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Treatment Centers For Alcohol Addiction in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

With as many as four out of five poisoning deaths in Oklahoma related to the misuse of prescription drugs, you know that substance abuse must be a significant health concern in the state. The problem is especially severe in Oklahoma City, and city residents who are struggling with addiction should seek out help from an accredited drug rehab. OKC is an excellent place to receive substance abuse treatment, as the city is home to many traditional and alternative rehab programs. BetterAddictionCare can help you find the best addiction treatment for your particular needs.

Oklahoma City Drug and Alcohol Addiction

When it comes to quality drug rehab, Oklahoma City is a logical choice for people who live elsewhere in the state because there are resources available in the metropolis that are not available in other Oklahoma cities and towns. In fact, many people move to the city at least temporarily for inpatient drug addiction treatment, and some even stay permanently because of the many job opportunities and other benefits that are not available elsewhere. Whether you are a resident of Oklahoma City or are living in the city on a temporary basis, there are a number of quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers available in our recovery network that can help you. The Oklahoma City rehab centers that we work with offer confidential, affordable care to help you get sober and maintain an addiction-free lifestyle. Our representatives have a good deal of experience matching patients with centers that will best meet their needs, so contact us today to speak with a counselor who can help you get the assistance you need.

Signs You Need Help

When considering rehab, OKC residents should know the signs of addiction so that they can determine if they need to find help for themselves or for a loved one who has a problem. It is important to note that even if you do not drink or consume illegal drugs, it is possible to become an addict. In fact, rates of prescription painkiller addiction in Oklahoma City are quite high. If you are constantly thinking about a drug of any kind, that is often a sign that you are addicted and need drug rehab. Oklahoma City residents who develop intense physical cravings for a particular drug may also be addicted to the substance. If you are engaging in risky behaviors after taking a drug or a drink or you are committing theft or fraud to obtain a substance, then it is definitely time to get help. We are standing by to assist you in finding the right solution from the many quality Oklahoma City rehab centers with whom we have contact. Call today or fill out our contact form and we will help you find cost-effective, medically supervised treatment that is safe and comfortable.

Valir Rehabilitation Hospital

700 NW 7th Street Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73102
Google Rating: 4.3

Pathways Professional Counseling

1017 NW 6th Street, Suite 180 Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73106


1140 North Hudson Street Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73103
Google Rating: 4.5

The Recovery Center

1215 NW 25th Street Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73106
Google Rating: 4.3

Reach For The Light

1418 Linwood Boulevard Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73106


1900 NE 36th Street, Suite 100-G Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73111

Ssm Health St. Anthony South

2129 SW 59th Street Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73119
Google Rating: 3.2

C.a.r.e. For Change

3621 Kelley Avenue Suite 100 Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73111
Google Rating: 4

Effective Transitions

245 West Wilshire Street Suite A Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73116


2701 North Oklahoma Avenue Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73105
Google Rating: 3.9

Yco Clinton

3035 NW 58th Street, Suite 800-E Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73120

Concepts In Counseling

3838 NW 36th Street, Suite 200 Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73112
Google Rating: 3.7

Southern Oklahoma Treatment

4149 Highline Boulevard, Suite 380 Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73108
Google Rating: 4.5

Specialized Outpatient Services Ua Department

5208 North Classen Circle Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73118
Google Rating: 3.6

Avenue 101

5929 North May Avenue, Suite 302 Box 37 Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73112
Google Rating: 3.4

Aurora Counseling Services

6803 South Western Avenue, Suite 401 Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73139
Google Rating: 2.3

Ambassador House

1336 Northeast 9th Street Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73117

Back & Posture Clinic-oklahoma

6510 South Western Avenue , Suite 100 Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73139

Bellevue Health & Rehab Center

6500 North Portland Avenue Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73116
Google Rating: 4.1

Community House Early

1501 NE 11th Street Oklahoma CityOklahoma  73117
Google Rating: 5

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Diversity Group Discussion/Participation
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K I S Group Beginner/Newcomer
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