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Addiction Authors

Clinical Director

Jennifer continues to apply her vast experience and specialized skills to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves, always with a compassionate and personalized approach.

Jennifer is deeply passionate about creating and mentoring clinical teams to deliver superior services. She has achieved a certification in clinical supervision (CCS), enabling her to oversee licensed social workers and drug and alcohol counselors. 

Clinical Reviewer

Wayne, based in the United States, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Certified Addiction Professional (CAP), and a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHT). He runs a thriving consulting and psychotherapy practice in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Chief Medical Officer

He is known for his excellent educational and lecturing skills, with the ability for making difficult concepts easily understood to both healthcare professionals and laymen alike. 

Dr. Bhatt is highly recognized for his thorough and comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and assessment processes, and uses the latest in evidence based treatment approaches to address a patient's needs. A current and accurate diagnosis is essential to providing effective treatment

Proficient in managing medical, neurological, and psychiatric complexities in patients, particularly those with dual diagnoses involving substance use disorders. Possess significant experience as a Medical Director overseeing emergency and crisis units, acute inpatient units, inpatient detoxification units, and substance rehabilitation facilities.

Chief Clinical Officer

Mr. Levin is widely recognized for his remarkable capacity to bring joy and optimism to those around him. He expresses profound gratitude for the opportunity to assist individuals and their families afflicted by addiction, facilitating their journey towards healing from traumatic experiences, fostering a sense of recovery, and nurturing hope for a more promising future.

Born and raised in Florida, he has achieved remarkable academic success, graduating Summa Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University for his undergraduate studies and subsequently from Barry University for his Master's degree. His academic excellence is further evidenced by his role as a board member of the National Honor Society of Social Work and his induction into the Golden Key Honor Society.


With 30+ years of evaluation and treatment of Addictive Disorders, Dr. Chazin oversees and provides education to Advanced Practice Nurses who collaborate with him.

His primary clinical focus at present involves diagnosing and treating individuals with co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders.

Nurse Psychiatric Practitioner

Todd is a dedicated Nurse Psychiatric Practitioner that combines a compassionate approach with extensive medical knowledge to provide comprehensive mental health care.

Nurse Practitioner

Certified Nurse Practitioner with experience in Primary Care, Substance Abuse Treatment, Reproductive Health, Gender Affirming Care and HIV/STI prevention

Assistant Clinical Director

Ashley is a licensed LCSW and Legacy Healing Centers Assistant Clinical Director. She grew up in Melbourne Beach Florida until attending Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

Ashley is dedicated to assisting patients in navigating complexities and empowering each person to reach their fullest potential. Together, they can unravel the knots of emotional struggles, fostering healing and growth

Medical Author

Genesis is a experienced medical doctor with a diverse background in various healthcare environments. Demonstrated expertise in delivering exceptional care to individuals across different age groups and cultural backgrounds. Established proficiency in clinical research and medical writing.
As an Iowa resident, Genesis is renowned for accurately diagnosing and treating an extensive array of chronic and acute health conditions. Recognized for organizational skills, reliability, and an ability to efficiently handle multiple tasks while maintaining a positive demeanor.
Skilled in managing patient data, laboratory specimens, and compliance documents for numerous studies. Exceptionally organized, detail-oriented, with robust problem-solving abilities. Certified in HIPAA compliance.

Addiction Author

A standout for her versatility, Emma adeptly has written for over five years. She has contributed to several reputable websites (particularly in the Tech niche), like MakeTechEasier, Productivity Spot, Spreadsheet Point, Lift: Story Maker, MakeUseOf, Online Tech Tips, Help Desk Geek, and more, which has significantly enhanced her online presence. As a result, her name carries a strong sense of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

Before embarking on her writing career, Emma was an English Language Teacher and cultural ambassador in Hokkaido, Japan---a role that enriched her adaptability and communication skills. She worked in three different schools: elementary, junior, and senior high school. 

Clinical Director

Amber champions and supports care that is centered around the individual, informed by trauma, inclusive, culturally sensitive, and empathetic.

When Amber is not at work, she can be found with her husband enjoying the gym, walking their two French Bulldogs, going to concerts, trying new local restaurants or traveling near or far! 

Clinical Director

Dr. Edwin Gomez has earned the title of "Medical Professional of the Year," a distinguished accolade awarded to a medical professional who demonstrates exceptional quality in patient-centered care, delivered with both compassion and dignity. Renowned for his exceptional approach to treating those in mental health crises, Dr. Gomez goes beyond standard care by offering personalized treatment and actively involving patients' families in the healing process, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive approach to health care.

Medical Author

During his time in medical school, Dr. Mautong interests always revolved around medical education, clinical research, and public health. He was renowned for his academic, teaching, and research skills. These skills along with his hard work led him to obtain various recognitions. After Graduating as top of his medical school class with a Magna Cum Laude distinction, Dr. Mautong began working as a primary care physician in an underserved area. During this time, he experienced firsthand how devasting were the consequences of addiction.

Although Dr. Mautong’s top priority is to always deliver outstanding and compassionate care to his patients, he understands that clinical research is a powerful complement to reach a much larger population of needing patients. This thought led him to pursue a certificate program in clinical research at Harvard Medical School, where he sharpened his research skills into the next level. 

Dr. Mautong is very active in the academic community with more than 11 studies published in internationally indexed journals. His current research mainly focuses on cardiology, public, and mental health. He has also served as a reviewer for several distinguish journals.

Currently he is preparing to start his new position as an Internal Medicine resident at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, in Chicago, Illinois. He considered himself as a huge cardiology enthusiast and hopes to pursue a fellowship in interventional cardiology in the future. 

Medical Author

Patrícia Azevedo holds a Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Fernando Pessoa that has provided her with a strong foundation in the health area, particularly in neurosciences and neurology, which was subject of her Master’s dissertation.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Patrícia is a lifelong learner who is constantly seeking to expand her knowledge and skills. 

She has a particular interest in writing, which she explores through various mediums, including scientific articles, content creation, and eBooks. Her diverse writing projects allow her to combine her love for learning with her passion for sharing knowledge and insights with others.

In her free time, Patrícia indulges in another of her passions: learning languages. By dedicating herself to this endeavor, she not only broadens her linguistic abilities but also gains a deeper understanding of different cultures and perspectives. This cultural exchange, coupled with her writing and scientific interests, contributes to Patrícia's well-rounded and insightful worldview.

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