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Top Drug Rehab Centers in Eugene, Oregon

After Portland, Eugene is the second most populous city in Oregon. People move to Eugene for employment and to enjoy the many amenities and conveniences that come with living in a larger society. Yet all is not well in Eugene. The problem of drug addiction is significant in the city, and that has created the need for quality addiction recovery treatment. There are many Eugene rehab facilities to choose from, so it can be difficult to find the right one if you need to be in addiction recovery. This is where BetterAddictionCare can help: Let us assist you in finding the best Eugene rehabilitation center for your particular needs.

The Drug Problem in Eugene

Addiction rates in Eugene have been climbing in recent years, and much of that has been due to the increased use of a drug that was once thought to have been all but eliminated from the city: methamphetamines. Large numbers of people are now showing up in hospitals for treatment of complications related to meth addiction. The problem is particularly acute for people in their 20s, as that is the age group with the highest meth addiction rates.

Whether you are addicted to meth, alcohol, or any other drug, the best course of action is to enter a Eugene rehab program that includes highly trained medical supervision and addiction counseling. Our recovery network includes several treatment providers in Eugene, OR, that offer quality care in a safe and comfortable setting. The medical personnel will keep close watch over you during the first few days of treatment to help make your withdrawal process is easier. Near the end of and following the process of detoxing, treatment at a Eugene rehabilitation center will incorporate addiction counseling, through which you will learn the reasons for your addiction and how to avoid it in the future. Getting sober is only the first step: Continuing with sobriety can be the biggest challenge. Counseling is among the most effective tools to equip people for sober living after graduating from a Eugene rehab program.

Finding the Help You Need

Rest assured that there is a Eugene rehabilitation center near you that can treat your addiction. Call today to speak with a counselor or fill out our contact form. We will work with your private insurance to secure you cost-effective treatment, and we will pre-screen you to ensure that you find the right facility for your needs. BetterAddictionCare is here to help you: A brighter future is waiting.


1040 Oak Street EugeneOregon  97401
Google Rating: 5

New Day Treatment Services

1199 North Terry Street, SPC 320 EugeneOregon  97402

Willamette Family Treatment

1420 Green Acres Road EugeneOregon  97408
Google Rating: 2

Lane County Environmental Health

151 West 7th Avenue, Room 163 EugeneOregon  97401

White Bird Clinic

350 East 11th Avenue EugeneOregon  97401
Google Rating: 5

Integrated Health Clinics

715 Lincoln Street EugeneOregon  97401
Google Rating: 4

Centro Latino Americano

944 West 5th Avenue EugeneOregon  97402
Google Rating: 3

Debra L Martin Belleville N.d. - Into Wellness

59 Santa Clara Avenue EugeneOregon  97404
Google Rating: 5

Center For Family Development Eugene

1258 High Street EugeneOregon  97401

Community Rehabilitation Services

1601 Oak Street EugeneOregon  97401

Women's & Children's Center

687 Cheshire Avenue EugeneOregon  97402
Google Rating: 1.7

Living Solutions

1038 Washington Street EugeneOregon  97401

Living Solutions Fore

721 Skipper Avenue EugeneOregon  97404


1790 Alder Street EugeneOregon  97401

Regional Rehabilitation

PO Box 823 EugeneOregon  97440

Sweep Optical

2145 Centennial Plaza EugeneOregon  97401

Looking Glass River Road Campus

2400 River Road EugeneOregon  97404
Google Rating: 2

Rapid Access Center

195 W 12th Ave. EugeneOregon  97401
Google Rating: 4.5

Serenity Lane Intensive Outpatient Services, Eugene

4211 W 11th Ave. EugeneOregon  97402
Google Rating: 3.2

Looking Glass Counseling Program

260 East 11th Avenue EugeneOregon  97401
Google Rating: 2.5

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07:30 PM
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Beginners Meeting

Friends Church
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Beginners Workshop

Friends Church
06:00 PM
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Downtown AM Group

1rst Christian Church
07:00 AM
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