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The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program

Google Rating: 4.7

The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program

The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program is located in Arizona City, Arizona.
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  • License No.: IFBH6122
  • License State: Arizona

Rehab Center Details

  • 12 Step Program
  • Detox Program

Treatment Options

  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Outpatient
  • Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment)

Payment Methods

  • American Express
  • Cash or self-payment
  • Check
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Accepted Insurances

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • ComPsych
  • Coventry
  • First Health
  • GEHA
  • Health Net
  • Highmark
  • Humana
  • LifeSynch
  • Magellan Behavioral Health
  • MHN
  • Multiplan
  • Optum
  • Oxford Health Plans
  • Presbyterian
  • UMR
  • ValueOptions


  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

Areas of Specialization

  • Medical Detox
  • Naturopathic Detox


  • Free Parking
  • Wheelchair Access

Treatment Approach

  • Holistic Recovery
  • Intervention
  • Neurofeedback

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Google Reviews

Last November I checked my son into the 30 day program. The staff made me feel at ease leaving him there. They called me daily with updates & left me a number to call if I had questions. Great meetings for family members to attend to help understand addiction. When he came home 30 days later I was amazed at the man he truly is! He has been sober just shy of 8 months & is still attending meetings several times a week. He also has gone back to the source to visit & offer encouragement. Truly amazing place! Thank you River Source for helping Chuck!

Laura Lind-Forbes, 1 year ago

So, what brought me into this place was Alcoholism. I needed help to save my life and learn how to be sober, find who I am, and learn about why I kept having relapses. Nothing seemed to work no matter where I went or how I tried. Then I was ever so lucky to walk into this place. I learned that it was a 12 step AA facility and that was truly a god send. This place has helped me more than I thought coming in. I would recommend this to anyone and all. Even just to try, you'll come for detox and end up changing your mind for longer. This place saved my life.

Nick V, 1 year ago

I would recommend this facility to anyone seeking help. Staff is really awesome, they are very knowledgeable and caring as well as helpful. This program has definitely helped me become a better person and start living life the way I should be.

Oscar Barrios, 1 year ago

The River Source program was very effective in helping me get my life back on track. The staff is very accommodating, and most of all, they genuinely care about how your recovery. I would recommend the center to anyone looking to apply the 12 step principles to their everyday life.

Frank, 1 year ago

This program saved my life! the staff is very helpful, understanding and experienced when it comes to addiction or even life skills that will better your future. I would definitely recommend coming to this facility if you are seeking help because I know that every other one that I looked into had too many flaws to be of usefulness.

Brian Thomas, 1 year ago

River Source is a wonderful place to find fellowship and community, brotherhood and acceptance. The program guides men and women to be the absolute best they can be through honesty, discipline and accountability. If you are ready to find your true self and develop and use the tools they teach, you will find yourself living an amazing, sober life.

Wicked Child, 2 years ago

I was a needle sharing gutter junky, But I became willing to get my life together. Once River Source took me through my first step and my peers showed me the parts in my life that I needed to work on that my self-delusion didn't let me see. My life has changed only for the better. They helped understand the meaning for life is to help out the next addict and every person in my path. I do it with love in my heart and find that sense of duty really rewarding. I recommend this treatment over any other. I have tired for 8 years to get clean and this place helped me find myself and a Higher-Power!!!

Jay Dee, 2 years ago

Fantastic operation and very nice facilities. They will teach you to look for gratitude at every opportunity and I am so thankful for their honest, thoughtful, and genuine interest in my personal wellness and happiness. Their holistic plan and practice is truly refreshing and I've continued that. I really miss the daily yoga classes at Arizona City. Throughout this entire growth process, I have met a lot of different people. Greg & Rusty drive much of their program and I have never before seen such beneficial leaders. They will both amaze you daily, and treat you so special and individual, day in and day out, to ensure you grow. Each and every member of their staff are outstanding and seem really happy at River Source. I truly appreciate the fond memories and experiences they built for me and I often recall them for my continued success. My best take-away was them helping me learn to enjoy every moment and just focus on keeping my side of the street clean while dealing with others. Clear your schedule and put the life you currently know on hold and invest in your clean future. This outfit will not let you down should you honestly engage them and do the work you know you need and want to do. You'll see that you really are worth it and they will show you why and how! Best of Luck on Your Journey...

Mr Kelly Minehan, 2 years ago

Staff is extremely knowledgeable and efficient. The emphasis on fellowship creates a very comfortable and supportive environment. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking treatment for any drug or alcohol addiction.

Joseph Whitley, 2 years ago

I came to River Source to achieve sobriety. I had been to rehab once before. The program at River Source is amazing. The staff is incredible. The system utilized to teach the 12 step program is like no other. If you really want help this is the place to get it and take it with you.

Brit Chamberlain, 2 years ago

The staff here is really what makes this place so special. They are all very passionate about what they do and the love they show us as fellow travelers in recovery is something I felt, in my heart, every single day. The intensity of the program is another very important aspect I came to love. My original thought was that it would be an "easy" route to recovery and I found it was not easy - but very much worthwhile. The work on the first three steps is very challenging and sets the foundation for the rest of the steps. I would not want it any other way. I would highly recommend this as a place to start your recovery journey. I am thankful I found this place and that I entered treatment here.

Daniel Scovill, 2 years ago

My experience here at River Source was good. River Source helped me mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I found the groups, 12 step meetings, counseling sessions to be very helpful. Yoga and the medical attention was very beneficial as well. I would recommend River Source to anyone in need of help with addiction.

