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OxyContin Street Names

OxyContin falls into the category of prescription painkillers. These powerful medications interrupt messages sent in the nervous system in order to eliminate pain. As OxyContin relieves pain, it also stimulates the part of the brain responsible for experiencing pleasure, which results in a feeling of euphoria. Recognizing an OxyContin street name when you hear it will help you know when people are referring to these types of opioid painkillers.

2 Minute Read | Published Aug 01 2023 | Updated Oct 11 2023

Used properly, a doctor prescribes a narcotic painkiller to assist a patient with moderate or severe pain issues. The physician prescribes the drug carefully in accordance with the patient’s level of pain, medical history, weight, and any other medications currently being taken. If someone takes this prescription medication outside of a physician’s prescription and supervision, significant health risks are possible. Addiction and overdose are the two main risks of OxyContin abuse.

For someone addicted to OxyContin, other names may help them hide their misuse of the drug. A conversation or a text message may include code names that refer to the drug. One common OxyContin street name that many people use is “cotton,” because this word can blend easily into a conversation when the subject is actually OxyContin. Other names include “kickers,” “ox,” “beans,” “blues,” and “OC.” You may also encounter terms that are native to a specific region. In addition, addicts may use other prescription medications that include the same active ingredient, such as Percocet, Percodan, Endodan, Endocet, and Tylox.

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