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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma, Washington is a beautiful and picturesque corner of the nation, but even the most beautiful areas in the world have their fair share of issues and problems. While you may not think it, drug and alcohol addictions are prevalent in Tacoma, Washington, just as they are across the nation. The rates of alcoholism and opiate addictions are quite substantial in the area as well as other addictions and substance abuse problems. If you are dealing with a heroin, prescription drug, alcohol, or other addiction, you do not have to continue the vicious cycle of addiction on your own. We at BetterAddictionCare can help you find the addiction care and treatment that you need to break that cycle and get yourself into recovery.

Not All Addiction Treatment is Created Equal

Of course, addiction treatment is not all created equal and there are quite a few options to choose from right here in the Tacoma, Washington area. One of the primary decisions we can help you make is between inpatient/residential addiction treatment programs and outpatient treatment programs. Each of these types of treatment accommodations have their benefits and drawbacks and we can help you determine which is right for you based on your lifestyle, your budget, the type of treatment you wish to receive, and a variety of other factors you may not have even considered.

The various addiction treatment centers in Tacoma, Washington also offer an array of specialized treatment programs to consider based on your personal needs, including dual diagnosis treatment, women's addiction treatment, and more. These specialized programs can help to ensure that all of the therapies and treatments you receive pertain directly to your life and needs and that you are getting the well-rounded care and treatment you need to resume your life after treatment without falling back into old habits of self-destruction and substance abuse.

Make The Right Call to BetterAddictionCare Today

All you need to do is pick up the phone and give BetterAddictionCare a call, and we will do the rest of the hard work for you when it comes to finding a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Tacoma, Washington. Your primary focus should be on your recovery rather than the search for a treatment center.

Acts Chiropractic Center

8739 South Hosmer Street TacomaWashington  98444
Google Rating: 4.9

Puyallup Tribal Health Authority

2209 East 32nd Street Building 4 Treatment Services TacomaWashington  98404
Google Rating: 3.8

Consejo Counseling And Referral Services

5919 Orchard Street West Unit B TacomaWashington  98466
Google Rating: 4.5

Al'ta Counseling & Testing

702 Broadway, , Suite 102 TacomaWashington  98402
Google Rating: 4.5

Capen & Associates Industrial Rehab Services

633 North Mildred Street , Suite A TacomaWashington  98406
Google Rating: 5

Foundation For Multicultural

2316 South State Street, Suite B TacomaWashington  98405
Google Rating: 3

Community Counseling Institute

2502 Tacoma Avenue South TacomaWashington  98402

Casteele Williams And Associates

8833 Pacific Avenue Suite D TacomaWashington  98444

Foundation For Living

3615 McKinley Avenue TacomaWashington  98404

Tacoma Detox Services

721 South Fawcett Avenue, Room 100 TacomaWashington  98402
Google Rating: 2.8

Horizon Treatment Services

12108 Pacific Avenue South TacomaWashington  98444

Pierce County Alliance

510 Tacoma Avenue South TacomaWashington  98402
Google Rating: 3.2

Social Treatment Opportunity Programs

4301 South Pine Street , Suite 112 TacomaWashington  98409
Google Rating: 3.9

Life Transitions

6332 Pacific Avenue , Suite 200 TacomaWashington  98408
Google Rating: 5

A Change Counseling Services

4002 South M Street, Suite C TacomaWashington  98418
Google Rating: 1.3

Sea Mar Tacoma Treatment Center

1415 Center Street TacomaWashington  98409
Google Rating: 2.5

Pioneer Counseling

758 Saint Helens Avenue TacomaWashington  98402
Google Rating: 2.8

Lakeside-milam Recovery Center

3315 South 23rd Street, Suite 102 TacomaWashington  98405
Google Rating: 1.8

Northwest Integrated Health

5929 Westgate Boulevard, Suite A TacomaWashington  98406
Google Rating: 3.3

Multicare Behavioral Health Tacoma

2201 South 19th Street TacomaWashington  98405

Local NA/AA Meetings in Tacoma, Washington

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