How to Find the Right Womens Drug Rehab Center for You

Understanding the Benefits of a Womens drug rehab Centers

Drug addiction is an issue that affects people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders; although there are similarities when it comes to treating all different types of individuals, gender can actually play a part in determining treatment planning. Sometimes, female addicts prefer to seek treatment in a womens drug rehab center.  It’s important to seek a drug rehab that offers programs that you feel would benefit you the most.

Why Should a Woman Consider a Womens drug rehab Center?

Despite the current issues surrounding gender identity and stereotyping, there is, in fact, a different focus regarding treatment with woman than there is for men. Because of this, womens drug rehab centers offer a variety of programs that are tailored especially for women. If you are interested on learning more about women’s treatment services or finding women’s inpatient rehab near me, there are a few things you should know.

Obviously, a woman’s genetic makeup and biology are different than a man’s, so naturally this would mean they metabolize substances differently. Additionally, withdrawal symptoms and length of detox may vary for females. This affects the way medication is prescribed during withdrawal treatment as well.

The concentration of women’s counseling is also different in a womens drug rehab center. Counselors at womens drug rehab centers are trained in assisting women in common issues such as relationships, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and other situations that could have given them the desire to abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place. Common self-esteem issues that are more prominent among women are taken into consideration when forming a treatment plan.

Some women, for various reasons, may feel uncomfortable completing a residency treatment program with other men, and seek help at a program reserved for women only. This provides a comforting atmosphere for them and allows them to participate in programs while in an empathetic environment. 

The Effectiveness of Women’s Rehab

In an all-female program, women are able to learn ways to cope with addiction while strengthening the ability to take on daily responsibilities, such as work and motherhood once inpatient rehab is completed. Relapse prevention is a vital part of rehab where women meet for group therapy to learn ways to juggle the stress that they face everyday to ensure a successful recovery.

In order for rehab to be beneficial at all, one must be willing to open up and participate. Women’s rehab gives females with common issues the chance to meet together, form support groups, and discuss issues that relate to their addictions. Getting advice from other women who have gone through similar experiences can be extremely beneficial for recovery.

How to Find Womens drug rehab Centers near Me

If you feel that a co-ed facility will distract you or your loved one from a fulfilling rehab experience, you may want to consider a womens drug rehab center for treatment.

Whether you’re looking for a facility with various programs that separate women and men or solely a women’s inpatient rehab near me, you can contact a Better Addiction Care specialist to discuss which option is best for you.

Better Addiction Care has specialists who will commit to finding you a womens drug rehab center that best suits your needs. After a quick assessment and discussion on what your needs are, Better Addiction Care will help you decide the right program (inpatient or outpatient) for you by reaching out to reputable facilities that offer the care you desire. For more information on women’s inpatient rehab near me, contact us today at (800) 429-7690.