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K2 Spice Treatment

Marijuana continues to be the most frequently consumed illegal drug in the United States, even as movements to decriminalize it continue. Because of the legal difficulties that can accompany the use of marijuana, many companies have developed legal or quasi-legal substances that mimic the effects of this drug. K2, also known by the street name Spice, is among the most popular of these. However, while K2 is legal in some places, that does not mean it is necessarily safe. In fact, thousands of people have developed a Spice addiction as a result of taking K2. Continue reading below to learn more about K2 addiction. 

4 Minute Read | Published Jul 30 2023 | Updated Oct 10 2023

Is K2 Addictive? 

How addictive is K2? K2 is an extremely unpredictable substance because no one really understands the chemicals that go into making the product. This means that every bag of Spice will have a different mix of research chemicals that have different potentials for addiction and negative effects. These synthetic chemicals are almost always addictive and should be treated as the addictive chemical that they are. 

The Problem of K2 Addiction

K2 is particularly popular with younger people. Most of those who show up in an emergency room with Spice addiction symptoms are between the ages of 12 and 25. One recent survey reported that 75 percent of those who went to the hospital as a result of a Spice addiction fall within that age range. If you know a young person who is displaying signs of a K2 or Spice addiction, it is likely that they will need individualized K2 addiction treatment.

K2 Addiction Symptoms

If you or someone you love exhibits the following symptoms, Spice addiction help may be necessary:

  • Anxiousness
  • High blood pressure
  • Gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting and nausea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Hallucinations

In some cases, Spice addiction can result in more severe symptoms, such as heart attacks or seizures. Additionally, the long-term use of Spice has been linked to kidney damage. If the addiction is not treated professionally, the bodies and minds of K2 addicts can be significantly harmed. Fortunately, there are many qualified traditional and alternative rehab programs that offer Spice addiction support and treatment to help people overcome their addiction and get back to a healthier lifestyle.

What’s in Synthetic Marijuana?  

Synthetic marijuana is the name given to substances in the same class as K2. K2 is one brand of synthetic marijuana that uses specific branding to call the attention of users. Synthetic marijuana is the entire class of products that K2 belongs to, which is mainly plant material sprayed with different chemicals to provide an intoxicated state. The danger of synthetic marijuana is that many users will believe that the effects are similar to natural marijuana, but the effects of these chemicals will largely be unknown to users until they ingest it. 

Synthetic Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

As an addictive substance, synthetic marijuana has the potential for withdrawal. Some of the most popular synthetic marijuana withdrawal signs include: 

  • Violent temper tantrums
  • Social isolation
  • Excessive anxiety
  • Intense cravings for synthetic marijuana
  • Nausea

What Are Different Synthetic Marijuana Names? 

As mentioned above, there are many different names for synthetic marijuana. Some of the most popular are listed below: 

  • Spice
  • K2
  • Blaze
  • Paradise
  • Demon
  • Black magic
  • Crazy Clown

Synthetic Marijuana Overdose Symptoms

Synthetic marijuana also has the potential for overdose. Since there is no singular chemical that is exclusively linked to synthetic marijuana, there could be many different overdose symptoms. Some of the most commonly observed ones include: 

  • Intense hallucinations
  • Depersonalization
  • Delusions
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Heart attack   

Addicted to K2? Seek Professional Treatment Near You

The Better Addiction Care recovery network includes K2 addiction treatment providers nationwide who provide addiction counseling and detox for those who want to get off of K2 or Spice for good. Our representatives can help you find the right provider for your needs. The treatment centers in our network offer services that are fully confidential, and we can help you find one that will take your private insurance to make the recovery process affordable. Call today or fill out our contact form, and we will assist you in finding cost-effective, customized help in your area.



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