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Lortab Addiction

More than two million people in the United States are addicted to prescription painkillers, and one of the most common prescription painkillers is Lortab. Many thousands of people are admitted to hospital emergency rooms every year because they have overdosed on the drug. If you or someone you love is suffering from a Lortab addiction, it is better to get help before an overdose or other medical problems result. Seeking help from one of the many traditional or alternative rehab programs is nothing to be embarrassed about, as looking for assistance demonstrates great strength of character.

Causes of an Addiction to Lortab

As is true of those who are addicted to other prescription painkillers, individuals who become addicted to Lortab often have not set out to become abusers of the drug. Many people who are prescribed the drug end up developing an addiction by accident. Lortab is prescribed to treat severe pain after surgery or pain related to a chronic condition, but it is easy to miss the difference between severe pain that can only be treated by the medicine and other, less intense aches. When the drug is taken more often that it should be, the body can become dependent on it. Once an addiction takes hold, symptoms of Lortab addiction appear.

Indicators of Addiction

There are several signs of Lortab addiction that indicate that a person has a problem and should seek professional addiction counseling and treatment. The clearest indicators of addiction tend to be behavioral in nature. For example, addicts will sometimes engage in "doctor shopping," which means that they visit several different physicians in order to obtain many prescriptions for the drug. Other behavioral Lortab addiction signs include withdrawing from friends and family as well as a tendency to become argumentative and even hostile at times.

Physical signs of an addiction include feelings of drowsiness. Many people who are addicted to the drug will also experience chronic itching. Constipation, weakness, and dizziness may also indicate the presence of a Lortab addiction. If these signs exist and persist and you or a loved one are known to be on Lortab, individualized addiction recovery treatment may be necessary to help beat the addiction.

Help with an Addiction

At BetterAddictionCare, we can put you into contact with a provider in our recovery network that specializes in Lortab addiction treatment. These highly trained specialists are adept at recognizing Lortab addiction signs and assisting people as they seek to get sober. All of our services are completely confidential, and we can work with private insurance to make the process more affordable. Fill out our contact form or call today and we will work hard so that you can get help now.

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