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AA and NA Meetings in Pinedale, Wyoming: A Beacon of Hope

5 Minute Read | Published Oct 12 2023 | Updated Jan 15 2024
Pinedale, Wyoming, may be a small town with a population of under 2,000, but it is not immune to the struggles of addiction. According to a report by the Wyoming Department of Health, alcohol and drug abuse is a significant issue in Sublette County, where Pinedale is located. With such a pressing issue, the town has established AA meetings and NA meetings to provide support and guidance for those seeking recovery.

In Pinedale, AA meetings are held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 6:00 pm at the First Baptist Church. These meetings follow the traditional structure of AA, where members share their experiences, struggles, and successes in their journey towards sobriety. The support and understanding from fellow members can be a source of strength for those battling addiction.

On the other hand, NA meetings in Pinedale are held every Thursday at 7:00 pm at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Unlike AA, NA follows a slightly different approach, as it focuses on the 12-step program for recovery from addiction. These meetings welcome individuals with any type of addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, or any other substance.

The statistics from the Pinedale Police Department show that the primary drug of abuse in the town is methamphetamine, with marijuana being the second most commonly used drug. This highlights the need for programs such as AA and NA to offer support to those struggling with substance abuse. Moreover, with the opioid crisis gripping the nation, NA meetings have become even more crucial in providing a safe and supportive space for individuals to seek help.

Pinedale has seen a positive impact from these meetings, with more and more individuals attending and benefiting from them. According to a local survey, 75% of the participants reported a decrease in their substance use after attending the meetings regularly. This is a testament to the power of support and community in the recovery process.

The success of AA and NA meetings in Pinedale also relies heavily on the dedicated volunteers who lead and organize them. These individuals give their time and effort to create a safe and welcoming environment for those seeking recovery. Their compassion and empathy have helped many individuals take the first step towards a healthier and happier life.

In conclusion, the AA and NA meetings in Pinedale, WY, play a vital role in addressing addiction in the community. With the support from peers and a structured program, attendees have found a sense of hope and motivation in their journey towards recovery. These meetings serve as a reminder that no one has to face addiction alone, and with the support of a community, it is possible to overcome it.

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Find AA meetings in Pinedale, Wyoming to help you on your road to recovery. Our comprehensive directory of AA meetings in Pinedale, Wyoming includes open, closed, speaker, and other specialized meetings, all of which are designed to help you get sober and remain sober.

Meeting Name
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7:00 PM MST
Pindale AA
Pinedale AA
512 North Tyler Avenue, Pinedale, WY, 82941
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8:00 PM MST
Pindale AA
Pinedale AA
512 North Tyler Avenue, Pinedale, WY, 82941
Open Meeting

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