Tips for Staying Sober at Parties

Learn how to stay sober from alcohol during social gatherings with your friends at

Okay, don’t panic. It may be the first party you are going to after leaving the rehab center, but you can handle it. You don’t have to be a victim of addiction or a victim of your past; you can still have fun. This is a new day and you have a new mindset, and that is how you will be able to navigate through all of life’s challenges. Here are some helpful tips for staying sober at parties:

  1. Stay Sober

Staying sober is your top priority – keep it on your mind at all times. You have come this far in your recovery and nothing is worth going backwards. Be adamant about your sobriety. Staying true to your convictions is how to stay sober from alcohol or drugs. 

  1. Have a Plan

Another thing you need to do is have a plan. You have to be prepared for all types of engagement that you may encounter at a party, or anywhere for that matter. Have rehearsed answers to questions that people may ask you, like if you would like a cocktail or wine. If they pass around marijuana how will you react? You can politely decline and just say no thank you. You will also need exit strategies in place in case you feel you are becoming vulnerable to temptation. The two things to remember if things get out of hand are: say no, and leave immediately.

  1. Have Fun

You can enjoy yourself by meeting new people and engaging in conversations. You may want to tell a joke or two, ask questions about personal interests, compliment someone, etc. to get the conversation going. Mill around and give people a chance to get to know you. If there is dancing you may want to get on the dance floor and enjoy the music. You can learn how to have fun at a party without drinking by enjoying the people, conversation, music and laughter.

  1. Bring a Friend

You may want to bring a trusted friend with you to the party who supports your sobriety and can act as your watchdog in case you begin to weaken to temptation. Instruct your friend to lead you out of the party if you begin to think about having a drink or doing drugs.

  1. Be Prepared

Try to find out ahead of time if there will be non-alcoholic drinks at the party. If there won’t be beverages that you can drink, bring your own. It is better to be prepared so that you can stay and enjoy the party. You can bring a thermos or six-pack filled with juice or water, or whatever you prefer to drink. Pour your drink into a glass and keep it in your hand so that others won’t try to offer you a drink.

  1. Be Positive

Have a positive attitude about going to the party and enjoying yourself. Keep a smile on your face and you will draw people into your space. Remain self-aware and also discerning of other people’s words and actions. Stay away from toxic people and gravitate toward friendly, humble souls. This should keep you out of trouble and help you remain sober.

  1. The Great Escape

Don’t offer to be the designated driver for others who want to drink all night. If the party turns into a wild misadventure, you will be stuck there if you are the driver. Make sure that you and your trusted friend can quickly leave whenever you decide is the right time.

Staying sober and true to yourself and your recovery is what it is all about. Keep these tips for staying sober at parties handy so that you can review them. Then you will know how to have fun at a party without drinking or doing drugs.