died. i was just that scared. it was like a light bulb going off like i needed to figure this out because i wanted to live it might not have seemed like it but i really did. i use to be really in to my art i am good at it i use to make my living that way selling my art and hosting at galleries all over. after the drugs took over my life my creativity went out he window as well. i stopped doing every thing i was doing i lived on my savings for a while until that ran out. when that was gone i lived with a family member for a while. no surprise after a while that did not work out. so there i was broke and homeless and i had no one to blame but myself. i would lie i would cheat i would steal i did any thing i needed to too get high. by all means necessary i thought i could not live without it. the day i decided to change my life for the better was the best day of my life really the hardest yet best decision i have ever made. i almost backed out of going but the people who work here would not give up on me and encouraged me to come in and that i would be in great hands. in great hands i was this place was amazing lots of amenities and a lot of great people. at first i tried to keep to myself but once i got comfortable it was really nice being surrounded by people who were supportive of you and encouraged you every day to be better than yesterday. i worked the program like i was supposed to and stuck with it. the guidance from the staff and doctors really made it possible. through all of the horrible years i had been through and put every one else through i still some how remained my grand mothers favorite grand child and unfortunately she passed away while i was in the treatment program. when i got done and graduated the program i had a large sum of money waiting for me and a big decision no pressure right? today i am proud to be the owner of my very own art gallery. i teach young people and a group of students every day the importance of art and how you can turn your boredom or pain into creativity instead of turning to drugs. i want every one to know my story because i am not ashamed any more that was a chapter in my life that i can not change but i may be able to use it to help others and that is what i have set out to do. i am doing what i love and inspiring people at the same time who have no hope or have almost or have went down the same path i have. i want to thank every one here who had a hand in saving my life with out you all i would not be here i am sure of that. i was on my last string and it was almost over . you rescued me from this disease and from myself. i have my family back now and i spent a lot of time earning the trust back of very one cared about. i could not be more proud of the person i am today. thank you again for reading and i hope this reaches and touches some ones life.

mary lewis, 2 years ago

My husband went to A Forever Recovery 9 months ago. When I met my husband 7 years ago he told me he was a recovering addict. I didn’t think much about it because all it meant at the time was that he didn’t drink. 2 years ago, his mom died and he was a wreck. When he started using again I had no idea. The signs were there but I had no experience with something like this and didn’t notice the things that I should have. I found out he had been using when he called me from jail saying that he’d been arrested for possession. A friend of mine had a kid that had a drug problem and I called her because I didn’t know what to do. She recommended A Forever Recovery, she had sent her kid there and it had really helped her. The person I talked to on the phone to get my husband to treatment was amazing. He worked with me to get my husband into the program right away. He also took the time to just talk to me about what my husband would be going through during his program and assure me that he’d be getting the help he needed while he was there. Once my husband was there and working on his program I was able to talk to one of the staff members every week so they could update me on my husband’s progress through the program. I talked to my husband throughout his program and he told me what he was working on and how it was going but being able to talk to a counselor myself and having it confirmed that he was doing well was a relief for me. After I found out that my husband was using for almost an entire year without me knowing about it made me question just about everything he said to me. I love my husband but still couldn’t trust that everything he was telling me was the absolute truth. So, having a counselor confirm for me that he was doing well and working hard on his program was something I needed. Every time I spoke with my husband on the phone he only had good things to say about the program and the staff there. From what he told me it wasn’t anything like the rehabs he had been to when he was younger. The facility itself was clean and nice being at. It wasn’t anything like the rehabs he had been to when he was younger. He felt comfortable there and he found it easier to talk to the counselors because they were extremely knowledgeable and understanding of what he was going through. My husband stayed there for 6 weeks and since he’s been home he’s been doing great. Because I didn’t notice the signs of his using and I don’t trust myself to notice if he did relapse he agreed to do drug tests for me so that I’d know without a shadow of a doubt that he’s clean. He’s passed every one of them. He also looks much better since going to AFR and has been a much happier person.

