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Drug Rehabilitation Programs in Prescott, Arizona

If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, there are several ways that you can help. One of the most important is seeking out rehab options, including those near you, that can help manage everything from detox to addiction counseling. If you live in Arizona, there is a Prescott drug rehab center near you that is accepting new patients right away. You can get addiction help now for you or a family member and start moving towards addiction recovery today.

If you are interested in Prescott rehab for drug or alcohol abuse, call today to speak with a client care specialist at BetterAddictionCare. With a nationwide recovery network that stretches across Arizona, we work to find cost-effective treatment, including facilities that will accept your private insurance. To find the right treatment for you, we conduct a personalized pre-screening that takes into account important information to offer the most successful rehab options for your unique needs. You can get sober in naturally beautiful Prescott, AZ.

When you begin Prescott drug rehab, a customized treatment plan will be created just for you. It doesn't matter if you choose a more traditional rehabilitation center or alternative rehab programs; the goal is to find what works best for you, what motivates you, and what services you will most benefit from. Highly trained professionals create a safe and comfortable environment, ideal for taking a step away from life and focusing on getting yourself better. If you opt for inpatient care, you can take advantage of the residential accommodations along with some of the other amenities.

Once you've completed your program, the work isn't done. It's important to have a support system in place that will help you stick with the changes you've made and encourage you on your journey. We can set up a Recovery Team nearby that helps you make the move back home. Aftercare shouldn't be overlooked at one of the most important aspects of successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

If you've made up your mind and are ready to find a Prescott rehab to join, we're ready to help you coordinate your stay. This thriving city is balancing out progress with preservation. Just like rehab, the city realizes the importance of the past while continuing to look ahead to the future. However, if you aren't sure that Prescott is the right place for you, we work with some of the top locations in the country to match clients up with the ideal facility for their personal goals. Fill out our contact form and get things started today. The sooner you begin treatment, the sooner you can benefit from your newfound changes.

Northern Arizona Center For Addiction

195 Plaza Drive PrescottArizona  86303
Google Rating: 5

Arrowhead Lodge Recovery

5113 Arrowhead Dr PrescottArizona  86305
Google Rating: 4.5

Blueprints For Recovery

225 Grove Ave PrescottArizona  86301
Google Rating: 5

Canyon Crossing Recovery

819 W Gurley St PrescottArizona  86305
Google Rating: 4.4

Royal Life Centers At Chapter 5

726 West Gulrey Street PrescottArizona  86305
Google Rating: 4.9

Compass Recovery Center

711 S Granite St PrescottArizona  86303
Google Rating: 4.9

Freedom Recovery Center

743 Miller Valley Road PrescottArizona  86301
Google Rating: 5

Prescott House

214 N Arizona Ave PrescottArizona  86301
Google Rating: 4.4

Promise Recovery Center

1470 W Gurley St PrescottArizona  86305
Google Rating: 1

Silver Sands Recovery | Drug Rehab Prescott Az

3636 Crossings Drive PrescottArizona  86305
Google Rating: 4.6

The Bridges Network

1040 Whipple St. STE. 323/344 PrescottArizona  86305

Oasis Addiction Counseling

445 Miller Valley Rd PrescottArizona  86301

Safe Harbor

520 W Delano Ave PrescottArizona  86301
Google Rating: 3.3

Clean Adventures

315 West Goodwin Street PrescottArizona  86303
Google Rating: 5

Pia's Place

615 West Hillside Avenue PrescottArizona  86301

Gallus Detox Centers

134 South Granite Street PrescottArizona  86303
Google Rating: 5

Decision Point Center

505 West Whipple Street PrescottArizona  86301
Google Rating: 4.2

Winr Women In New Recovery

601 Ruth Street PrescottArizona  86301
Google Rating: 4.5

A Sober Way

1211 East Gurley Street PrescottArizona  86301
Google Rating: 3.8

Clean Adventures

534 Madison Avenue PrescottArizona  86301
Google Rating: 5

Local NA/AA Meetings in Prescott, Arizona

American Lutheran Church

Friday Night Feeling Group
07:30 PM

Life Choice Centers

Life Choice Centers Group
07:00 PM
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