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The Horsham Clinic is located in Ambler, Pennsylvania.
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Google Reviews

My son spent three weeks here at the age of 6 in 2014. I was able to visit him daily. I found the staff to be knowledgeable, professional, caring, and appropriately strict. My son came out changed significantly for the better, with new coping skills. I only had experience with the juvenile program, but based on that I found this facility to be an excellent resource for those that need help.

Dan Ennis, 13 days ago

I was there for 2 weeks about a year ago and I still remember everything that happened. It was pretty average overall and the teacher ( Mr. Tom ) was pretty cool. My advice to anyone who goes there. Don't be stupid and act up cause you will get in trouble. I'd say that me and the rest of the class at Mr.tom's classroom were just idiots who had nothing else to do. All I have to say is this. The gym was nice, the food was good and the rides the people gave us were pretty quiet. Though I have changed a lot and so I wanna say thanks for helping me, tell Mr. Tom I said "Remember the time"?

Ethan Fagan, 1 month ago

Never knew such a place existed. This place can save a young childs life. Thank God for Horsham staff and facility!! Grateful❤

Michelle Imburgia, 1 month ago

At a place like this it's really hard to go off of the reviews... or how many "stars" they have. Of course we're all gonna have different points of view about the place (the people that've been there I mean) When you're dealing w/ something such as your mental state, your well being, things or situations are gonna seem way more extreme than they actually are.That's been my experience anyway. And when you account for the locked down units... 72 holds... the intake process, which even I'll admit isn't the best, it just adds to the frustration, & makes everything seem that much more extreme for some. If u don't want to be at a place like that, or maybe you do, but feel as though you aren't getting the help you should be, you're gonna see everything in a negative light. I've had my share of visits, both as a child & adult, & no they aren't perfect there, but I think they're close to it. Thank you to all of the staff there, sincerely, Thank You ♡

Amanda Pitt, 4 months ago

Was recently discharged from this facility for a bad episode of depression and anxiety. The staff was extremely helpful and supportive during my stay. While there were certain rules that needed to be adhered to, it comes with the territory of being in a psychiatric facility. The therapists there were all very helpful with their suggestions as well as meeting with myself and the other patients in the unit. It was because of this facility and it's staff that I am now well on my way to recovery.

Ambrose Blackburn, 7 months ago

Great place for the most part kind loving staff

Cory Klein, 10 months ago

I see a huge estate and no-one enjoying the beautiful grounds. Part of any healing should include time spent in nature... a lot of time in nature daily. don't pride yourselves on the grounds... if you do not allow the freedom to your patients to enjoy it. I drive by often.

amy sauber, 12 months ago

I came here twice when I was five (almost six) years old in 2002 and when I was thirteen (almost fourteen) years old in 2010. They were really helpful when I was in deep depression. They knew what they were doing to help me.

Lauren Ryziw, 1 year ago

I went in with a particularly bad episode of depression. They helped me find the right medicine, and the therapy was useful as well. One of the things to keep in mind is that this is not a hotel, the staff ensures we are safe, get our meals, get our medicines, and provide certain creature comforts when they have the time. During my stay, some of the patients expected 24/7 service, and this is not the purpose or mmission of the clinic. I highly recommend it.

Andrew Heritage, 1 year ago

I had to do the partial program for the adolescence and I had a great time. At first, I was having horrible anxiety about it but then I met a ton of friends. The lunch was good and the staff members were awesome. Ms.holli was my favorite person in the entire place. Dr.Amin gave me this medicine that is phenomenal. I don't even need to go back and I wanna go back. I don't know what happened to the people who wrote bad reviews but I had a great experience. If you are worried, just go, don't break any rules, and meet friends. You will have a great time like me. It's been about 3 weeks since I got out and I still wanna go back.

redflame98, 1 year ago

I was in adolcent 4 about a month ago . I think it's the unit that's horrify . Although adolcent 4 is a great unit . It was a small unit it was with 12 kids that's all . Adolescent 3 and 2 is much bigger . But I would recommend this place . The food isn't that tasty . If you focus on your treatment you'll be good to go.

Anna jaureguii, 2 years ago

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