What Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Drug Rehab

Curious what questions to ask before choosing a drug rehab center? Find the most common questions asked and what answers to look for.

Now that you have decided to get professional help for your drug addiction, there must be many questions swirling around in your head. If you have never been to rehab before, and don’t know anyone who has, you are probably wondering what questions to ask before choosing a drug rehab. Your decision should be based on your addiction, other health needs and personal choice. There are many different types of rehabs, from inexpensive basic treatment to expensive Five Star resort-style rehab facilities. You will want to know which choice is the right one for you and the one that will be most effective in treating your drug addiction.

When choosing a drug rehab, the first thing to do is focus on the necessities, like recommended evidence-based treatment programs that are proven to be effective in treating addiction. If you have a serious addiction problem, or you have co-occurring mental or physical health issues, you will need at least a 90 day or longer drug rehab program. You may not realize that the first two weeks of rehab will be spent going through the drug detox process and managing withdrawal symptoms. After the storm of detox, it will be clear sailing and you will be ready for other treatment programs that will deal with your addiction mentality and behavior. Below are some guidelines about how to choose a drug rehab facility:


  1. There are no cookie-cutter approaches to addiction recovery and treatment must be tailored to your unique history and needs. One of the questions to ask the rehab center is if they assess and plan a program for each patient individually. You will also want to know if they are experienced in handling your type of addiction, be it a cocaine addiction, heroin or other drugs.


  1. If you are struggling with drug abuse, but are not a long-term or full-blown drug addict, you may only require an intensive outpatient status. As an outpatient you should receive a medical detox to safely wean you off of the drugs. Then you will have to visit the rehab center for treatment, but will be able to return home in the evening. This works well for people who have families and children that depend on them.


  1. If you have a more serious drug addiction problem, you may want to know more about the rehab center’s inpatient status. Questions to ask a rehab center include: what type of programs are available and what length of time do they require. Programs can last from twenty-eight days to ninety or more depending on the patient’s individual needs. Other questions to ask the drug rehab center are: what is the daily routine, what type of rooms are available, and can you have visitors? Most rehab centers try to re-build the body with nutrition to reverse the devastating effects of drug addiction, so ask about the type of meals they serve.


  1. You will also want to know if the rehab center offers a medically supervised detox process. Let a staff member explain to you how the detox process works so you will know what to expect. And also ask if they offer medications to ease drug cravings and other withdrawal symptoms?


  1. When considering how to choose a drug rehab center, you may also want to know if the center offers medication-assisted treatment programs that utilize drugs like methadone, naltrexone, buprenorphine etc.


  1. Ask the rehab facility what type of credentials they have and if they have non-biased, successful outcome based resources. What type of medical and other staff do they employ, and do they protect your rights to privacy. Because you will be living at the rehab center for a while, you will want to know if the staff is friendly, compassionate and respectful.


  1. You will also want to know about the types of psychological and behavioral counseling and therapy programs that are used, and other treatments.


  1. Sometimes, when considering how to choose a drug rehab facility, it all comes down to finances. You should ask if the rehab facility takes your health insurance and what the out-of-pockets costs will be for you.


Whatever rehab center you choose, make the most of your time there. You will learn many new things about yourself, your addictive behavior and how to change for the better. Now is your chance to start a new and better life for yourself, so be committed to the process and you will succeed. Call Better Addiction Care today at 1.800.429.7690 to begin the search for a rehab facility that will meet your needs. Whatever questions and concerns you may have, we will help you answer them.



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