How to Find JCAHO Rehabilitation Centers

Written by Chloe Nicosia


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Many people who are researching drug and alcohol rehab programs will see that not all facilities are accredited, certified, etc. One important designation you will want to keep an eye on when finding the right facility is a JCAHO accreditation. So, how can you find JCAHO accredited rehabs and what does this designation offer people who are struggling with addiction? For starters, most rehabilitation programs with accreditation will have it listed on its website, brochures, paperwork, etc. You should also ask any facility you are researching whether or not they are a JCAHO accredited rehab before you make your final decision to enroll. Last, you can go directly to JCAHO’s website and view the full list of certified programs in your area.

Now that you have more information regarding finding an accredited rehab, let’s discuss the designation and how it sets certain rehab facilities apart. JCAHO, also known as The Joint Commission, is the largest health care services accrediting agency in America. Certain rehab facilities will seek to get a third-party accreditation from this agency in order to stand out from other rehabs and to set a higher standard. Becoming a JCAHO accredited rehab is not an easy or quick process. Drug and alcohol rehab centers are expected to pass high expectations and regulations in areas of safety and patient health, compliance, business practices, governance, etc. Even if they receiving passing scores in those areas, the facility must then commit to continuously improving patient care and services moving forward and provide proof of these enhancements.

Even though there are currently over 14,000 drug and alcohol rehab facilities in the United States, rehabilitation programs with accreditation fromJCAHO decreases the selection pool down to just under 20 percent of that figure. If you are specifically looking to enter into a JCAHO accredited rehab, begin first by finding the facilities in your area and then interviewing the top centers on your list.

Making the choice to enter into rehab is an important and brave step forward in becoming sober. Every facility in the country has its own success rates based on its unique treatment programs and services. No matter which rehabilitation program with accreditation from JCAHO you find, you can ask for these success rates before deciding to enroll. There are many other questions in addition to accreditation you should ask any rehabilitation center before making your final choice. For example, learning about the program cost and if insurance is accepted; where the facility’s centers are located; what are the types and lengths of programs; if medical detox is offered; and if the center is gender/religion focused are just a few questions you can start with. In addition, you may prefer a treatment facility where your friends and family can be involved in your recovery, or one where alternative therapies such as yoga, nutrition and acupuncture are at  your disposal.

Choosing the ideal rehab center for you is typically a very personal choice. Every facility offers a different atmosphere, environment and range of treatment programs, and since you will likely spend a good segment of time in treatment, you need to be comfortable in your decision.

JCAHO accredited rehab programs are situated in all areas of the United States, each offering distinctive services and price ranges. Plus, when you choose JCAHO rehabilitation center, you will have peace of mind knowing the facility meet high standards of patient care.

It is often said that rehabilitation can mean the difference between life and death for some addicts. Isn’t it time to offer yourself the best possible addiction treatment and greatest chance for success? Start researching accredited facilities in your area today and find one that offer programs, counseling and alternative therapies that meet your specific addiction needs.

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