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Best Drug Treatment Centers in Albany, New York

When it comes to quality programs for drug and alcohol rehab, Albany, NY, residents and visitors have many options to choose from. Here at BetterAddictionCare, we have aggregated service providers of addiction counseling and treatment so that you can find the best solution for your needs. Our addiction care specialists have experience working with addicts as well as their friends and family, and we want to help match you with right local addiction treatment program for yourself or a loved one. There are many reasons to pursue drug rehab in Albany, and we can help you get started in a program near you.

Treatment Advantages in Albany

There are many places in New York State to pursue drug rehab. Albany, NY, however, offers distinct advantages as a location for customized drug addiction treatment. As the capital of New York, Albany offers much in the way of the economy and culture. It is a convenient place for people to relocate to in order to get substance abuse treatment. Albany, NY, also offers access to professional and medical services that you may not be able to find in other cities in the state.

Albany Drug Rehabilitation Centers

The treatment you will receive in one of the traditional or alternative rehab programs in Albany follows the general outline of treatment that people get elsewhere. In an inpatient facility, highly trained medical personnel will supervise your care, particularly during your withdrawal phase, making for safer and more comfortable rehab. Albany, NY, patients benefit from such attentiveness and the use of controlled measures to ease the symptoms of detox and help you recover more quickly. After the detox phase of your treatment, you will go through both individual and group counseling that will help you deal with the underlying issues that have led to your addiction. If you are not an addict yourself but are the friend or family of an addict, you may participate in part of this counseling during the addict's drug rehab. Albany, NY, drug treatment centers often involve friends and family in such ways in order to increase the odds of a successful recovery.

Getting Treatment

We are here to help you or a loved one get the proper substance abuse treatment. Albany, NY, is home to many centers in our recovery network, and we can prescreen you for immediate program admittance. Call today or fill out our contact form, and our addiction treatment specialists will start working with you to find effective care. Today can be the day you start to get sober.

Capital Counseling

650 Warren St AlbanyNew York  12208
Google Rating: 2.7

Belvedere Cd Op

3 Pruyn Street AlbanyNew York  12203

Albany Citizens Council On Alc And Other Chem Depend/cd Outpt Rehab

115 Ontario Street AlbanyNew York  12206

Whitney M Young Jr Health Center Methadone Medical Maintenance Prog

4-10 DeWitt Street 1st and 2nd Floors AlbanyNew York  12207

Hope House Outpatient Clinic

747 Madison Avenue AlbanyNew York  12208
Google Rating: 1.8

Altamont Program

9 Saint Josephs Terrace AlbanyNew York  12210

Trinity Institution

7682 2nd Street AlbanyNew York  12210
Google Rating: 4

Local NA/AA Meetings in Albany, New York


07:30 PM

Arcade Group

St. Mary's Church
12:00 PM

Emmus Methodist Church

Women on Wednesday All Are Welcome Group
06:30 PM


Surrender to Win Group Topic
06:00 PM

Gay Community Center

GLBT All Are Welcome Group
07:30 PM

Homer Perkins Center

Opportunity for Change Group Speaker, Topic
07:30 PM

Hutzel-Warren Group

St. Terese of Avila
08:00 PM

Hutzel-Warren Group

St. Terese of Avila
08:00 PM

Ida Yarborbough Houses

First Things First Group Tradition
07:30 AM
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