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H.a.a.r.t Hayward & Castro Valley

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H.a.a.r.t Hayward & Castro Valley

H.a.a.r.t Hayward & Castro Valley is located in Hayward, California.
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  • State substance abuse agency
  • The Joint Commission

Rehab Center Details

  • Detox Program
  • Smoking not permitted

Treatment Options

  • Outpatient
  • Outpatient detoxification
  • Outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or vivitrol
  • Regular outpatient treatment

Payment Methods

  • Cash or self-payment
  • Medicaid
  • Military insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • State financed health insurance plan other than Medicaid


  • Substance Abuse

Areas of Specialization

  • All Clients in Opioid Treatment Program
  • Anger management
  • Benzodiazepines Detoxification
  • Brief intervention approach
  • Buprenorphine Detoxification
  • Buprenorphine Maintenance
  • Buprenorphine Maintenance for Predetermined Time
  • Buprenorphine used in treatment
  • Cocaine Detoxification
  • Contingency management/motivational incentive
  • Individual counseling offered
  • Marital/couples counseling offered
  • Methadone
  • Methadone Detoxification
  • Methadone Maintenance
  • Methadone Maintenance for Predetermined Time
  • Methamphetamines Detoxification
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders
  • Relapse Prevention
  • SAMHSA-certified Opioid Treatment Program

Age Options

  • Adults
  • Young adults

Treatment Approach

  • Aftercare Treatment Plans
  • Case Management
  • Cognitive/behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Matrix Model
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Substance abuse counseling approach
  • Trauma-related counseling

Ancillary Services

  • Assistance with obtaining social services
  • Breath analyzer or blood alcohol testing
  • Comprehensive mental health assessment
  • Comprehensive substance abuse assessment
  • Discharge Planning
  • Domestic violence services - family or partner
  • Drug or alcohol urine screening
  • Early intervention for HIV
  • Employment counseling or training
  • Health education services other than HIV/AIDS or hepatitis
  • Hepatitis education, counseling, or support
  • HIV or AIDS education, counseling, or support
  • HIV testing
  • Housing services
  • Mental health services
  • Outreach to persons in the community
  • Screening for Hepatitis B
  • Screening for Hepatitis C
  • Screening for mental health disorders
  • Screening for substance abuse
  • Screening for tobacco use
  • Smoking/tobacco cessation counselling
  • Social skills development
  • STD testing
  • Substance abuse education
  • TB screening
  • Transportation assistance
  • Treatment for non-substance abuse addiction disorder

Facility Operations

  • Private organization

Special Programs

  • Pregnant/postpartum women

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Google Reviews

Good face in good people that work here

Christine Fletcher, 2 years ago

Remember not to talk to a single soul in the building or else you are presumed to be buying drugs. Therefore you get kicked out. Mike at the front desk is hella cool. I would give this place 1 star but he’s there so I decided to add the extra 2.

Keyla Coccarelli, 2 years ago

I love this clinic. It has literally saved my life!

A Hole, 2 years ago

By far the best clinic I've visited. Staff is amazing and kind, and the place is clean.

Trent Stokes, 2 years ago

Sooo I was wondering if anyone can help me ... I do not go to haart, but@1point I went to baart in Antioch, & there they just offer the cherry flavored syrup, straight out of the malinkrodt bottle. ..... I heard @HAART, they put methadone pills I'm water, and dissolve them. & that's your dose. .... Is this true? Thanks

