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Alcohol And Substance Abuse Treatment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Alcohol and drug abuse can slowly begin to tear away at a person's life. From relationships to responsibilities, things begin to fall aside as substances begin to take over. But it's never too late for addiction recovery through treatment at a Milwaukee rehab.

Cost-effective solutions, including those that take private insurance, are available and accepting new patients today. BetterAddictionCare works with clients and their families with the help of a nationwide recovery network. When it comes to rehab, Milwaukee residents and visitors have lots of options to choose from, and we work to match you with the right one for your needs out of these top facilities so you can get customized care and successful results. Call today to speak with a counselor to learn more: Individualized Milwaukee rehab programs are just a phone call away.

When it comes to choosing a drug rehab, Milwaukee offers lots of possibilities, but how do you find the right one? If you're ready to get help at a drug or alcohol rehab, Milwaukee is a great place to do it, and when you call us, we can guide you toward the best option for your individual needs. With alternative rehab programs, you can begin to realign your goals and find out what you need to stay clean and sober when you return to your regular life. You can take advantage of addiction counseling: Group and individual sessions are available and allow you to explore what led you down the path of addiction in the first place. You can also learn more about coping skills that will help you if a craving for your old lifestyle returns. The client care specialists at BetterAddictionCare even work to create a local support system for you back home to ensure that you have every resource available to stay strong.

With lots of rehab centers in Milwaukee, the city offers an ideal place to get away and focus on your health and well-being. Separating yourself from the problem is the first step. medically-assisted detox is another important part of the process, getting your body to be able to live without the drugs and/or alcohol in your system. Because detox is such a critical service offered at a drug or alcohol rehab, Milwaukee centers consider this a high priority and bring together highly trained staff members to help with every part of the process.

Are you ready to take the next step in drug rehab? Milwaukee residents and visitors will appreciate all that the state's treatment options have to offer. Whether you are searching for an inpatient residential facility near you or a location across the country, you can count on us to help. Fill out our contact form to learn more about the possibilities for addiction recovery.

10th Street Comprehensive Treatment Center

4800 S 10th Street MilwaukeeWisconsin  53221
Google Rating: 3.3

Forward Choices

6040 W Lisbon Ave, Suite 103 MilwaukeeWisconsin  53210
Google Rating: 5

West Grove Clinic, Sc

10012 W Capitol Dr, #101 MilwaukeeWisconsin  53222
Google Rating: 4.3

Recovery Network

1314 West National Avenue MilwaukeeWisconsin  53204
Google Rating: 5

Aegis Therapies

Recruiting Ofc MilwaukeeWisconsin  53210

American Behavioral Clinics

10424 West Bluemound Road MilwaukeeWisconsin  53226
Google Rating: 3.6

Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center

1711 South 11th Street MilwaukeeWisconsin  53204
Google Rating: 3.5

Matt Talbot Recovery Services

2613 West North Avenue MilwaukeeWisconsin  53205
Google Rating: 5

Milwaukee Comprehensive Treatment Centers

3707 North Richards Street MilwaukeeWisconsin  53212

Shorehaven Behavioral Health

3900 West Brown Deer Road, Suite 200 MilwaukeeWisconsin  53209
Google Rating: 4.6

Reach Clinic

4550 West Bradley Road MilwaukeeWisconsin  53223

Ravenswood Clinic

2266 North Prospect Avenue Suite 326 MilwaukeeWisconsin  53202

Horizon Healthcare

5408 West Burleigh MilwaukeeWisconsin  53210
Google Rating: 2

Aids Resource Center Of Wisconsin

820 North Plankinton Avenue MilwaukeeWisconsin  53203
Google Rating: 5


6737 W Washington St , # 2225 MilwaukeeWisconsin  53214
Google Rating: 1.7

Cedar House

3900 West Oklahoma Avenue MilwaukeeWisconsin  53215

Clinicare Corporation

10201 West Lincoln Avenue , Suite 306 MilwaukeeWisconsin  53227

Eisenhower Center

4425 West Woolworth Avenue MilwaukeeWisconsin  53218
Google Rating: 5

Galano Club

315 West Court Street MilwaukeeWisconsin  53212
Google Rating: 2.5

Carlos B. Robinson, Sac

2319 West Capitol Drive MilwaukeeWisconsin  53206

Local NA/AA Meetings in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

All Saints Catholic Church

Guide Us In Our Recovery Group Discussion/Participation
10:30 AM

Beginner's Meeting

Milwaukee Group
07:00 PM
08:30 PM

Blessed Trinity Church

Resourceful Women Issue Unity Group
11:00 AM

Central United Methodist Church

Fat Addict Group Literature Study
06:30 PM

Friendship Club

Together We Can Group
07:30 PM

Friendship Club

Monday Night Candlelight Group
06:30 PM

Friendship Club

It Works Group Discussion/Participation
08:00 PM

Galano Club

Keep it Simple Discussion/Participation
07:00 PM


Starting Point To Freedom Group
07:00 PM
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