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Drug Physical Effects

Drug abuse is a serious health problem in the United States, and one of the main reasons for this is the fact that drug abuse causes many physical problems in addicts. The physical effects of drugs are numerous and sometimes even deadly. In fact, the most significant physical effects of drug abuse should be enough to convince anyone not to try illegal drugs at all and to drink alcohol only in moderation.

4 Minute Read | Published Oct 06 2023 | Updated Nov 06 2023

Broadly speaking, there are two major categories of physical effects brought on by drugs. First, there are those effects caused by the drugs themselves. Each drug affects the body in a slightly different way, so these direct physical effects of substance abuse vary depending on the drug that is being used. All addictive drugs affect brain chemistry, producing a high that is pleasurable and that leads addicts to return again and again to their drug of choice. The body becomes dependent on this high and thus dependent on the drug. Other physical effects of drug addiction in this category can include heart problems such as heart attacks. Many people also experience damage to other vital organs, such as the liver. Some drugs cause seizures and altered mood states. Many drug addicts can also lose touch with reality altogether while they are high. LSD, for example, can cause hallucinations that seem quite real to the addict.

Indirect Physical Effects of Abuse

The second category of physical effects brought on by drugs includes those that come not from the drug itself but from the conditions of its use or behaviors that the drug produces in addicts. These indirect physical effects of addiction include the development of such diseases as hepatitis through the sharing of needles. Many addicts also become infected with HIV by sharing needles. Because drugs tend to lower inhibitions, other indirect physical effects of drugs include the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, since safe sex techniques are less apt to be followed while high.

Suffering From Physical Effects?

If you are suffering from the physical effects of drug abuse, it is important that you get customized treatment before these effects kill you. Our addiction recovery network includes programs and facilities near you that have helped many addicts overcome their addiction in a safe and comfortable environment. Our addiction treatment specialists would love to assist you in finding a treatment solution that is confidential and cost-effective. Call today or fill out our contact form so that we can start working for you.


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