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Drug Treatment For Alcoholism in Seattle, Washington

Addiction cases in the Seattle area have risen in recent years, and their potential for resulting in tragedy looms large because of the increased potency of dangerous substances abused, including heroin, opioids, and methamphetamines. For this reason, it can be extremely important for addicts to consider entering a drug rehab. Seattle, Washington, residents with ongoing heroin and opiate dependencies present such a huge concern that a local task force has been developed to combat addiction. King County addicts who haven't been reached by these types of groups have an even greater need to enroll in inpatient rehab. Seattle, WA, substance abusers don't have to go it alone in their quest to start healing: The rehab centers in BetterAddictionCare's nationwide recovery network specialize in assisting individuals to achieve sobriety, regardless of the severity of their addictions.

City-specific peculiarities have been identified by those who compile statistics about addicts who enter drug rehab. Seattle, WA's treatment centers found that in 2015, more patients were admitted for heroin abuse than for alcohol dependence. In addition, there has been a growing proclivity among users to combine methamphetamine with heroin, which has accounted for a significant number of deaths. Acetyl fentanyl has also begun to play a role in the number of fatalities associated with overdose in Seattle. Drug rehab programs like the ones found in our recovery network take a forward-thinking approach to care and meet the challenges of these new trends with individualized treatment plans so that addicts will have better chances at success when trying to get sober.

The state of Washington continues to have a pronounced need for cost-effective alcohol treatment. Seattle has suffered from its share of alcohol abuse problems, but other issues have had an even greater impact on the city for decades. For instance, Seattle continues to earn its reputation for being the "heroin capital" of the country; this was solidified in 2014, when deaths related to this narcotic rose by more than 58%. At BetterAddictionCare, we recognize the specific needs that drug abusers in this city face, which is why we offer alternative rehab programs in our network that can address the challenges of addiction particular to Seattle. Alcohol rehab and inpatient drug addiction treatment centers in this region specialize in developing customized recovery plans for substance abusers, which can include a safe and comfortable medically-assisted detox.

At BetterAddictionCare, we understand how important it can be for Seattle-based substance abusers to enter drug rehab. Seattle, WA, treatment centers in our recovery network feature highly trained medical professionals and psychiatrists who are ready to provide you with quality addiction counseling as well as aftercare support services to help you stay on the right path for the rest of your life. If you need assistance with choosing a facility, call today to speak with a counselor who can help you find the right rehab. Seattle, WA, residents can be matched with nearby facilities accepting new patients, and individuals who live out of town can let us help them coordinate transportation to facilitate immediate admissions. All conversations with our knowledgeable counselors are 100% confidential so that you can maintain privacy as you strive toward your goal of addiction recovery.

Avalon Center

6957 California Ave SW SeattleWashington  98136

Multicultural Counseling Services, Ltd

Lake Union Center 1100 Dexter Avenue North Suite 100 SeattleWashington  98109

Affordable Services

10731 68th Avenue SeattleWashington  98101

Ageless Acupuncture Maria Portnaya, Macom

1515 1st Avenue SeattleWashington  98101
Google Rating: 5

Navos Behavioral Health Center On Lake Burien

1033 SW 152nd Street SeattleWashington  98146
Google Rating: 3

Seattle Drug And Narcotic Center

10344 14th Avenue South SeattleWashington  98168

Seattle Counseling Service

1100 Virginia Street, Suite 210 SeattleWashington  98101
Google Rating: 3.5

Schick Shadel Hospital

12101 Ambaum Boulevard SW SeattleWashington  98146
Google Rating: 4

Seattle Counseling Service

1216 Pine Street, Suite 300 SeattleWashington  98101
Google Rating: 3.5

Sunrise Centers

12650 1st Avenue South SeattleWashington  98168
Google Rating: 5

Arden Rehab & Healthcare Center

16357 Aurora Avenue North SeattleWashington  98133
Google Rating: 4.3

Armstrong Alcohol And Drug Recovery-sap Assessment

331 Andover Park East , Suite 251 SeattleWashington  98188
Google Rating: 3

Asian Counseling & Referral Service

720 8th Avenue South , Suite 200 SeattleWashington  98104
Google Rating: 4

La Esperanza

15405 1st Avenue South, Suite 2 SeattleWashington  98148
Google Rating: 4

Cowlitz Tribal Health Services

15455 65th Avenue South SeattleWashington  98188
Google Rating: 4.3

Evergreen Treatment Services

1700 Airport Way South SeattleWashington  98134
Google Rating: 4

Center For Human Services

17018 15th Avenue NE SeattleWashington  98155
Google Rating: 4.3

Bridgeway Recovery Program

3825 Bridge Way North SeattleWashington  98103

Capitol Hill Alano Club

1900 East Madison Street SeattleWashington  98122

Carolann Caloz, Ma

4500 9th Avenue NE / , Suite 300 SeattleWashington  98105
Google Rating: 2

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