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AA and NA Meetings in Houghton Lake, Michigan: A Beacon of Hope

Houghton Lake
5 Minute Read | Published Oct 12 2023 | Updated Jan 14 2024
Houghton Lake, known for its vibrant arts and culture, also stands as a pillar of support for those combating addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) have made a significant imprint in the city, assisting countless individuals on their path to recovery.

Houghton Lake's Support: AA and NA meetings:

Diverse Offerings: The city hosts a myriad of AA and NA meetings. From daily sessions to special interest groups catering to demographics like the LGBTQ+ community or women, there’s something for everyone.

Accessibility: With online directories and dedicated hotlines, individuals can quickly locate daily or weekly meetings.

Open vs. Closed: Open meetings are for everyone, including observers, while closed ones cater only to those identifying with an addiction.

The extensive AA and NA presence in Houghton Lake, with over 1 meetings, has been instrumental in countless recovery journeys, fostering community and mutual support.

For many, these meetings are central to their recovery, providing shared experiences, support, and a sense of community.

In summary, Houghton Lake's AA and NA meetings are vital lifelines for many, offering hope and a structured path toward healing.

Find AA and NA Meetings in Houghton Lake, Michigan

Find NA meetings in Houghton Lake, Michigan to help you on your road to recovery. Our comprehensive directory of NA meetings in Houghton Lake, Michigan includes open, closed, speaker, and other specialized meetings, all of which are designed to help you get sober and remain sober.

Meeting Name
6:00 PM EST
Alano Club
2410 Markey Road, Houghton Lake, MI, 48629
New Attitude Group Discussion/Participation

Addiction Treatment in Houghton Lake

Mental Health Northern Lakes Community Mental Health
2715 South Townline Road, Houghton Lake, Michigan, 48629
Outpatient Treatment
Grants and Private Insurance accepted
Substance Abuse Catholic Human Services
206 Health Parkway, Houghton Lake, Michigan, 48629
Outpatient Detox
Grants and Private Insurance accepted

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