Trish Cooke, 2 years ago

Did you know that drug and alcohol addiction is now considered to be the number one health problem in this country? That is something new to me. I have had to learn a lot in light of my daughter’s recent drug and alcohol problem. Basically, my daughter had been struggling with substance abuse problems on and on for some tim, and she had been unwilling to get help for a long time, which was very unfortunate. She just seemed to constantly struggle and be totally unwilling to accept help of any kind. Finally, on June 1st of this year, she overdosed and we almost lost her. Now Alice was willing to get help. We went online and found A Forever Recovery, which was only an hour away from us. My wife and I knew basically nothing about drug and alcohol addiction except what we had learned from having a daughter who was addicted, and we definitely did not know much about rehab until we got in touch with A Forever Recovery. We drove Alice to A Forever Recovery shortly after she got out of the hospital from her OD, and her life started to change very quickly for the better as soon as we got her into A Forever Recovery. A Forever Recovery operates a very kind, very efficient, and very pleasant recovery process. When we toured the program we were quite impressed with the services that they were able to offer and the capacity for encouragement and the capacity for better futures that these people are able to create. The staff are all very knowledgeable and fun to be around, and the community aspect there is very strong. The facility itself is very well put together and adept, and the level of care that they seem to show each individual is truly nice. I had kind of gotten the idea that rehab was an unpleasant experience, but this was definitely not the case at A Forever Recovery. Everyone there seemed very happy to be there, and everyone there seemed to be more than thrilled to create a better future for themselves. It was starting to look like Alice was not going to make it last spring, but as soon as we put her in A Forever Recovery, we knew we had made the right choice. When the end of the summer rolled around, Alice graduated from A Forever Recovery and it was like she was an entirely different person. She really seemed to have changed a lot and we were thrilled with the differences and the progress that she had made. Now it seemed like she was a different person and that she was going to be doing a lot better going forward, and that was something that we were all thrilled about. Our hats are off to A Forever Recovery, because this program really gave us our daughter back! If you are seeking help for yourself or someone you care about who is struggling with an addiction, then I strongly recommend this program and all that they are able to do for you and your family. You will not be disappointed with the level of care and service that A Forever Recovery is able to deliver to people.

Bill Ruthersford, 2 years ago

6 months ago, a very close friend of mine went to A Forever Recovery and we couldn’t have asked for a better treatment center. They had started using pain medication 5 years ago. She was 26 when she started using them and before that she had a great job. She had been working at the same company, steadily moving up for 4 years. When she started using she stopped doing good work when she was there but was constantly late or just didn’t show up for work. She went to her first rehab when she got fired and I had thought it would be a bit of a wake-up call for her. She didn’t take it seriously at all though. She refused to listen to the counselors and wouldn’t do what she needed to in the program. She just spent her time there hating it and everyone around her and of course when she left she relapsed right away. This went on for the next several rehabs until she went to AFR. When she went to AFR the staff there didn’t let her get away with any of the things she would do at the previous rehabs to get out of doing something. They made her confront her problems and take responsibility for her actions but the staff did it in a way that my friend could deal with. They have multiple programs at AFR and so my friend was able to do a program that was tailored to her and her needs. She wasn’t just doing the same program as everyone else hoping that it would help her. It made such a difference. With her counselors help she decided which program was right for her and after that she took responsibility for her own recovery. She did everything she was supposed to. She did each the of the program fully and wasn’t able to move onto the next step until she was truly 100% ready. She spent 2 months there and they changed her life and her attitude completely. She stopped denying the need for help and acting like her addiction was nothing. When she completed her program and came home she worked hard doing her aftercare, making sure that she was doing what she needed to in order to stay sober. She’s been home for 4 months and hasn’t had a relapse. Having my friend since preschool back and sober for as long as she has been is truly incredible. The program, along with the staff at A Forever Recovery make the best place you could send someone you loved to get help. Going there has changed my friend in the best ways and has set her up for a life without drugs. Thank you AFR!

