Positive Effects of Sobriety

Written by Chloe Nicosia

Need some reasons to stay sober? Here are some great positive effects of sobriety via www.BetterAddictionCare.com

Recovering from drug or alcohol addiction is a wonderful thing, and there are so many positive effects of sobriety to enjoy. Going through addiction and recovery can be a nightmare for some addicts, but once you come out on the other side of addiction you are free. You can begin a new and better way of living and enjoy all the reasons to stay sober.

The sober health benefits of recovery are amazing and offer a multitude of blessings. You will be able to enjoy the many health benefits that impact you physically and mentally/emotionally. Some sober health benefits are:

  1. Sobriety means being able to take care of yourself physically by eating nutritious food and getting plenty of rest and exercise. Your body suffered from addiction and may have caused you to become weak and malnourished, but not anymore. You can re-build your body into a strong and healthy machine, and begin to heal any damage that may have occurred from your addiction. Brain and bodily functions will begin to re-align and start to operate normally again. The symptoms of substance abuse that negatively affected your body will vanish and you will begin to feel as good as new.
  1. Psychological and emotional burnout can be a thing of the past too. Your brain will also adapt to being without the influence of drugs or alcohol, and start to function in normal mode again. Feelings created by drugs and alcohol, like depression, anger, hostility, paranoia, and hallucinations will disappear as you become stronger each day. Psychological counseling and therapy taught you how to manage negative thoughts and behaviors so you don’t have to be adversely affected by them anymore. You know what to avoid and you know how to handle stress, strong emotions, toxic people, triggers and temptations. You are no longer a victim of your thoughts and emotions. Now you are in control of what thoughts and feelings belong in your life. Stay positive and stay strong.
  1. Another reason to stay sober is that you will make new friends who support your recovery and remain sober themselves. You can build a new social network of active, healthy individuals who will bring pleasure, companionship and fun back into your life. Try new things, go to new places and do the things that you truly enjoy with people you like to be with.
  1. Other positive effects of sobriety include being able to go back to school to complete your education. Perhaps you’ll land a great job, with a solid company that offers growth and advancement. Your finances will spring back to life and you won’t be in debt anymore. No longer will you have to borrow or steal money to buy drugs or alcohol. You will be free from the chains of addiction and its financial lack.
  1. One of the best reasons to stay sober is that you can re-unite with your family. Your parents, siblings, spouse and children may have all suffered from your addiction along with you, but now is the time to make amends and heal the family unit. If there are still issues of concern among family members, perhaps you should begin family therapy together to heal and put the past behind you. Your family is your greatest advocate and support system, and it is worth fighting for.
  1. Other reasons to stay sober include:
  • No more hangovers
  • No more Drinking Under the Influence and accidents
  • No more jail time
  • No more anxiety, depression and paranoia
  • No more brain fog and forgetfulness
  • No more slurred speech and awkward body movements
  • No more lying and excuses
  • No more withdrawal, overdose, seizures, coma or death (from drugs or alcohol) to worry about

There is so much that you won’t have to contend with any longer. You are free and your life is your own again. What a wonderful and precious gift you have been given to truly begin a new way of life that you can design any way you want. These are the positive effects of sobriety and the reasons to stay sober. Let us help you search for the perfect rehab center for you. We want to help.


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