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There are many different treatment options for those who are struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction. Group counseling is a popular method of recovery and can be a helpful option for those working to maintain sobriety after completing an addiction treatment program. Out of the many alcohol addiction support groups that exist, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is perhaps one of the most well-known.

2 Minute Read | Published Aug 04 2023 | Updated Jan 11 2024

Alcoholics Anonymous is an international organization of men and women who are recovering from alcohol abuse and addiction. Membership is open to anyone, and if you are looking for a sponsor, AA will connect you with one. AA is a program that follows a 12-step philosophy. AA participants will put their faith in the hands of a higher power, looking to that source for strength while also relying on their sponsor for guidance.

But what is an AA sponsor? An AA sponsor is a role model who offers advice and sympathy for the struggles of recovering alcoholics. Most sponsors urge the person they’re sponsoring to contact them at any time, day or night, if they are feeling the urge to relapse. An AA sponsor is someone who offers encouragement while also helping themselves to resist relapse by taking pride in their position of mentorship.

AA sponsorship has been proven to have benefits for those in recovery. If you wish to be a sponsor, AA recommends that you have more experience with the program than those you might sponsor. The sponsor should feel secure in their sobriety and have firsthand experience with the 12-step program.

Newcomers to AA typically choose and approach their own sponsor. The best way to prepare to be a sponsor is to fully immerse yourself in the philosophy and lifestyle of AA. According to the AA philosophy, every sober member is already a sponsor and mentor to each newcomer. The most important traits for an AA sponsor to possess are patience, empathy, and commitment. Being a sponsor is a full-time job with a lot of responsibility.

Find a Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

Before a person is ready to enter a program like Alcoholics Anonymous, they usually have to undergo the detoxification process. The most comfortable and safe way to do this is at a rehab center under medical supervision, where they can also get counseling to help get to the root of their addiction. Seeking a treatment center that fits your needs can be a daunting process, but BetterAddictionCare can help locate a rehab center near you and assist you with creating a long-term plan for recovery. Call today or fill out our contact form to speak confidentially with an addiction care specialist who can help you start healing.


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