Addiction and Mental Illness

addiction and mental illness

When mental illness and addiction occur together, a patient is said to have a co-occurring disorder. Addiction and mental illness may also be termed a dual diagnosis, and both issues need to be addressed for successful recovery. Anyone struggling with drug addiction knows the difficulty of this problem, both physically and emotionally. Adding a mental illness such as anxiety or depression to addiction increases the challenges and necessitates customized addiction counseling to get sober and healthy again.

Although a close correlation exists between mental illness and drug abuse, the two issues are separate in that one illness is not a direct cause for the other. Mental illness and addiction both present symptoms that make it difficult for people to function productively both personally and professionally. The symptoms of drug addiction and mental illness often intermingle and become more complicated, which can make matters worse for patients and their loved ones. People may turn to substance abuse even more as they try to cope with their various symptoms. As the substance abuse behavior gets worse, the mental illness often does as well.

At BetterAddictionCare, we offer an individualized approach to help people suffering from mental illness and drug addiction. Our nationwide recovery network offers immediate inpatient facility admissions at treatment centers located around the country. Many forms of private insurance are accepted for this cost-effective individualized treatment. Our team of highly trained client care specialists promises 100 percent confidentiality, and we can even assist with transportation and insurance coordination. Our services start with a personal pre-screening, designed to determine the best treatment option for every patient. We can also help you find medically assisted detox, which ensures the comfort and safety of people looking to take the first step away from addiction. After detox, you will move into addiction counseling, which addresses the underlying causes of the addictive behavior, and if you have a dual diagnosis, you will also get treatment for your mental health issue. We also provide after-treatment support services to help patients transition back into their lives outside of rehab in a safe manner.

Recognizing co-occurring disorders can be challenging, especially in cases with individuals who experience anxiety or depression. Symptoms of mental illness and addiction often overlap, and patients may also engage in denial, especially regarding substance abuse. Don’t suffer from these symptoms: Reach out to us and let us help you start healing and get sober. Call today to speak with a counselor and begin on the path to achieving the wellness you deserve.

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