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Drug Addiction Treatment Centers in Omaha, Nebraska

From Henry Doorly Zoo to the Old Market in downtown Omaha, this portion of Nebraska offers a lot of interest for both residents and visitors. It's rich in history and has a skyline to write home about, and when you are ready to enroll in drug or alcohol rehab, Omaha is the place to be. Most people want to get their lives straight in a comfortable environment, and there are multiple facilities accepting new patients here, making it easier than ever to get help now.

When it comes to drug rehab, Omaha is just one part of our nationwide recovery network. BetterAddictionCare works with families every day in order to find the right treatment options. If you live in Omaha and want help near you, we can help you choose an inpatient rehab center that has everything you need to be successful. If you don't live here but are looking to take a break from your routine get away from it all, Omaha offers lots of possibilities. Fill out our contact form for more information on treatment centers in Omaha, NE.

We know that the expense associated with treatment is something that families worry about. In Omaha, rehab facilities often work with private insurance, making them a cost-effective option. Some of the top facilities in the area are affordable for most families. Don't let the cost of treatment prevent you from getting the help you need to start healing.

Many patients look for alternative rehab programs that offer to customize a treatment for each individual. This often leads to success, as each person gets exactly what they need to regain control of their lives and live substance-free. You have the ability to choose an Omaha treatment center that offers all sorts of resources, including addiction counseling, medically-assisted detox, and more. It is possible to get sober in a safe location that allows you to put yourself and your health first. In fact, when the time comes to set up alcohol rehab, Omaha is home to facilities that specialize in this area of addiction, bringing you everything you need to reduce the hold that alcohol has on your life.

Are you ready to be connected with an Omaha treatment center that can change your life? Are you tired of dealing with the stress and turmoil that often comes with addiction? Call today to speak with a counselor. Our professional team will work to find the treatment that is best for you, taking all of your needs into consideration. Omaha is waiting for you.

The Wellness Connection

OmahaNebraska  68132

Adlerian Center

11911 Arbor Street OmahaNebraska  68144
Google Rating: 5

Siena Francis House

1702 Nicholas Street OmahaNebraska  68102
Google Rating: 3.5

Arch Halfway House

604 South 37th Street OmahaNebraska  68105
Google Rating: 4.5

Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition

2240 Landon Court OmahaNebraska  68102
Google Rating: 5

Eastern Nebraska Community Action Partnership

2406 Fowler Avenue OmahaNebraska  68111
Google Rating: 4.2

Stephen Center

5217 South 28th Street OmahaNebraska  68107
Google Rating: 4.2

Nova Treatment Community

8502 Morman Bridge Road OmahaNebraska  68152
Google Rating: 2.8

Beneficial Behavioral Health Services

12165 West Center Road OmahaNebraska  68144
Google Rating: 1.5

Abintra Counseling

4730 S. 131st St. OmahaNebraska  68137
Google Rating: 4.5

Latino Center Of The Midlands

4821 South 24th Street OmahaNebraska  68107
Google Rating: 5

Santa Monica

130 North 39th Street OmahaNebraska  68131
Google Rating: 5

Community Rehab

14450 Eagle Run Drive , Suite 130 OmahaNebraska  68116
Google Rating: 3

Genex Services

11329 P Street OmahaNebraska  68137

Don Gillespie Counseling

8031 West Center Road OmahaNebraska  68124

Omaha Metro Care And Rehabilitation Center

5505 Grover Street OmahaNebraska  68106
Google Rating: 1.8

Brookestone Village

4330 South 144th Street OmahaNebraska  68137
Google Rating: 4.1

Williams Prepared Place Ii

4460 Redman Avenue OmahaNebraska  68111
Google Rating: 5

Next Step

2811 Hamilton Street OmahaNebraska  68131

Omaha Treatment Center

11215 John Galt Blvd. OmahaNebraska  68137
Google Rating: 5

Local NA/AA Meetings in Omaha, Nebraska

05:30 PM
05:30 PM
05:30 PM


Little White Book Group Discussion/Participation
04:30 PM

Bethel Lutheran Church

Study Group, Non-Smoking
07:00 PM

Campus of Hope

Saturday Night Live Group Discussion/Participation, Non-Smoking
06:30 PM

Church of Christ Fellowship Hall

Just For Today Group Candlelight, Discussion/Participation
09:30 PM

Dietz Methodist Church

Primetime Group Non-Smoking, Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM
08:00 PM
10:00 AM
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