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Whole Life Recovery

Google Rating: 3.5

Whole Life Recovery

Whole Life Recovery is located in San Juan Capistrano, California.
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Google Reviews

Whole Life Recovery saved my life! My wife and I both went here and had life changing experiences. The road I was headed down was about to put me in the ground. We had very comfortable housing. The daily group sessions were fun and informative. The best part of Whole Life was the staff. Everyone there is professional and many are recovering addicts themselves. I learned so much from people who had been in my shoes and learned how to live a happy and sober life. The groups are small which was great. Everyone got to know each other and grow together. Family. Thanks Whole Life

Ryan Hawkins, 2 years ago

My experience with Whole life Recovery was really good. They took the time and listen to me and then helped guide my way though anything I was having trouble with. I would recommend my family and friends to this program if they needed help. I want to thank the people there for all the help.

Jaydreanna Hoyt, 2 years ago

Someone very dear to went to this treatment center and is having a life changing experience! The staff is second to none in professionalism and prepared my loved one to live a fulfilling productive life. I'm for ever thankful. Thank God for Whole Life Recovery!!

Bobby Jetkins, 2 years ago

This place saved my life. I love all the staff and the environment is super welcoming, except for Cindy. Watch out for Cindy.

Laney Latham, 2 years ago

Top notch facility. A true dual diagnosis treatment center with a caring staff. Ocean views, 5star meals, Comfortable housing, Groups that incorporate short and long term plans for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Scott Spencer, 2 years ago

I personally went through this program and graduated. I flew in from Dallas. All programs have their ups and downs. Looking back I wish I had really put my all into their program. Things would be a lot different now. I have been through several recovery centers in orange county. The thing is you only get out what you put in. Most if not all the staff genuinely care about you and our unique struggle with addiction. I would recommend them. In my opinion, the only downside is it's only 90 days. Most are. I had to do a six month live in program for the foundation to be lasting and solid. All around this is a good place. Better, way better than a few I've been through but won't mention. If you truly want help, positive change, peace and serenity along with sobriety. Definitely try them. Just be more willing and open than I was.

Clint Latino, 2 years ago

My son was a recent client at Whole Life Recovery. He had been to several facilities in the last year and has not had an easy time of it. However, somehow he started to show great signs of improvement here and I came to realize what an amazing staff and program he was experiencing and that was what made all the difference. Unfortunately due to the end of the year and for insurance reasons he could not continue his stay here. Instead of just releasing him, he was kept on for more than two weeks without any monies being paid and his caseworker Lorin Bice worked tirelessly to get him into another program and was so supportive. He was not discharged until she was positive that a plan was in place. Being 3000 miles away, this was quite a relief to me. I have come to learn that a lot of rehabs are in it for the wrong reasons but I can honestly say the people at Whole Life are in it for the right reasons and I am truly grateful to them for the compassionate way my son was treated. I would highly recommend their program for anyone struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Mona Bozard, 2 years ago

Whole life recovery has literally changed my life. I have been in treatment in the past and unfortunately had a relapse. Relapse didn’t define me as I now understand it’s a lifelong journey and with the right tools and caring therapists that allow and encourage honesty, neuron feedback and group therapy that makes sense has turned my life around. Thank you whole life.

Michael Janssen, 2 years ago

Whole Life Recovery located in beautiful San Juan Capistrano, California, can supply addicts with professional and effective addiction treatment options.

Whether an individual requires inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, or holistic treatment options, Whole Life Recovery can help addicts obtain the goal of sustained sobriety. With experienced staff members, counselors, and addiction advisors, patients can rest assured that receiving professional care is something that is never compromised.

Whole Life Recovery understands well that making the decision to attend treatment is very difficult. This, though, is the most vital step in the entire recovery process as it means the addict is mentally prepared to get better. This is an important aspect of the whole recovery process. Through consistent support, addicts will have the opportunity to get better when they attend treatment at Whole Life Recovery.

Since no two addictions are alike, it’s important that treatment be as unique as the individual themselves. At Whole Life Recovery, they understand that all addictions are different. Also discussed before treatment begins is the patient’s insurance coverage.

By identifying the root cause of the addiction at hand, psychologists, counselors, and advisors can better prescribe a treatment plan that can work for the individual. The core values that are held at Whole Life Recovery are centered on striving to assist the addict every way possible in order to obtain long-lasting sobriety. Just as so many addicts have attended Whole Life Recovery and succeeded in recovery, so can others.

Living a fulfilled life is possible with the help of a professional and tailor-made treatment plan. There is a happy life waiting outside the life of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s time to put addiction behind and start on a life that is content. This can only happen with the help of an addiction treatment facility.

Contact Whole Life Recovery today at wholeliferecovery.Com and learn how a unique approach to treatment can help addicts regain control of everyday life. With the proper treatment plan in place, addicts can overcome their addiction and learn to live a sober life in as little as 30-days to 90-days.

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