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Inpatient Treatment Centers in Jackson, Mississippi

It's not always easy to find the right addiction rehab center. Even if you know that you need professional help, there are so many locations to choose from that it can be a challenge to make a decision, which is why we're here to help people make this important choice. If you live in or around Jackson, Mississippi, there are facilities near you that are accepting new patients, so you can begin treatment right away and get one step closer to the addiction recovery you have been searching for.

Call today to connect with BetterAddictionCare. We work with clients nationwide to provide information and assistance with enrolling in drug rehab. Jackson, MS, is just one of the many locations included in our recovery network: No matter where you want to go to get help now, we are able to coordinate the arrangements. Inpatient and outpatient services are only a call away for people looking to regain control of their lives and walk away from substance abuse.

There are lots of different components of a successful rehab. Jackson, MS, facilities have everything from addiction counseling to alternative rehab programs, so no matter which approach would be most beneficial for you, we can help you find the right facility and start healing. But from the beginning, most patients start with detox. Because different withdrawal symptoms often occur, facilities offer a medically supervised experience that ensures patients are safe and comfortable throughout this process. While this isn't the easiest part of rehab, it is an important step to living a substance-free life.

Once this portion of the process is complete, patients move on to the next stages of drug rehab. Jackson, MS, residents and visitors have the opportunity to delve into their addiction, learning more about the symptoms of drug use as well as coping skills that can make it easier to transition back to their lives. Stress is often one of the reasons why people turn to drugs and alcohol, so it's important to have other ways to deal with anxiety and stress. For some, exercise is the answer. For others, meditation offers a quiet space to relax. These skills are practiced over and over again so that patients feel confident when they walk out of the facility.

If you are in need of rehab, Jackson, MS, facilities could hold the key to your recovery. Don't wait and allow the effects of substance abuse to wreak havoc on your body and mind. Instead, make the decision to get clean with the help of BetterAddictionCare. Remember, Jackson is just one of the places you can go for treatment: There are countless other locations nationwide that offer services for those needing individualized attention and assistance for drug abuse, and we can match you with the right one. Fill out our contact form to learn more about the best treatment options for you.

Rehabilitation Services

950 North West Street JacksonMississippi  39202

Alternatives For Life Treatment And Recovery

500 East Woodrow Wilson Drive Suite D JacksonMississippi  39216
Google Rating: 3.5


1801 North West Street JacksonMississippi  39202

Brentwood Behavioral Healthcare Of Mississippi

3531 Lakeland Drive JacksonMississippi  39232
Google Rating: 2

Friends Of Alcoholics

1298 FOA Road JacksonMississippi  39209
Google Rating: 3.8

Hinds Behavioral Health Services

3450 Highway 80 West JacksonMississippi  39209
Google Rating: 2.2

Metro Counseling Center

911 Palmyra Street JacksonMississippi  39205

Common Bond Recovery Center

836 Medical Plz JacksonMississippi  39204
Google Rating: 5


310 Airport Rd S JacksonMississippi  39208
Google Rating: 5

Gulf Coast Rehabilitation Equipment

3010 Lakeland Cove , Suite L-1 JacksonMississippi  39232

Hudson Counseling Consulting

5430 Executive Place JacksonMississippi  39206

Jackson Enterprise Center

931 Highway 80 West JacksonMississippi  39204
Google Rating: 4

Methodist Rehabilitation Center

1910 Lakeland Drive JacksonMississippi  39216

809 State Street

3409 North State Street JacksonMississippi  39216
Google Rating: 3

New Vision Services At Central Ms

1850 Chadwick Drive JacksonMississippi  39204

St. Dominic's Outpatient Rehabilitation

766 Lakeland Drive , Suite B JacksonMississippi  39216
Google Rating: 5

Behavioral Health Services

North Campus JacksonMississippi  39201
Google Rating: 5

Born Freenew Beginnings

805 North Flag Chapel Road JacksonMississippi  39209
Google Rating: 3

Metro Counseling Center

911 Palmyra St JacksonMississippi  39203

Imagine Behavioral Health

1855 Lakeland Dr, R-305 JacksonMississippi  39216
Google Rating: 5

Local NA/AA Meetings in Jackson, Mississippi

All Saints Episcopal Church

Foglifters Group Literature Study
07:00 PM

All Saints Episcopal Church

Foglifters Group Discussion/Participation, Candlelight
09:00 PM

All Saints Episcopal Church

Foglifters Group
09:00 PM

Central Group

St. Alexis Episcopal Church (in back of building)
02:00 PM

Central Group

St. Alexis Episcopal Church (in back of building)
12:00 PM

Central Group

St. Alexis Episcopal Church (in back of building)
05:15 PM
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