OtreeD 23, 3 years ago

Hayward is a great exceptional Clinic unfortunately I have been on methadone for seven years since I was 18 I was permitted to go up to 210 milligrams and now I'm 25 it's been 7 years and one time at the Oakland haart A man came up to me attacking me with a knife I took it from him he cut himself there were Witnesses even and he was arrested me and the da put a restraining order on him against me so they wrote me up but why I didn't do anything wrong so that was strike one then they see me associated with other people around the clinic and that I am doing till deal I'm not going to lie I have bought pills within a mile of the clinic but never outside inside or right near it I admitted to doing that one to two times but it's been seven years I mean I've came a long way my behavior is not like that anymore I have a full-time job I have four take homes and was on 210 and they decided they're going to administrative detox fortunately dr. Martinez brought me down from 210 five milligrams a day then from 80 start going down two milligrams a day know anybody who knows about methadone know that builds up in your bones the proper detox to not be sick is around 2 the 5 milligrams a week however I have accepted my fate seeing as I am on a benzodiazepine prescription and also 150 milligrams brought down from 210 5 milligrams at a time I am starting to feel withdrawals and puzzled as why I'm not giving a second chance I do feel as though I was singled out because I am a little rough around the edges however not like their typical homeless Clinic African American that lives nearby I am a Caucasian and maybe a little bit loud had ADHD but it's nothing compared to a majority of the folks I see coming in and out of there so I don't really understand completely why I was singled out as the bad guy but it was so now I've gone around trying to transfer to every clinic and none of them will take me seeing as I am on a benzodiazepine prescription literally pickup 10 one milligram clonazepam like every couple months like it's just for occasional anxiety and I dropped the prescription for a while so I could get into med mark but it was still on board on my system so they wouldn't take me some words to baart Oakland they won't let me transfer on a benzo prescription either so I have dropped the prescription dropped my dose lower and then they inform me that I cannot transfer from my clinic and bring my take homes with me that I would have to start over and tell her everyday that's absolute BS I work full-time and my license is not valid and I am getting rides from my mother and grandmother for Christ's sake and for the sake of them I'm accepting this detox that I actually appreciate Dr Martinez setting up instead of the typical 14-day administrative detox so there is that it is a clinic it is a great atmosphere Mike is a great guy they got great counselors there Chris S is the director and he is a very wise and reasonable man and can see right through me to the fact that I am a drug addict but I just wanted to try and show him I'm getting it a valiant effort I have showed up at three different clinic at least 3 times each Clinic at 6 in the morning trying to do a transfer and every time there's a problem medmark I went to five different times at 6 in the morning so basically I've been put up on this roof of 210 milligrams as a teenager by haart and it feels as though takin the ladder out from under me. Of course dr. Martinez is there to catch me and went above and beyond for me and is a great guy and gave me as proper and slow of a detox as he can which was five milligrams a day till 80 milligrams then it's two milligrams a day and I definitely appreciate him for that matter fact I appreciate everybody out there they are great people but I feel like I am just misunderstood and made mistake I am only human I just wish I could polygraph to show them that I will literally dose and go every single time provide them with clean urine analysis and not talk to anybody at all in the program I am totally okay with that dose, counselor, and then go.

Kent Killeen, 3 years ago

H.A.A.R.T Hayward & Castro Valley located in picturesque Hayward, California may offer the treatment necessary for a successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The main goal of a treatment facility is to help addicts overcome their reliance on addictive substances so that they can lead a life that is drug and alcohol-free. Compassionate and caring staff members at rehabilitation facilities can provide addicts the courage and guidance needed in order to overcome addiction.

When addicts attend a treatment facility, there will be various treatment techniques used in order to rid the substance of abuse out of the individual. Treatment can last anywhere from 30-days to 90-days depending on the severity of the addiction.

At H.A.A.R.T Hayward & Castro Valley, patients will go through intense addiction treatment and will be accompanied by professional addiction counselors every step of the way. Recovery is always possible and when treatment is combined with proper guidance, support, and empathy, rebounding from drug and alcohol dependency is attainable.

Through providing patients with the tools and resources required in order to obtain long-lasting sobriety, addicts will feel more encouraged throughout the duration of recovery. The proven treatments are designed with the patient in mind and will always be tailored to the uniqueness of the addict. Every addiction is different, just like every addict is different, and at H.A.A.R.T Hayward & Castro Valley, unique recovery plans will better assist addicts in overcoming addiction.

Despite the strong hold that addiction has on an individual, everyone is capable of regaining control once again through the help of treatment. At H.A.A.R.T Hayward & Castro Valley, the betterment of the addict is a priority and those who attend treatment at H.A.A.R.T Hayward & Castro Valley will always be put first.

It’s never too late to seek treatment. H.A.A.R.T Hayward & Castro Valley works with many insurance companies as well, making payment options seamless and straightforward. An addiction counselor will be available to speak with patients about how to go about paying for treatment. Addiction will never get better over time. In fact, it is a progressive disease which means it will only get worse.

The time to get help is now. Contact H.A.A.R.T Hayward & Castro Valley at www.Haarthayward.Org today and find out how addiction treatment can help.

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