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Inpatient Drug Treatment in Houston, Texas

Drug addiction is a significant cause for concern in the United States, and some cities are experiencing particularly worrisome trends in the abuse of drugs and alcohol. The cities with the biggest problems tend to be the most populous metropolitan areas, which is why Houston ranks highly in terms of the need for quality drug rehab. Houston addicts have many good traditional and alternative rehab programs to choose from, though, when they're ready to get assistance in overcoming their addiction. If you or someone you know is addicted to drugs and is looking for addiction counseling and treatment, we can help.

Drug Abuse Trends in Houston

For many years now, the national media has reported on the growing methamphetamine epidemic that is sending people across the United States into rehab. Houston has become one of the centers of methamphetamine abuse in the southern and western portions of the U.S. in recent years. Newer forms of meth have been developed after state law made it difficult to purchase some of the key components of the meth that was sold the late 1990s and early 2000s. This would be concerning enough, but the rise in the use of these new methamphetamines has corresponded with an increase in sexually risky behavior. Thus, when they check into rehab, Houston, TX, addicts often are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease, complicating their health issues. Houston has also become a major hub for the sale of kush, a form of synthetic marijuana that's much more potent and can cause alarming or even deadly side effects. Getting professional treatment at one of the many rehab centers in Houston can mean the difference between life and death.

Finding a Houston Treatment Facility

At BetterAddictionCare, we realize that you have many options to choose from when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab. Houston residents often do not know where to turn for individualized treatment, and that is where we come in. Our addiction treatment specialists are highly trained and know how to match you with an excellent treatment program near you. We work only with medically supervised programs for drug rehab. Houston residents can be sure that we will match you with a program that is designed to keep you safe and comfortable during withdrawal, and we can also help you find a program that is covered by private insurance. That is why when it comes to affordable and accredited drug and alcohol rehab, Houston residents routinely contact us for assistance. Call today and start your journey toward sobriety.

Luna Recovery Outpatient Services

5757 Woodway Dr, Suite 110 HoustonTexas  77057
Google Rating: 4.6

The Council On Recovery

303 Jackson Hill St HoustonTexas  77007
Google Rating: 4.4

The Last Resort Recovery Center

1620 Farm to Market 535 HoustonTexas  77024
Google Rating: 4.8

The Lovett Center

900 Lovett Boulevard HoustonTexas  77006
Google Rating: 5

The Mendcenter

730 N Post Oak Rd, Suite 301 HoustonTexas  77024

The Menninger Clinic

12301 Main Street HoustonTexas  77035
Google Rating: 3.5

The Right Step - Houston Central

902 W Alabama St HoustonTexas  77006
Google Rating: 3.3

Transcend Texas

945 Harvard St HoustonTexas  77008
Google Rating: 3.7

The Montrose Center

401 Branard Street 2nd Floor HoustonTexas  77006
Google Rating: 4.3

New Dimensions Day Treatment Centers

1345 Space Park Drive Suite C HoustonTexas  77058
Google Rating: 3.3

Shamar Hope Haven

2719 Truxillo Street HoustonTexas  77004
Google Rating: 1

Adult Rehabilitation Services

6624 Hornwood Street HoustonTexas  77074
Google Rating: 4

Southwest Houston Testing Center

8303 Southwest Freeway HoustonTexas  77074
Google Rating: 4

Cypress Creek Hospital

17750 Cali Drive HoustonTexas  77090
Google Rating: 2.5

The Texas House

2208 West 34th Street HoustonTexas  77018
Google Rating: 4.2

Center For Success And Independence

3722 Pinemont Drive HoustonTexas  77018
Google Rating: 3.7

Extended Aftercare (eai)

5002 North Shepherd Drive HoustonTexas  77018
Google Rating: 3

Odyssey House Texas

5629 Grapevine Street HoustonTexas  77085
Google Rating: 2.7

Texas Clinic

6311 Fulton Street HoustonTexas  77022
Google Rating: 4.2

West Oaks Hospital

6500 Hornwood Drive HoustonTexas  77074
Google Rating: 2.4

Local NA/AA Meetings in Houston, Texas

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Northside 24 Hour Club
08:00 PM

25th Hour Group

Northside 24 Hour Club
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25th Hour Group

Northside 24 Hour Club
12:00 PM

25th Hour Group

Northside 24 Hour Club
08:00 PM

25th Hour Group

Northside 24 Hour Club
08:00 PM

25th Hour Group

Northside 24 Hour Club
08:00 PM

25th Hour Group

Northside 24 Hour Club
07:00 PM
11:00 PM

Backstreet Group

Taylor Recovery Center
06:30 PM

Bear Creek Community Center

Bear Creek Group Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM
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