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Coed Drug Rehab Pros and Cons

One of the choices you face when entering treatment for drug addiction is whether you will stay at a co-ed drug rehab center or a gender specific one. This decision can have a profound impact on the success of your recovery efforts. Each option offers certain benefits or detriments, depending on your specific needs and situation. To help you make the best decision for your recovery, here’s a closer look at some of the pros and cons of choosing a coed drug rehab center.

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Emma Collins
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Is coed rehab right for you? A look at coed rehab pros and cons may help you decide

Living arrangements in a co-ed drug rehab center

Pros: Provides the opportunity to interact with members of opposite sex in a safe, sober, and controlled environment

Cons: May not feel as safe for individuals who have faced issues of abuse in the past

Substance abuse is often accompanied by unhealthy patterns of interaction between the sexes.  One of the benefits of choosing a rehabilitation facility that has a co-ed population is that these facilities have strict rules for what is and is not permissible behavior. This can provide individuals with a new blueprint for how relationships between the genders should be handled.

This uncertainly about interactions between the genders is also one of the cons of co-ed rehab. Many people in drug rehab have experienced incidents of domestic violence or sexual abuse in their past. Living with members of the opposite sex can cause some individuals to feel unsafe and unable to focus on recovery. Your personal history should be your guide when deciding if you will choose a coed drug addiction treatment facility.

Group therapy

Pros: Wider perspective with insights from members of the opposite sex

Cons: May not feel as free to address personal issues

Group therapy is an important tool for recovery, where you learn to recognize and work through the issues that contribute to your drug addiction. One of the pros of co-ed drug rehab is that you can gain valuable insights when members of the opposite sex participate in group therapy with you.

This wider audience may be a problem for some people, though. Certain individuals may find it difficult to share completely and openly unless they are in same-gender groups. Certain issues that lie at the heart of substance abuse such as eating disorders, sexual matters, self-esteem issues, and other sensitive topics can be difficult to discuss in mixed company because they raise feelings of insecurity. You will need to consider your issues honestly when trying to decide whether co-ed or gender specific addiction treatment is your best choice.

Personal Relationships

Pros: Opportunity to learn positive patterns of interaction with member of the opposite sex

Cons: The possibility of romantic relationships may take focus away from recovery

Individuals who do not have experience engaging in encounters with members of the opposite sex without drugs or alcohol may find staying at a co-ed inpatient rehab center extremely helpful. This is especially true for people who started using drugs during adolescence. Having ready access to therapists and peer support groups may help these individuals develop healthy patterns of social interaction.

On the other hand, romantic relationships are generally discouraged during the first year in recovery so that individuals can focus on establishing their sobriety. Some people who identify as heterosexual and are highly sexualized may become distracted and find it harder to get the tools they need for long term recovery in a co-ed environment.

Choosing a rehab center that is right for you

If you are still having a hard time choosing a rehab center after considering  these coed drug rehab pros and cons, BetterAddictionCare can help. Call (800) 429-7690 today to speak to someone who will assess your needs and find the addiction rehab program that provides the best chance for long-term recovery.


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