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Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers in Richmond, Virginia

As the capital of Virginia, Richmond is the center of Virginian history and culture. It is also a popular location for people to receive accredited substance abuse treatment. Richmond, VA, has many rehab facilities because of its large population and place in the economy and life of the state of Virginia, but not all of them are created alike. Simply put, some traditional and alternative rehab programs are better than others for a person's unique needs, whether they need drug or alcohol rehab. Richmond, VA, residents and visitors alike can find the top programs when they trust BetterAddictionCare for help.

Drugs in Richmond

Across Virginia, many communities are seeing an increase in drug abuse and, consequently, an increase in the number of patients admitted to drug rehab. Richmond, VA, has seen its share of addiction cases, but getting effective treatment in Richmond is easier than it is in many other places in the state because it is the state capital. However, as a major population center, the city experiences unique challenges when it comes to drug abuse and addiction as well. It is easier to access illegal drugs in Richmond than it is in many other parts of the state, which fuels the need for effective rehab centers.

Rehab centers in Richmond, VA, may structure their programs differently, but there are a number of things that you can expect from any program. Addiction counseling under the supervision of a licensed counselor is common. You will receive both individual and group counseling customized to your needs so that you can develop effective strategies for avoiding addiction. Medical attention is also found in most programs for substance abuse treatment. Richmond, VA, residents who enter these programs are supervised by doctors and nurses who administer medication to make withdrawal more comfortable and to treat any co-occurring conditions or disorders.

Getting Help Today

If you live in Richmond, then choosing a Richmond rehabilitation center is a no-brainer. However, if you live elsewhere in the state, it might be worth considering a move to Richmond so that you can start healing. You will benefit from the access to assistance that living in the state capital can offer you. It may also be easy to find a job and good schools for your kids if necessary. We can help you determine whether help from a program at a Richmond rehabilitation center is right for you. Fill out our contact form or call today and one of our counselors will help you discern whether treatment in Richmond is the right choice for you. If not, we can help you find a solution in another center in our nationwide recovery network.

Help Your Way

1617 Monument Avenue, Suite 301 RichmondVirginia  23220

The Coleman Institute - Richmond

204 N Hamilton St, Suite B RichmondVirginia  23221
Google Rating: 4.2

Maynard Jay

10049 Midlothian Turnpike Suite B 2 RichmondVirginia  23235
Google Rating: 1

Chippenham Hospital

7101 Jahnke Road RichmondVirginia  23225
Google Rating: 2.8

American Polygraph Services

4914 Radford Ave. RichmondVirginia  23230

Broughton Associates

6802 Patterson Avenue RichmondVirginia  23226

The Canal Club

107 East Cary Street RichmondVirginia  23219
Google Rating: 4.3

Human Resources

15 West Cary Street RichmondVirginia  23220
Google Rating: 4

Rubicon Womens Treatment Community

2825 Rady Street RichmondVirginia  23222
Google Rating: 5

Affordable Spa Services

2926 West Marshall Street RichmondVirginia  23230
Google Rating: 4.6

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

107 South 5th Street RichmondVirginia  23219
Google Rating: 3.1

Vernon J Harris Medical Center

719 North 25th Street RichmondVirginia  23223
Google Rating: 4.4

Paradigm Health Corporation

6102 Salem Oaks Court RichmondVirginia  23237

Rubicon Men's Treatment

1700 Front St. RichmondVirginia  23222
Google Rating: 4

Southside Treatment Center

9609 Jefferson Davis Highway RichmondVirginia  23237
Google Rating: 3.8

The Healing Place

700 Dinwiddie Avenue RichmondVirginia  23224
Google Rating: 4.2

Richmond Treatment Center

2217 East Franklin Street, Suite L RichmondVirginia  23223
Google Rating: 3.9

Rpmc - Richmond Private Methadone Clinic

4926 West Broad Street RichmondVirginia  23230
Google Rating: 3.9

The Virginia Center For Addiction Medicine

2301 N Parham Rd #4 RichmondVirginia  23229
Google Rating: 4.2

Virginia Center For Addiction

5700 W Grace St RichmondVirginia  23226

Local NA/AA Meetings in Richmond, Virginia

210 Women Working Together

210 Madison Clubhouse
05:45 PM
01:00 AM
05:30 PM

Abundant Life Church of Christ

Not In The Fan Group Discussion/Participation
07:30 PM

Asbury Church Hill United Methodist Church

More Will Be Revealed Group Discussion/Participation
05:30 PM

Belmont United Methodist Church

Grow or Go Group Discussion/Participation, Speaker
06:30 PM

Belmont United Methodist Church

Conscious Contact Group Candlelight, Literature Study, Meditation
06:30 PM

Bon Air United Methodist Church

Gratitude Group Non-Smoking
08:00 PM

Chippenham Hospital

New Beginning Group Speaker
07:00 PM
02:00 PM
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