Courtney Hanson, 2 years ago

Getting clean and staying off of drugs is a hard thing to have to deal with at times. A Forever Recovery helps make this journey just a little more comfortable. One might think of a rehab as a place to relax and merely recover, not so because you are going to learn so much at AFR. Being an addicted patient you will be provided with spiritual, physical, and mental guidance throughout recovery. An addict must first confess and acknowledge that his/her condition is real, and must seek the help of a rehab, this is the first step and the most important one. To stop an addiction is a lifetime journey best not traveled alone.I know that when choosing their center, you will not only get the best doctors and nurses, making for the best medical care you may require, but they are also going to offer you the support network you need, from other patients to the staff, to ensure you get past the addiction with our rehab center, and so you can go back to living your life without the need for drugs on a daily basis. With their center, you can rest assured you will get the care you need, the confidence you need, and the best staff on hand to help you through the treatment you will be undergoing. So, for the best in drug options, turn to AFR for your care and treatment. Drug addiction can change and control one's life to the awful extent of no return. A Forever Recovery can give the addict a sense of worth and self-confidence.

Jason Rivera, 2 years ago

My son attended and graduated from the program early this year. I cannot say enough about how thankful I am for this program and the staff. I researched a lot and picked this program due to the different options. I knew my son would like to feel like her had a say in his recovery. From the time we dropped him off, everyone made him feel very comfortable. He learned so much from A Forever Recovery and it has saved his life. I would highly recommend this program to anyone!

brenda murray, 3 years ago

My son went to A Forever Recovery and it was such a great facility for him. After a car accident, my son was prescribed pain medication and became addicted to the pills. When he didn’t need the pain medication anymore he had a really hard time getting off them by himself. Prior to that car accident he had never had any kind of substance abuse problems. We didn’t really know what to do about it all but we figured that since he hadn’t had a drug problem before this that he could just go to a detox to help him get off the pills and that he’d be fine after that. So, he went to a detox but ended up relapsing soon after. After he relapsed we talked and he decided to go to rehab. He wanted to go to rehab instead of another detox because he wanted to get his addiction completely handled. I researched drug treatment centers and when I found A Forever Recovery it was perfect. Because we’d never had any experience with addiction I had no idea what kind of program to send him to. Having him be able to decide what kind of program would work for him once he was there and detoxed off the pills just sounded smart to me. He ended up really enjoying himself at AFR. He had a lot of fun there, got along great with the other patients and the staff there were great with him. Because he started using pain medication because he was in pain and not because he wanted to get high he had some trouble at the detox he went to with the staff understanding him. The staff at AFR though completely understood what exactly my son was going through. They were able to help him deal with his addiction without making him feel like bad about it. Just that understanding made everything better for my son and I’m amazed at how much good the program did for him. It not only helped him with getting off the pain pills and staying off them but also helped him with other aspects of his life. He’s been with the same girl for 3 years now and when he was on the pain pills they were having some problems because his addiction. Even past just getting my son clean the program actually helped him with his relationship and they are doing great again. Going to AFR helped my son much more than I thought they would. I would’ve been happy just having him off drugs. Instead, he’s happy, healthy and back in charge of his own life.

Elora Barber, 3 years ago

Situated in Battle Creek, Michigan, A Forever Recovery has treatment options for those who are seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction.

Addiction is a progressive disease of the mind that will continue to get worse with time if it goes untreated. It will continue to worsen without the help of a recovery program. It’s important that those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol seek the help of A Forever Recovery in order to regain the life that has become lost to addiction.

Through a thorough patient evaluation, addicts who attend treatment at A Forever Recovery can get a personalized treatment plan made. The assessment is intended to depict the severity of the addiction as well as to learn more about the individual themselves. This way, a comprehensive treatment program can be put in place in order to reap the desired result; that being long-lasting abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Throughout the patient’s time in treatment at A Forever Recovery, the addict will learn new vital coping mechanisms and trigger management skills. These will help the addict adapt to a new life that is free of substance abuse when they reenter society. Since many addicts relapse, it is inherently important that they avoid certain settings or social circles that will pressure them to use.

At A Forever Recovery, we believe that all addicts have the courage within to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Through the constant support of counselors and professional advisors working with addict’s daily, recovery is possible. Despite how long one has been an addict for, recovery is still absolutely attainable. Treatment is not a one-size-fits-all approach and at A Forever Recovery, treating each patient with individuality is of utmost importance.

Breaking the vicious cycle of addiction is tough, but with professional counselors and effective treatment options in place, sobriety is closer than it seems. Get in touch with A Forever Recovery today at aforeverrecovery.Com to learn more about how recovery can help pave a new life path. When the final level of sustained sobriety is reached, a feeling of contentment will ensue and this is something to be extremely proud of.

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