Chance Henry, 2 years ago

I highly recommend The River Source rehab. This was my first time in in-house treatment and the staff and clients here at River Source made me feel at home. Everyone here help me through the program and to have a better understanding how the deal with my addiction which gave me the tools to face my addiction in the real world. Also the cafeteria staff worked really hard to prepare good and nutritious food. Thank you River Source staff for giving me a new beginning and the tools to use for the rest of my life. GOD Bless The River Source

Charles Lolmaugh, 2 years ago

I really found RiverSource to be a beneficial experience. I would recommend the Holistic approach to anyone seeking help. The Staff is exceptional and the tools are provided to get your start in recovery. They also don't just leaver you hanging after the program is finished. Brenda is amazing and helps you with a aftercare program she was able to get me a scholarship so I could continue my aftercare. That's something most places wouldn't do. The way they have the family program is also helpful with repairing damage left by this selfish disease. It's not a cake walk but if you really want to get better this is the place to go. Thank you River Source, I KNOW IT'S UP TO ME NOW, BUT I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR THE CARE I RECIEVED.

wade muhlhauser, 2 years ago

Overall an outstanding program with staff members who genuinely care about the well being of the patients. I would recommend anyone seeking treatment to come to River Source. It changed my life and it could very well change anyone's in need.

avery alcazar, 2 years ago

My stay at River Source has Changed my life in ways I can't even begin to explain. For the 1st time I'm excited and enticed about sobriety. My most beneficial exposure was the 12 steps and I can honestly say I am blessed to have had the opportunity to stay with them. Great staff, Great counselors. Come with an open mind and you can save your life as well.

Daniel German, 2 years ago

Great place. I would highly recommend this treatment center to anyone seeking help for their addiction.

Marc Oson, 2 years ago

I would recommend the River Source 100%!!!!!! The staff were very knowledgeable and my peers were amazing. I had never participated in yoga or meditation before I came in here but now I am most definitely going to find outside classes because of my awesome experience with it. Love the holistic approach and the IV therapy is awesome.

Annie Lockett, 2 years ago

I came to The River Source after having multiple trials in recovery. I was not sure I would gain anything from the experience before I arrived because I "Knew Too Much", they quickly changed my thoughts after engaging in their program. The 12 step approach is one I have never seen before. They use a 1st step model that truly made a deep impact on me. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone who has been in recovery in the past as well as those who are attempting for their first time. I feel the staff is well trained and goes above and beyond to meet all client NEEDS as apposed to what we think we need in early recovery. I now feel that I have the tools I was lacking in the past and I am ready to begin my new adventure into the world!

The Real Chronicle, 2 years ago

The following will be a brief summary of a few of the aspects of my experience here at River Source The staff is moderately strict, but they are also compassionate and understanding. Most of them are in recovery themselves, so they have first hand experience with the struggles most addicts face on a day to day basis. This is to be expected as recovery is serious business and this is not a vacation. The food is nutritious, with a nice variety. I don't think I had the same meal twice during my stay here. They will do their best to accommodate to your specific dietary needs (Low carb, Vegetarian, They even made me a special fruit plate for breakfast in the mornings as I find it hard to eat cooked meals in the morning, with the exception of biscuits and gravy which is always delicious, no matter the time of day.). This is a 12 step based recovery program and they have a unique approach to the first three steps. They help really breakdown your past, and get to the root of your addiction. The River Source first step is unique and will bring a lot of attention to why we chose to live our lives the way we did before seeking treatment. The River Source also did a great job of setting up my aftercare plan even though I had very limited options. They worked hard to make sure I would be in a safe place after my stay here with them. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who is struggling with their addiction and is looking to take a serious look at their life and sobriety. Good Luck!

Justin Munger, 2 years ago

  • 16286 S Sunland Gin Rd, Arizona City, Arizona 85123
  • Contact:   The River Source
  • (888) 687-7332

The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program is a reputable and accredited addiction treatment facility in Arizona City, Arizona. The goal of The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program is to change the life of an addict for the better by giving the proper guidance and treatment methods required for a successful recovery.

Treating addictions, whether to drugs or alcohol, requires conducting a thorough patient assessment in order to determine what sort of treatment program will benefit the patient the most. Constructing a future that is free of alcohol and drug use begins with a solid foundation and that foundation can be found at The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program.

After meeting with an addiction counselor, the patient will get a customized treatment plan just for them and their unique case.

By developing coping mechanisms throughout treatment, patients can reenter society feeling confident and assured which is essential when wanting to maintain long-lasting sobriety. Accomplishing the end goal of obtaining sustained sobriety is possible with the help of professional treatment.

The disease of addiction is a serious one and one that requires intense treatment in order to overcome. By providing the support and guidance needed as well as providing comprehensive treatment, patients will have the opportunity to begin a new more promising life path. There is a life beyond substance abuse, but it takes the help of professional addiction treatment in order to discover that new life.

It’s never too late to attend treatment. Whether the patient has been an addict for one year or five years, the addiction counselors at The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program can help. With innovative treatment options available to patients, the chances of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction are likely, but it also requires the dedication and positive mindset of the individual in order to obtain long-lasting recovery.

At The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program, quality treatment is never compromised. With the guidance and support of compassionate staff members, patients will feel content when they enter treatment at The River Source - Arizona Drug Rehab Program.It’s time to take control of the life being lived and seeking treatment is the best decision to take.

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