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If you or a loved one has a substance use disorder, you don’t have to face this difficult challenge alone. All across the United States, there are thousands of licensed and certified centers for alcohol and drug treatment that are prepared to help you in your journey back to sobriety. Staffed by knowledgeable professionals who practice evidence-based modalities of treatment, these alcohol and drug treatment centers offer a whole host of programs that are individualized to meet the exact needs of their patients.

By providing detailed information about each facility, such as location, treatment methods, and insurance accepted, Better Addiction Care’s directory can make the process of finding help for addiction easier and less stressful.

As one of the country’s leading third-party information service providers for individuals who are dealing with addiction or are seeking information on alcohol and drug abuse treatment, we can refer you to the best treatment facilities in the country. Our free advisory service connects you to the absolute best centers for alcohol and drug treatment, no matter where you are in the United States. Our team’s national directory of drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities is sure to be of help.

Type of Rehab Facilites

Theres no one-size-fits-all approach to treating something as complex as drug or alcohol addiction. Each person fighting to turn their lives around from addiction has different needs for their recovery.

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There is no single cure for addiction disorders. A particular treatment program may work well for a patient, but it may not be as effective for…

Dual diagnosis, also termed dual disorder, refers to the coexistence of both a substance use disorder (SUD) and a mental disorder in a person. The term was coined in 1994 and was based on the…

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Substance Use Disorder Criteria

Substance use disorders (SUDs) are a class of conditions that continue to ravage the country. The abuse of substances like illicit drugs, opioid medications, alcohol, tobacco, and many others represents a significant medical, social, legal, and financial burden on many individuals and communities throughout the nation.

Is Addiction a Choice?

Addiction is a disorder that also cuts across age groups, social classes, cultural backgrounds, education levels, and other demographics, far-fetched from a choice.

Given the widespread nature of substance use disorders in the country, it’s only appropriate to call for a more focused and more pronounced national conversation on the issue of addiction, and for affected individuals to have better access to care and treatment. Our team provides a free guide to addiction rehabilitation programs for this reason.

How to Treat Substance Use Disorders

If you’ve been diagnosed with a substance use disorder—or if you suspect that you might have a drug or alcohol problem—Better Addiction Care is here to help. Our service is offered free of charge and free of any obligation to receive treatment. Neither our website nor our treatment providers receive a commission or fee that is dependent upon the treatment provider that a client may ultimately choose to engage with.

Our drug rehab directory offers services, such as:

  • 24/7 Helpline. We keep our helpline open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our representatives work for treatment centers and will be able to discuss with you whether or not their facility and their rehab treatment programs are appropriate for your situation.
  • Nationwide Reach. We will refer you to rehab facilities near you, or point you to treatment centers that are otherwise accessible to where you currently reside. Our network of alcohol and drug rehab centers covers the entire contiguous United States, the outlying states of Hawaii and Alaska, and even US overseas territories.
  • Personalized Care. We will make time to work with you and take stock of your unique circumstances so that we can have a clear understanding of your needs and help you take that first step in your journey to recovery. Our treatment providers offer specialized drug and alcohol treatment programs, provide inpatient and outpatient treatment options, treat co-occurring mental health disorders, and do so much more.
  • Comprehensive and Continuing Care. Better Addiction Care’s treatment providers are well-versed in complete and continuous patient care, providing all necessary modalities of treatment both during drug or alcohol rehab and after the individual returns to their normal life. We can also help you connect with behavioral therapy experts and 12-step groups, who can provide you with the necessary counseling and therapy services to further help you avoid relapse.

Better Addiction Care Is Here to Help

If you’re ready to begin exploring the options of centers for alcohol and drug treatment available to you, please use Better Addiction Care’s search module or navigate this website by clicking on the state listings. Alternatively, you may also call us at any time to receive professional, compassionate, personalized, and confidential advice. Our team is also happy to provide further information regarding substance abuse treatment and recovery in our addiction treatment blog.