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Alcohol & Drug Treatment Centers in Tucson, Arizona

Making the decision to pursue substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery can be one of the most important choices in an individual's life. There are many different types of alternative rehab programs as well as many ways to pursue recovery once treatment ends. For some, the location of a rehab facility can be just as important as the facility itself, particularly because of the post-treatment environment. At BetterAddictionCare, our nationwide network of treatment facilities offers many options for people who want to seek treatment either close to home or far from familiar temptations. For our clients who have a love of sunshine, stargazing, and creative gastronomy, we can't help but recommend rehab centers in Tucson, AZ.

Healing in Tucson

If you or a loved one are considering drug or alcohol rehab, Tucson, AZ, could be the best location for you. Some of the top Tucson rehab facilities are located near the city's natural wonders, such as the Tucson Botanical Gardens and Saguaro National Park. As individuals continue their drug rehab, Tucson offers a beautiful environment for self-reflection with its winding caves, saguaro forests, and towering mountain ranges. Tucson rehabilitation centers and halfway houses also draw on the city's rich gastronomical heritage, creating an environment that focuses on renewing a zest for discovery and rustic delights. In Tucson, rehab centers can build on the surrounding culture and nature to create a haven of healing, allowing clients to focus more fully on their addiction counseling and recovery.

As treatment continues in rehab, Tucson, AZ, has more to offer the introspectively inclined. One only has to look up to stargaze in the expansive desert, but Tucson is also home to several observatories, including the Kitt Peak National Observatory. A wide variety of hiking and cycling paths make traveling between Tucson rehab centers and a bit of personal time easy to achieve while also providing mood-boosting exercise opportunities. For alcohol or drug rehab, Tucson provides the ideal environment to heal both the body and the spirit.

How to Find Tucson Rehabilitation Centers

There are many different Tucson rehab facilities, which means that it can be daunting to find the right treatment facility for your specific needs. BetterAddictionCare's recovery network includes rehab centers in Tucson, AZ, and our individualized pre-screening process takes all of the guesswork out of finding the best match for you. The Tucson rehabilitation centers in our network are always accepting new patients, and facility admissions are immediate. A professional, medically-assisted detox keeps our clients safe and comfortable during withdrawal, and after treatment ends, our committed recovery team will continue to provide support. Call today or fill out our contact form to begin your journey to wellness under the painted sky of a Tucson sunset.

Desert Star Addiction Recovery Center

7493 N Oracle Rd, Suite 203 TucsonArizona  85704
Google Rating: 3.5

Sierra Tucson

39580 S Lago Del Oro Parkway TucsonArizona  85739
Google Rating: 3.5

In Balance Counseling

6107 E Grant Rd TucsonArizona  85712
Google Rating: 3

Recovery In Motion

1604 North Country Club Rd TucsonArizona  85716
Google Rating: 3.2

Sabino Recovery

8505 E Ocotillo Drive TucsonArizona  85750
Google Rating: 4.2

Burning Tree West

700 N. 7th Ave. TucsonArizona  85705
Google Rating: 4.2

Zen Institute

5210 E Pima Street, Suite 110 TucsonArizona  85712
Google Rating: 5

First Hand Healing

2960 North SWan Road TucsonArizona  85712
Google Rating: 5

Arizona Residential Care

2226 N Avenida El Capitan TucsonArizona  85705
Google Rating: 3

Mountain View Care Center

1313 West Magee Road TucsonArizona  85704
Google Rating: 3.9

Native Spirit Consulting

6965 North Camino Verde TucsonArizona  85743

Naya Arbiter

120 S Houghton Rd. Ste 138-240 TucsonArizona  85748

Behavioral Awareness Center

2002 West Anklam Road TucsonArizona  85745
Google Rating: 4.6

La Frontera Center

260 South Scott Avenue TucsonArizona  85701
Google Rating: 4.7

Sonora Behavioral Health Hospital

2001 West Orange Grove Road , Suite 204 TucsonArizona  85704

Fatima Women's Center Tucson

200 South Stratford Drive TucsonArizona  85716
Google Rating: 4

Amity Foundation Circle Tree Ranch

10500 East Tanque Verde Road TucsonArizona  85749
Google Rating: 4.6

Renewal Centers (counseling Services)

6054 North Oracle Road TucsonArizona  85704
Google Rating: 4

The Haven

1107 East Adelaide Drive TucsonArizona  85719
Google Rating: 4.6

Pbsi-behavioral Health

4732 North Oracle Road , Suite 316 TucsonArizona  85705

Local NA/AA Meetings in Tucson, Arizona

6pm Weeknight Newcommers

NW Alano Club
06:00 PM

Armory Park Center

Armory Park Candlelight Group Candlelight, Discussion/Participation, Speaker
07:00 PM

Broadway Christian Chruch

Keep it Green Group
06:00 PM

Broadway Christian Chruch

Alive & Free Group Tradition
07:30 PM

Broadway Christian Chruch

Keep it Green Group Discussion/Participation, Literature Study
06:00 PM

Calvary Baptist Church

Keep the Light On Group
07:30 PM

Casa Santa Clara

Our Primary Purpose Group Discussion/Participation, Smoking
07:00 PM

Fireside Group

Fireside Group Discussion/Participation, IP Study
08:00 PM

First United Methodist Church

Young Peoples Group
07:30 PM
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