Marijuana Addiction


Weed, pot, grass: These are just some of the more common slang terms for marijuana. This drug, which comes from the cannabis plant, is the most popular illegal drug used in the United States, with more than half of the U.S. population having tried it at some point in their lives. The phenomenon of weed addiction is well-known: Marijuana is an addictive substance that prompts many people to enter addiction recovery programs each year. If you or someone you love is addicted to weed, it’s vital that you get help now before the addiction leads to negative legal and physical consequences.

The Scope of the Problem

More than 150,000 people enter addiction counseling and rehabilitation programs each year because they are addicted to marijuana. That’s a high number to be sure, but the actual number of addicts is certainly higher, for not all addicts recognize their problem and pursue individualized or group treatment. It is likely that the rate of addiction to marijuana in the United States will only grow in the coming years as the substance is decriminalized in an increasing number of states. Nationwide, the rate of marijuana use has only increased over the past several decades.

Symptoms of Marijuana Addiction

Not everyone who has used marijuana becomes an addict, but those who do will experience a greater cancer risk, poor coordination, decreased testosterone levels, and other problems. Those who are addicted and want to get sober need professional marijuana addiction treatment, so finding out if you or someone you love is an addict is the first step toward getting the assistance needed. Common marijuana addiction symptoms include spending vast amounts of time using the drug, continued use of marijuana even when negative consequences are resulting from the behavior, and having to consume greater amounts of marijuana over time to get the same high. If you or someone you love has tried to reduce their use of marijuana unsuccessfully, that can also mean a weed addiction is present. Additionally, if you do quit marijuana use, you may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms which may make it difficult to stay sober.

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Whether you or a friend or family member is addicted to weed, BetterAddictionCare can help you. Our recovery network includes facilities nationwide that are accepting new patients, so we can help you find addiction treatment near you. Our services are 100 percent confidential, and our client care specialists will help take care of all of your needs before, during, and after your treatment. Fill out our contact form or call today to begin the recovery process.

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