You can try to locate Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the area by looking through our page below. We are here to help you get help. AA Meetings Tucson is designed to help you get your life back. There are many locations throughout Tucson,  Arizona. You are also welcome to go through the materials provided by Better Addiction Care for other places in the area.

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Individuals who are committed to helping one another live a life free from the effects of alcohol use disorder are the members of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is a group that is a part of a larger international network of mutual aid fellowships. The organization, which has been around for almost 90 years (est. 1935) and is more generally known as AA, is responsible for popularizing the first 12-step program for recovering from alcohol addiction. These 12 steps are a set of guiding principles that are intended to assist individuals in overcoming their need to drink alcohol in order to lead lives that are healthier, more fulfilling, and more joyful.

AA Meetings Tucson are non professional meetings that accept all – regardless of age, gender, educational level, or religious conviction.

Joining a local AA Meetings Tucson group is a great way to stay sober and connect with others who are navigating the same struggles that you are. Find a meeting that is convenient for you and go there. If you are having trouble locating Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in or around Tucson, Arizona, we encourage you to investigate our collection of AA meetings Tucson resources.

Need more help than what the AA Meetings Tucson can offer? 

Better Addiction Care gives you a private and easy way to take the first step toward recovery and staying sober. We don’t charge for any of our third-party information services, like our helpline that’s open 24/7 or our list of alcohol rehab centers. You won’t have to go to treatment, but you can if you want to.

When you use our site to look for alcohol rehab centers in Tucson, Arizona, you can expect the following:

A Complete List of Places to Get Help – Our network of alcohol rehab centers includes places all over the continental United States, in Hawaii, and in US territories around the world. You’ll have a hard time finding another information service with a bigger reach.

Evidence-Based Treatment – We’ll put you in touch with licensed and certified alcohol rehab centers that use professional and science-based treatment methods. Whether you need alcohol detox, help with withdrawal, treatment for a dual diagnosis, care for polysubstance abuse, or something else, we’ll make sure you get in touch with the right rehab centers that can help you.

Individualized Care – Everyone reacts differently to alcohol. How alcoholism affects a person’s life depends on many things, like their genes, their environment, and their relationships with other people. This is why the treatment providers at Better Addiction Care will make sure to look at your unique situation to make sure you get the right medical and psychosocial care.

Keeping the Recovery Going – At Better Addiction Care, we know for sure that your treatment for alcohol use disorder will only be successful if you have access to the right resources even after you leave rehab. We can help you join 12-step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous or find residential options like sober living homes and halfway houses.

Start living a life without drinking by looking at rehab centers on our site today. You can also call our helpline at 800-429-7690 at any time.

Free Spirit Group

El Rio Health Clinic
7:00 PM

San Xavier Group

San Xavier Mission
8:00 PM
12:30 PM

6pm Weeknight Newcommers

NW Alano Club
6:00 PM