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The Dangers of Working Out on Cocaine

Cocaine and exercise are two words that few people would often associate with each other. Even so, there is a select group of people who have decided that working out on cocaine should be a common part of their daily routine. Knowing that this habit is one that some people experience opens the door for valid questioning from their friends and family members. These questions might include why they would do this and if there are any dangers associated with working out after cocaine use to be aware of.

7 Minute Read | Published Sep 28 2023 | Updated Oct 15 2023

Better Addiction Care is a provider of expert resources for connecting cocaine-addicted people to the right cocaine abuse treatments in the country that are in their area. We keep our ears to the ground on developments in substance abuse, and here we investigate working out on cocaine in this overview of the trend. Our team is committed to providing expert insights and resources so that addicts and their loved ones can be better informed of the situation they are going through and how they can help relieve it. 

With a phenomenon such as working out on cocaine, which you may have only heard about now for the first time, it is important to examine why people are doing this before trying to answer the burning question of dangers associated between cocaine and working out.

Though cocaine use is not as prevalent in professional sports as it was during its heyday, it has made its way into commercial and home gyms across the country and into the hands of everyday people. The drug is primarily taken due to a perceived sense of greater strength and because of the energy boost that many cocaine users experience while under the influence of the substance.

Using cocaine and then heading into a gym may have also gained more acceptance due to a greater culture surrounding supplements in the fitness industry. Many may see cocaine as nothing more than a supplement. This thinking can be very dangerous. Not only does it discourage the treatment of a drug dependency issue, but it can also lead to abuse that was not there before.

The abuse of this drug as a result of working out on cocaine is not something to take lightly. It needs to be understood and analyzed not only to reduce the number of people trying the drug for the first time but also to stop those who already partake in the activity. 

The Dangers of Exercising on Cocaine 

The worst thing about trends like exercising on cocaine, which disguises illicit drug use as a part of a fitness routine, is that it can open people up to the possibility of serious danger without them knowing what the potential effects could be.

Swimming, lifting weights, climbing, and running on cocaine all pose very serious risks to those who exercise on cocaine. The knowledge of these dangers could be what separates a perfectly healthy life from one of drug abuse and dependence. Here are just some of the dangers associated with working out on cocaine:

  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • High blood pressure
  • Inflammation of heart valves and linings
  • Increased heart rate
  • Risk of heart muscle disease
  • Development of an irregular heartbeat
  • Atherosclerosis (thickening or hardening of the arteries)
  • Chest pains 

These risks are in addition to many others for those who choose to abuse cocaine while exercising. If you are considering using this drug for working out, keep in mind that many of these physical issues could result in death. If you are a current user of cocaine, whether it is for exercise or recreational use, then be sure to use all the tools at your disposal. Get started on turning your life around with the assistance of expert cocaine abuse treatment programs and centers in your area. 

Find the Right Cocaine Abuse Treatment Program in Your Area

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to cocaine or any other substance which should cause worry in loved ones, then be sure to make use of all the free resources offered by Better Addiction Care and get started on the path toward recovery now.

Our team offers a free online national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities for your convenience, among other resources, such as our substance abuse and treatment blog. This blog is sure to provide expert insight into the world of addiction and rehabilitation.

If you have any questions regarding our resources, ways we can help, or how you can get started on your journey to sobriety now, be sure to get in touch with our team. We’ll help you learn all you’ll need to know across all of these subjects.


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