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At Millwood Hospital located in beautiful Arlington, Texas, we offer customized treatment plans tailored to fit the needs of our patients. Our main goal is to treat chronic addiction, as well as any underlying psychological disorders that may have aided in an addict’s initial substance abuse problem. Our caring staff of addiction specialists are dedicated towards the recovery of every patient. At Millwood Hospital, we offer a peaceful, relaxing environment for the patient so that they can focus on their recovery with a positive attitude. We combine both holistic and traditional treatment methods to create the most effective treatment plan possible based on the patients’ unique needs. We accept Most Insurances and other insurances. At Millwood Hospital, we truly care about each and every person that walks through our doors. We want our patients to succeed in every aspect of their lives, and it all starts with the right addiction treatment.

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  • Addiction
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Abuse
  • Drug Addiction
  • Intervention center
  • Medical Detox
  • Substance Abuse

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  • Most Insurances

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Google Reviews

This place wasn't all that bad but they sure do know how too play with your mind too make sure u know what u r doing and if u r n the right state of mind i love this place and i forgive some of the staff who were rude but this place and the Dr i had which was Dr Bennett has changed my life im soo much better and i dont regret coming here

Erica Moreno, 25 days ago

I was extremely worried and scared after my daughter was brought into the ER and the only hospital with an available bed was 45 minutes away in Arlington. The reviews were horrible and it freaked me out. It turned out everyone that I came in contact with was amazing! Very helpful and nice and they kept me very informed, and I called 10 times a day checking on my girl and never once were they put out. My daughter of course wanted to get out, but she said no one was mean to her or anything like that. They did lose her bottoms retainer but that was even fixed very quickly! I had a check with in 2 days of telling them how much it was going to be to replace it. Overall great place with some great caring people!

MaryBeth Zadorozny, 4 months ago

Ok I haven't been here personally but my little brother James Isaiah or Isaiah James he goes by both just went to this place for about a week. Now lemme tell u I was NOT happy about it especially after getting on here and seeing all these comments about how horrible This place is I actually cried and begged my mom not to take him but she did anyways.....but this place was not bad at all my parents loved this place and so did my brother. All these comments on here are just trying to make this place look bad but it's really not. Ya u might not be able to get ahold of them right when u call them but hello their busy they have a lot of patients to take care of just hold out n wait ur turn!!

Karlee Kakes, 4 months ago

Mental illness and emotional crises are difficult phenomenon to tackle in American society. Access to quality mental health care is dwindling, especially in Texas. When a crisis happens, and it is determined that a person might benefit from inpatient care, families and individuals have to make the difficult decision to surrender a few days living life at home, to get help for a condition that has become unmanageable. For every highly positive, or negative experience, there are the successful experiences that are not brought to the Internet. The adult or child came in after weeks, months, or years of depression, anxiety, or other chronic mental condition, and were restored to mental wellness through management of medication, individualized and group counseling sessions that included targeted behavioral therapy protocol. Gone are the days of the horror stories we hear about, when mental institutions kept patients for indefinite periods, and were exposed to inhumane treatment. Here is a group of practitioners and staff, dedicated to not just changing the perception of mental health care, but actually putting quality care into practice. The staff continues to strive for improvement in all aspects, to insure that people needing to stabilize and find balance in their mental health, receive the necessary tools for restoration. Mental illness continues to be highly stigmatized in our country, and the industry of psychiatric care indeed has much work to do to overcome the negative perceptions of the past and present. Millwood continues to build a caring, responsive, and forward-thinking staff. 4 stars for effort and with room to keep improving. Negative reviews provide the awareness of the overlooked aspects of care that need to be addressed; however, there are countless positive experiences of patients having their crisis averted, their family interaction improved, and the person's well-being restored so that they can get back to pursuing the fullness of their lives. Please do not hesitate if you and your loved ones find yourselves in a moment of crisis.

Rainbow Bright, 7 months ago

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