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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Clinic in Memphis, Tennessee

As part of a successful recovery strategy, it's important for every addict to seek treatment from a reputable drug rehab. Memphis, TN, residents face significant challenges when attempting to get sober, as specific crimes have been linked with drug use in the state and studies have shown that recidivism rates are greater than those reflected in official statistics. To reduce the chances of relapse, addictions to all types of drugs need to be addressed in rehab. Memphis residents who use our recovery network to find the right rehabilitation program can undergo a medically-assisted detox and follow customized treatment plans that have proven to be extremely successful tools in the battle to achieve sobriety.

After recognizing the threat that drug addiction posed to the city, local authorities created a drug dealer eviction program that has attempted to keep residents of Memphis safe by exiling those who prey on substance abusers. While this program has enjoyed a degree of success, it hasn't completely combated the dangerous influence of drugs in Memphis. Rehab centers continue to report high numbers of admissions of addicts who want to get sober and start healing from particularly severe dependencies. At BetterAddictionCare, our goal is to provide the resources that addicts need to enroll in an excellent rehab. Memphis residents need only call us and speak to one of our counselors to find a top facility that can ease patients through a medically-assisted detox and offer cost-effective addiction counseling services.

Getting help for an addiction can also reduce the chances that substance abusers will fall victim to violent crime. In Memphis, violent crime and drugs are inextricably linked, and rates for both have risen in recent years. Enrolling in alternative rehab programs can be an investment in sobriety and safety for substance abusers in Memphis. Rehab patients will have the opportunity to work with highly trained specialists, including physicians and psychiatrists, who can address the tangible and intangible effects of drug abuse while also modifying behaviors that can lead to crime. Residents of this great city can find top Memphis rehab centers by participating in our pre-assessment.

At BetterAddictionCare, we realize how important it is for addicts to find an accommodating drug rehab. Memphis, TN, residents can have access to great facilities and addiction recovery professionals simply by calling us for help in locating rehabs that are accepting new patients. If you're battling a severe addiction and are attempting to manage the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of dependency, don't hesitate to call today and speak with a counselor. Our helpful counselors can help you find the right facilities by considering your private insurance policy and treatment needs and determining which centers are located near you. We can also arrange for 100% confidential admissions into Memphis rehab centers, coordinate transportation, and ensure support through comprehensive aftercare services.

Delta Medical Center

3000 Getwell Rd MemphisTennessee  38118
Google Rating: 2.1

The Oaks At La Paloma

2009 Lamar Ave MemphisTennessee  38114
Google Rating: 3.5

First Step Recovery Centers

1950 Madison Avenue, Suite 100 MemphisTennessee  38104
Google Rating: 3.7

Memphis Recovery Centers

219 North Montgomery Street MemphisTennessee  38104

Synergy Treatment Centers

2305 Airport Interchange Avenue MemphisTennessee  38132

Cocaine Alcohol Awareness Program

4023 Knight Arnold Street MemphisTennessee  38118
Google Rating: 3.3

Lakeside Behavioral Health System

2911 Brunswick Road MemphisTennessee  38133
Google Rating: 2.1

Clovernook Center For The Blind And Visually Impaired

346 Saint Paul Avenue MemphisTennessee  38126

Compass Intervention Center

7900 Lowrance Road MemphisTennessee  38125
Google Rating: 2

Cuddles Care Services

4684 Poplar Avenue MemphisTennessee  38117

Harbor House Alcohol Drug Rehabtation Center For Men

1979 East Alcy Road MemphisTennessee  38114

Hope Center

1383 Kney Street MemphisTennessee  38107
Google Rating: 4

Karat Place

829 North Parkway MemphisTennessee  38105
Google Rating: 5

The Open Door

333 Wilkinson Pl MemphisTennessee  38111

Vcphcs Xxi

2165 Spicer Cove, Suite 5 MemphisTennessee  38134

Grace House-memphis-bellevue

329 North Bellevue Street MemphisTennessee  38105
Google Rating: 2.8

Crestwyn Behavioral Health Hospital

9485 Crestwyn Hills Cove MemphisTennessee  38125
Google Rating: 2.4

Alliance Healthcare Services

3810 Winchester Road MemphisTennessee  38118
Google Rating: 4.2

Grace House-memphis-bellevue

151 North Montgomery Street MemphisTennessee  38104
Google Rating: 2.8

Innovative Counseling

1455 Poplar Avenue MemphisTennessee  38104
Google Rating: 4

Local NA/AA Meetings in Memphis, Tennessee

Alano House

Courage To Change Group Discussion/Participation, Men, Smoking, Topic
05:30 PM

Alano House

Courage To Change Group Discussion/Participation, Men, Smoking, Topic
05:30 PM

Alano House

Courage To Change Group Discussion/Participation, Men, Smoking, Topic
05:30 PM

Alano House

Courage To Change Group Discussion/Participation, Men, Smoking, Topic
05:30 PM

Alano House

Courage To Change Group Discussion/Participation, Men, Smoking, Topic
05:30 PM

Alpha Omega

Out of Darkness Into Light Group Discussion/Participation
06:30 PM

Baron Heights

Good Orderly Direction Group Discussion/Participation
06:00 PM

Beulah Baptist Church

Wounded Healers Group Discussion/Participation
07:00 PM
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