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Treatment Of Addiction in Detroit, Michigan

In the past, Detroit has been known for several different things, including its important role in the automotive industry. What many people don't realize is that the area also offers help and hope to families struggling with addiction. Rehab centers in Detroit provide professional assistance to individuals and their families as they work to get sober. If you're ready for a change, it might be time to take a closer look at Detroit.

If you aren't from Michigan, you may be unsure about the opportunities for inpatient addiction recovery that await you here. You may be looking for a way to remove yourself from your current situation and get help now in a completely new environment, and if that's the case, BetterAddictionCare can help. Fill out our contact form to get started and learn more about the benefits of addiction treatment at a Detroit rehabilitation center. Our nationwide recovery network offers multiple locations for you to consider, many of which offer alternative rehab programs.

Are prescription medications your drug of choice? Addicts every day assume that because a physician has prescribed what they are taking, there is no risk of overdose. This is untrue and leads many people to see the inside of a hospital room because of their lack of knowledge. While there are several pill overdose symptoms to keep an eye out for, it's important to get help for issues with prescription medication as soon as possible. Detox and addiction therapies at a Detroit rehabilitation center can give you the best chance at a better life free of the physical and mental side effects that go hand in hand with addiction and abuse.

No matter what substance you struggle with, you need a safe and comfortable environment in which to get clean. There are multiple rehab centers in Detroit that are accepting new patients right away, making it possible for you to start healing immediately and find a successful method for making a change. While this can be a big decision, it is one that you won't regret. Remember that the things that you do don't just affect you; they also play a big part in the lives of those around you.

Detroit is home to individuals and families who are wondering what to do about that addiction that plagues their lives, but it's also home to some of the top rehab centers. It doesn't matter what you're on or how long you've been doing it: BetterAddictionCare can help you find a medically assisted detox, a beneficial treatment program, and a recovery team near you to offer continued support once you complete rehabilitation. Call today to speak with a counselor and get the professional assistance you so desperately need.

Starr Commonwealth

22400 West Seven Mile Road DetroitMichigan  48219
Google Rating: 5

Abayomi Community Development Corporation

24331 West Eight Mile Road DetroitMichigan  48219

Development Centers

24424 West McNichols DetroitMichigan  48219
Google Rating: 4

Peaceway Counseling Center

11000 West McNichols, Suite 301 DetroitMichigan  48221

Inner City Alano Club

18600 Wyoming DetroitMichigan  48221
Google Rating: 5

Black Caucus Foundation

1001 Woodward, Suite 1110 DetroitMichigan  48226
Google Rating: 1

Community Health Awareness Group

1300 West Fort St DetroitMichigan  48226
Google Rating: 5

Detroit Impact

9930 Greenfield DetroitMichigan  48227
Google Rating: 4.7

Parents Facing Parents

19935 Spencer DetroitMichigan  48234

Hartford Memorial Baptist Church

18700 James Couzens Hwy. DetroitMichigan  48235
Google Rating: 4.4

16910 Hubbell Ave

16910 Hubbell DetroitMichigan  48235

Neighborhood Service Organization

882 Oakman Blvd. DetroitMichigan  48238
Google Rating: 4.1

Cherry Health – Community Treatment Center West

15380 Monica DetroitMichigan  48238

Eleonore Hutzel Recovery Center

4201 St Antoine Avenue Unit 6-B DetroitMichigan  48201

Acupuncture Treatment Concepts

514 Alger Street DetroitMichigan  48202

Kim Logan Communications

8313 Grand River Street DetroitMichigan  48204
Google Rating: 3

New Life Home For Recovering Wmn

17131 Gitre Street DetroitMichigan  48205
Google Rating: 5

Eastwood Clinics

11542 Conner Street DetroitMichigan  48205

Guiding Light Sober Living

2409 Calvert Street DetroitMichigan  48206

Detroit Recovery Project

335 East Grand Boulevard DetroitMichigan  48207

Local NA/AA Meetings in Detroit, Michigan

12 Step Study Group

12 Study Group
11:00 AM

Agape House

Recovery with Dignity Group
06:00 PM

Blithesome Hillcrest Home

Reach for the Top Group Non-Smoking
01:00 PM

Brightmoore Community Center

Spiritual Bread Group
10:30 AM

Brightmoore Community Center

New People in Recovery Group Non-Smoking
08:00 PM

Burnette Baptist Church

Signs of Recovery Group
03:00 PM


07:30 PM

Capuchin Soup Kitchen

Dawn of Growth Group
08:00 PM

Christ The King Activity Center

Sunday Morning Surrender Group
11:00 AM

Christ The King Activity Center

Midnight Candlelight Group Candlelight
11:59 PM
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