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Alcohol And Drug Treatment in Cleveland, Ohio

Though Cleveland is famous for things like Polish Boy sandwiches and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it's also known for something less savory: addiction. Recent statistics confirm Cleveland as one of the top cities in the nation that suffer from overdose-related deaths. The potency of drugs found on the streets of this historical city underscores the need for accessible and cost-effective drug rehab. Cleveland residents who want to start healing from addiction need only search our vast recovery network to connect with an exceptional rehab facility. At BetterAddictionCare, we understand the need for successful addiction counseling: That's why we list only the top programs and centers in our Cleveland recovery network.

At the beginning of 2016, the rate of deaths related to overdoses in Cleveland grew alarmingly. In the first two months of that year, an average of one person died each day in Cuyahoga County due to toxic drug ingestion. Heroin and fentanyl have been linked to these deaths, and their presence in the region is a continual cause of concern for public health professionals. Since the Cleveland region has been hit especially hard by the current nationwide opioid epidemic, community programs have sought to reach addicts, but not all of these efforts have been successful. We work with top Cleveland-based rehab facilities in our addiction recovery network that specialize in treating these types of severe addictions, so when people call us, they can find the right center for their specific circumstances.

Serious drug addictions like the ones commonly found in the Cleveland region require specialized care administered by highly trained medical professionals. Alternative rehab programs can develop customized treatment plans that include medically-assisted detox to increase the chances of addiction recovery success. For those with life-threatening dependencies, it can be incredibly important to find the right drug rehab. Cleveland residents are welcome to call us for help finding inpatient centers that are accepting new patients and work with private insurance plans. Our counselors are available to coordinate transportation services for addicts who need to get help now.

Despite a pronounced increase in the presence of heroin and fentanyl, other more common drugs remain popular in the region as well. Marijuana, cocaine, and opioid abuse continue to lead individuals to seek treatment and enter drug rehab. Cleveland drug statistics point to a recent increase in the availability of powdered MDMA, Suboxone, and methamphetamines. Addictions to any of these drugs can require individualized treatment, especially if they are used in conjunction with heroin or fentanyl. If you're battling a severe addiction to the aforementioned drugs or other addictive substances, like alcohol, call today to speak with a counselor who can answer any questions you may have and help you get the treatment you need right away.

Metrohealth Cleveland Heights Medical Center

10 Severance Circle ClevelandOhio  44118
Google Rating: 3.9

Northern Oh Recovery Association East

10613 Lomontier Avenue ClevelandOhio  44104

Cleveland Treatment Center

1127 Carnegie Avenue ClevelandOhio  44115
Google Rating: 3.4

The Circle Health Clinic

12201 Euclid Avenue ClevelandOhio  44106
Google Rating: 3

Hitchcock Center For Women

1227 Ansel Road ClevelandOhio  44108
Google Rating: 3.3

Charak Center For Health And Wellness

12395 McCracken Road, Suite A-Up ClevelandOhio  44125
Google Rating: 4

Stella Maris

1292 Winslow Avenue ClevelandOhio  44113
Google Rating: 4.2

Orca House

1909 East 89th Street ClevelandOhio  44106

Mpts Casa Alma Casa Maria

2202 Prame Avenue ClevelandOhio  44109

Key Decisions / Positive Choices

3030 Euclid Avenue, Suite 312 ClevelandOhio  44115
Google Rating: 5

Recovery Resources

3950 Chester Avenue ClevelandOhio  44114
Google Rating: 5

Multi Systemic Thereapy Unit

3955 Euclid Avenue, Suite 142-E ClevelandOhio  44115

Women's Recover Center

6209 Storer Avenue ClevelandOhio  44102
Google Rating: 1

Mcintyre Center

6929 West 130th Street, Suite 307 ClevelandOhio  44130
Google Rating: 2.5

Alternatives Agency

1804 East 55th Street ClevelandOhio  44103

Broadview Multi-care Center

5520 Broadview Road ClevelandOhio  44134
Google Rating: 3.5

Hospice-visiting Nurse Association

2500 East 22nd Street ClevelandOhio  44115

Center For Interpersonal Development

14650 Detroit Ave , # Ll30 ClevelandOhio  44107

Cleveland Clinic - Alcohol And Drug Recovery Center

9500 Euclid Avenue/ P5 ClevelandOhio  44195

Cleveland Sight Center

1909 East 101st Street ClevelandOhio  44106
Google Rating: 4.3

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Christ The King Church
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Volunteers of America, Cafeteria
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Club 24
10:00 AM


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07:00 PM
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Lee Road Baptist Church
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Terrance Towers-Library
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Serenity Social Club
10:30 AM
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