What Causes the Faces of Meth Users to Change

The faces of meth users are often a dead giveaway for addiction taking its grip over someone. A meth user’s face can signal the time of use and depths to which the abuse has gone. If you have noticed this change in appearance in someone, it can be very worrying if they are a friend or family member whose use of the substance has been noted for some time. But what exactly does meth do to the appearance of users? And why does the illicit drug cause these changes to happen?

To make understanding the changing faces of meth users easier to understand Better Addiction Care has created this quick overview of the condition and why it affects addicts. Our team is dedicated to providing free resources to those in need of help, and information can often be the most powerful tool against addiction. 

What Does Meth Do to Your Face?

Are you worried about the potential of meth use being present in your house? You need to be sure that it is happening before any confrontation is taken. Using the long-standing knowledge that changes in the face are a common side effect of meth use is a great place to start.

The most common thing you will see is meth face sores. They are open and red inflamed wounds that can become scabby as they heal. They can start looking relatively small, like acne, before advancing and becoming more prominent. These can worsen over time as addiction takes its grip on the person’s life.

There are also changes to overall appearance that result from meth use. The faces of meth users are often more weathered, damaged, and more physical signs are present than if they were not using the substance. The eyes may become dilated and sunken, the mouth may appear to also be very damaged, and someone may appear rapidly aging in appearance. 

Meth faces can appear in many different ways. But how does a drug cause someone to go through so many different appearance changes over so little time?

Why Do the Faces of Meth Addicts Change?

Someone who is using meth, or someone who has seen the side effects of use manifested in a person close to them, might be curious as to how a substance can cause so many different changes in appearance. The faces of meth users are a reflection of how potent and destructive the drug can be. Not just to a person’s face but to the entire life of someone who falls into the depths of addiction to the substance.

Face sores from meth start off as small sores. These sores result from scratching and clawing at what are known as “meth mites.” This is a common hallucination that many users experience when they feel insects under their skin. Constant scratching and picking are the sources of the sores.

Meth also tends to dry out users’ mouths and can cause teeth grinding. Poor mouth hygiene can become very noticeable when paired with a general lack of hygiene as a result of addiction. Additionally, they may have sunken eyes due to use, lack of sleep, and general damage to the airways when users snort the substance. These facial features can cause someone to look older and sicklier in appearance.

Though the faces of meth are prone to have these side effects of appearance present, addiction can grip anyone who partakes in the substance. It is important to seek proper treatment for meth abuse in your area. Know that you’re getting the proper treatment by using all the resources at your disposal when searching for a team of addiction specialists.

Resources for Finding Drug Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment Centers in Your Area

If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to meth and you feel as though finding solutions has become impossible, then know that this is a common feeling. Also, know that Better Addiction Care is here to help.

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